My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Not All Things Change

"Nothing is permanent"
"All things change"
"Nothing will stay the same"
"Change is the only permanent thing"

Sayings and quotes are nice to read
But I don't agree with everything
There are things that are permanent
And not all things change

I still like vanilla ice cream.
I love chocolate candies but not chocolate ice cream
I still hate summer because I love cold days.
and I still find it hard to wake up early

I know it's a sin but I still worry a lot
I still get nervous in front of many people
I still don't know how to fix my hair right
and how to put eye make up.

I have new friends but same number of true friends
All adults now but we still act like kids when together
All the bullies I know are still the same
And those who are blessed are still blessed

I love airports but I still hate waiting
I love plane rides but I still hate long flights
I love vacations but I still hate unplanned trips
I like seeing you because I still love you

That will never change!