My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The power of destiny

I used to have a daily plan. I plan everything
I write them on paper with date and time
Believing, I can organize my life like that
Because, I don't like surprises. I don't like to be shocked
I want things to happen the way I expect them to happen

But no day is predictable anymore
No idea when to wear my best white pants
And I risk every white shoes I have
Because it is possible to rain on a sunny day
So I carry an umbrella on a supposed to be perfect day

Really, I cannot control everything
Just when I thought things are going well
That soon my dreams will become real
That my patience will be rewarded
That soon I will meet my destiny

I got stuck in traffic. No car was moving
Heavy rain floods the streets where I walked.
My best dress was ruined.
I lost my phone. I lost his number.
I lost the destiny I thought was mine.

I lost his number, I lost the moment
The rain stopped the following day
But, I did not hear from him again
and I did not see him again
Our paths never crossed again.

I learned my lesson and threw all my daily plans away
I asked God to plan my life for me instead. It's His anyway.
I stopped believing in destiny
and told myself "there is no fairy tale"
I stopped chasing something that is not mine.

I live each day trusting God
I tell him my dreams and my wishes
And guess what? God sent me a gift
Better than what I have imagined
Too far from me and too impossible
But possible and easy for God

Guess what? A free schedule on my busy calendar
A yes from my parents
A nod from my boss
A ticket too cheap to ignore
All I need is my bag and I'm ready to go

The clouds are blue on a typhoon day
No strong wind...not even a rain drop
No hindrances, no problems
My path is suddenly covered in roses
God's plan works better than mine

This happens every year
Every time I feel I need to smile
So I am asking myself if this is my destiny
Is he the one? Only God knows...
If he is mine, he will always be mine.

But now I know, destiny is powerful
Too strong to resist and no one can stop it
I do not know what my future will be
I still don't plan for tomorrow
All I know destiny
is what God has planned for me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I can't remember entering any game
But my adult life seems to be full of challenges
I have observed that as I grow older
my problems grow too.
They come in different sizes now

Just like a game, I needed to use tools and strategies to win
Often I lose...but of course I can always start again.
I am always tempted to give up...or maybe skip a part
I know there is no short cut and it's wrong to cheat
So here I am...trying my best

After many tries and cries, I did it!
I finished a challenge! I won!
I got my reward! I survived!
I am not a loser after all.
I can be strong and I can be brave.

The feeling of winning is addictive
It is hard to sleep when you have a problem
But it is harder to sleep when the problem is gone
Because all I want to do is laugh, cry and run
and eat the biggest chocolate I can find

An Iced Mocha would be great too
and 2 slices of my favorite chocolate mousse
Eating an ice cream straight from the pint
With my earphones stuck to me all day
I will relax! I will have fun!

While on the sofa and watching TV
I remember who helped me pass this challenge
I know I cannot do everything on my own.
I need God. In fact, I will not survive without Him
In fact, He did everything.

I am just a weak human. Pretending to be strong
Until the next challenge...
I will relax and try not to worry
I will smile and be silent
Knowing that my God is always with me

Monday, July 7, 2014

My doctor was surprised. I am healed!

Today...I jump, I sing and I dance
I celebrate because I am healed!
No more nasal polyps. No more blocked Eustachian tube.
No more clogged nose. No more head aches.
No more buzzing sounds. No more ear aches.

Today, I said good bye to my 10 year old nasal polyps
It is a happy and sweet good bye.
How did it happen?
No pins and needles.

When you have Jesus...who needs medicine?
Even my doctor was surprised!
It's just that I know who to call when I am in pain.
And because I know how to pray.

So, today I celebrate!
I see miracle in my life
Because I opened my eyes and I have faith
And tonight, I will sleep with a thankful heart.