My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, September 19, 2016

It is not easy...but I will not give up

It's funny to know that there are people who see me as a girl who gets everything
They think that whatever good things I have now...i got them easy
"Perhaps because she's an only child...she gets what she wants"
"Perhaps because she's close to her boss"
"Perhaps because she graduated with honors"
"Perhaps because she have well known friends"

They made several "theories" with no basis.
One person said "because she is using her charm"
"She knows who to meet and attract"
"She is using her connections"
They make stories based on what they believe not on what they see

Their malicious minds prevent them to see the real me.
They cannot see how hard i work everyday to achieve my goals
To have an 8 hour sleep became my yearly birthday wish
They cannot see that God is only blessing the work of my hands.
I have plans and dreams
But none of it will happen if it is not God's will.

In everything, I always do my best
But it is through God's grace that things which I thought are impossible becomes possible.
It is He who made some of my dreams come true.

My life is not perfect. It is not always happy.
I just choose to be thankful all the time.
I have problems too. But i rarely speak about them.
The more you talk about problems the bigger they become.
I don't bore people around me with my worries.
But if i need help, i know who to ask.

I don't choose who I meet
But i choose my friends wisely.
I remember people who are always there for me when I am feeling down and sad.
I appreciate people who are happy when I am happy
And I am loyal to those who truly love me.

It doesn't matter who they are or what they have
I don't care about their status.
I care whether they are true to me or not.
I know how to treasure good friends.

It's funny that they are wondering why I am always smiling.
I didn't know that smiling all the time could be a problem.

I know nothing is permanent
So i learned to appreciate everything.
I enjoy every minute I am with my parents
I enjoy my time with my friends. I laugh at our silliness when we're together
And i enjoy every moment I am with the person I love.

I learned not to complain much
I learned to be patient
My life is not easy.
Trials come and go
I have fears and doubts
But I don't want to give up
Unless...God tells me to stop