My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Demons of Yulin

"Last Sunday, Satan declared a Holiday and his demons went to Yulin China for a vacation".
This is the only explanation I can accept and believe why people in Yulin celebrated a Dog and Cat Meat Festival.
I believe that no human whose heart and mind are both normal would boil a dog and a cat and skinned them alive.
I believe only a fool would eat a dog or a cat thinking that it would make him healthier and stronger.
I believe no man who fears God would act violently and brutally kill a life whose purpose is not to be eaten but to be a companion.
I believe that humans are compassionate and reasonable.
So, I think and I believe that those Chinese people in Yulin are "demons in disguise".
The true citizens of Yulin are those who risked their lives
and those who tried their best efforts to save if not all at least some of the dogs and cats
captured by those demons.

If there are demons, surely there are Angels.
They are at work now to destroy these demons.
Yulin is not a place for them.
They should be in Hell where they could have fun in the lake of fire.

*photos are not mine.