My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I love you 2016!

Though you made me cry a hundred times when you came
You made me smile a lot
You made me laugh hard
I played, I jumped, I ran as fast as I could
I sang my favorite songs
I danced like crazy
I left my work undone for the person I love
Yup this year...I stopped and smelled the roses and it felt good!

Though I got a handful of heartaches and failed many times
You sent me surprises
Gifts beyond my imagination

I cried a lot this year...
But my heart is glad
I will miss you 2016

When you came, they say you'll be bad to me
I say you weren't really bad
You are my good but tough friend
You want me to stay strong
To be different yet kind

Thanks for all the hope and love you left in my heart.

I will always remember you
Please tell 2017 to be extremely good to me too.

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