My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I heart you Floyd!
You're a true human.
I can't blame you. I feel you.
When your crush is in front of you
and you really admire the person
All you want to do is hug him right?

I know you're just acting like you hate Manny
The more you hate, the more you love :)
The truth is, you like the guy!
Who wouldn't?! He's a great boxer.
The best boxer today.
And I know you find him cute

But Floyd, if you want a hug and handshake
Go to Pacquiao's fan meeting!
I am sure he'll give you an autograph and a smile
But when you're in a boxing ring
and you joined a battle
Don't run! Give it a try! Fight!

Maybe you have goosebumps all over your body
You feel scared and shy at the same time
Why not? You're with Manny Pacquiao in the same ring!
So I don't really hate you
You look tough on the outside
But I know you're a teddy bear :)

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