My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas is Your day

Dear Jesus,

How are you today?
It's your birthday!
I hope your day will be filled with praises and thanksgiving.

Jesus, you have been so good to me this year.
You gave me things I only wished but never asked...
You made things happen for me
You answered my prayers
Gave me my requests
Surprised me with beautiful moments

All those things I thought could not happen just happened.
Nothing is impossible with you by my side
My friend witnessed that moment when you surprised me...
You sent your gift just when I was about to give up.
She couldn't explain how did it happen. She said "it must be God"
Truly it's You!
Because You didn't want me to go home sad.
You didn't want me to give up.
No not yet.

I am nothing but a weak human
But you moved mountains for me.
I asked you "what did i do to deserve your kindness"
How can you love someone like me?
I can never understand your patience and overflowing mercy for me

This year, different troubles were thrown at me
Trials greeted me at the door of every opportunity
Yet, you made me strong
Stronger than i was before
You never left my side
You hold my hand every time I feel too weak to stand
Jesus, I am never alone

Though, another precious one left me this year
And I have been betrayed again and again
You are there to comfort me
You are there to give me new hope

Now that it's your birthday...
What can I give you?
What can I offer you?
I am not good in keeping promises
But this one I will not break
That You will always be my God
I will not...never will...
Bow down to other gods

Wherever I go
Whatever I achieve
I will not forget you
May I do something good
And make you smile everyday

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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