My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I haven't moved on and forgotten the tragic death of my beloved "Aga"
when another precious one left me to join Aga in Heaven last December 19, 2016.

Her name is "Joy"

Joy came to our family 9 years ago.
She was a cute, very fat, "huggable" and playful puppy.
She would run all over the house.
She would knock down anything that's in front of her.
She would jump excitedly at the sight of her meal.
She was always hungry.

She was a big puppy.
A big, fat ball of fur
She's always full of energy.
Her friends couldn't keep up with her when she's running.
She's always in a good mood so i named her "Joy"

She's a smart dog.
One time I placed my palm in front of her and she placed her paw on top of my palm.
Then i realized she's learning how to give me a "handshake"
She did that to my mom as well until it became a routine.
It became her way of greeting us everyday.

She was a survivor.
My two other puppies died from parvo virus but she survived.
She would drink all her medicines.
She would eat no matter how weak she felt.
She's a good patient her doctor said.
She couldn't get up but she would still give me handshakes every morning.
She never gave up.

I cared for her a lot.
I was very protective of her.
I almost lost her I said.
I didn't want her to get sick again
I provided everything she would need
Including her own nanny.
Yes...she had a nanny.
A bad one. I failed at judging her personality.
While I was at work, the nanny would hurt her.
Because of that Joy became sad.
So sad she became a ferocious dog.
She would bite anyone who would try to come near her.
She wouldn't let anyone touch her....
Everyone including my other dogs were scared of her
She wouldn't trust anyone...except me.
She remained sweet and loyal to me.
In her eyes, I am her mommy.
She would always listen to me.

But then, I needed to leave her for a while.
I had to go someplace.
My mama and papa were both scared of her.
I talked to Joy and told her to be nice to my mama.
Because mama would be the one to take care of her.
I know she's a good dog.
So I wasn't surprised when my mama told me Joy became sweet to her.
Every morning and night, it was my mama who would take her for a walk
It became their routine even after my trip.
My mama would often buy her treats and she loved that.

Joy wasn't close to any of my other dogs
except to Aga (my poodle) and Winter (my shihtzu) who are now both in Heaven.
She loved my cats too.
I am guessing she wanted to be a "mama" already.
She wanted to have her own puppies.

9 years flew so fast.
I didn't notice the time was running out.
I was shocked when I woke up one morning and Joy was already gone.
Her eyes are closed
She was not moving
Her heart stopped beating.
I couldn't help but cry.
I asked God why.
She was not sick.
She was okay.
My mama said it's her time to go.
Her purpose was done.

I wasn't able to say good bye.
But I am sure she heard me say "i love you" before she closed her eyes to sleep
Dogs can't talk.
But I know she loved me.

Good bye my Joy
I love you very much
Thank you for your love and loyalty
Thank you for being good to me
I will see you in Heaven

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