My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I like that he is brave and courageous
I like that he is man enough to face his opponents
I admire his wits and confidence
I like that he has dreams and plans for our country
I like that he do not deny his words

Too much bravery makes a man fool

I do not like it when he cursed the Pope
Although I am a Born Again Christian, I know the Pope should be respected
But if he cannot respect the Pope, surely he cannot respect an ordinary person
Much more a person with nothing but a name given to him by his mother

I do not like it that he talks about "killing" as if it's just another household chore
I understand that criminals should be punished and that some deserve death
But to speak of killing as if it's a normal thing to do
Only encourages the minds of the young to think
That "killing" is an immediate option
And that it solves anything faster than fair justice.
He is giving an idea that "violence" is not wrong
But in fact, should be practiced

I do not like it that from his mouth comes
foul words
He speak words that a would be President should not speak
I believe a President should be a role model to everyone
There's no perfect President.
Surely whoever would be the next one...Has flaws...
But a President's words should always be true and proper
A cursed word should not come out of his or her mouth.

I wonder what things are in the heart of Mr. Duterte
Perhaps full of hate and anger
For you will know a person's heart from the words he speak

I do not like his lack of respect for women
His recent comment towards a certain rape victim is unacceptable
Again he showed his character...brave but fool
Even if he didn't mean it...and said it as a joke...
A wise man would know which words to use...

I hate him for his lack of compassion for stray animals
He said in an interview that the best way to solve the growing population of strays
And to control rabies virus is to shoot or poison the stray dogs and cats.
Now I know that a man can be brave even if he has no brain
Instead of promoting "neuter and spay" programs to solve the growing population
And to sponsor free anti-rabies shot...
He again decided to solve the issue by "killing"
How easy it is for him to kill innocent creatures...
Perhaps he had not heard that a man who is cruel to animals surely cannot be a good man

I do not like that whenever he would lose in battle of words and wisdom
He would provoke his opponent to engage in a boxing match with him...
Being a brave man is not measured by the number of fights he won or number of people he killed
A brave man stands up and speaks with dignity and respect
Fast to admit his mistakes and would act with integrity
Honest and promotes peace
He would value life and protect it like a man that honors God
And most of all a brave man knows who to fear
That above him is God
That as a man he should do what is right in the eyes of God
And not what he thinks is right

I am thankful I am in a Democratic country
I am free to choose who I want to be the next President of the Philippines
I have the right to speak, write and share my opinions
So do not hate me for saying I will not vote for Mr.Duterte
I respect anyone who says "Duterte is my President"
So respect me also for saying "I will not vote for Mr.Duterte"