My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Longest Bitter Sweet Summer

It's too hot!
Five minutes after shower
and Here I am sweating
It's already the eight month
and summer is still here...

No offense to those who love summer
I once loved it too and maybe I still do
When I was still a student
Summer was the best moment of my life
No assignments and no bad teachers

Summer meant waking up late
eating a lot of ice cream
watching cartoons in the afternoon
playing with my neighbor
and doing crazy stuffs

Now, I see it as a torture
a punishment and a taste of hell
An exaggeration, you might think
Come here and you will agree with me
Thank God, I haven't cursed it yet

The longest summer of my life
Surely, the hottest too
I have eaten too many ice cream already
Crushed too many ice on my mouth
and spent more than an hour in the shower

Used two tubes of SPF and now another one
Holding the umbrella too long
My right hand is now feeling numb
I had to give up my long hair too
and my favorite black shirt

The rain comes and goes
But summer is here night and day
Though I complain a lot
I know I cannot hate summer forever
Now and then it shows me love

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stop asking for what is not yours

I am a girl who don't ask for much
I usually feel happy with what I already have
But of course there are times when I will ask for something
A thing that I really really like
Something that I dream about
Something I wish I have

Some friends would say "ask for it and you'll have it"
"Just wait and it will come" is another advice I get
So for 8 long years...I asked God for it
With a smile, I wait patiently
There were moments I would get positive signs
Feeling hopeful, I would say "almost mine"

Just when I thought I already have it
God changed the scenes completely
My hopes...all gone
I felt like I slept for a long time
I woke up and somebody else is holding my dream
that one thing I really love

What happened there? I don't know
Do I still like it? Yes
Will I ask for it again? No
Will I wait for it again? Not anymore
Will I dream of it again? Yes

Because maybe...just maybe
God might change the scene again
Maybe next time I wake up...
It will be in my hands
If it is will be mine
I don't need to ask nor wait

If God will give you to me
I don't need to wait for you
Because no matter how far you are
God will bring me closer to you
If you are mine, I don't need to ask
Because God would say "He's always yours"