My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blood is not always thicker than water

Maturity caught me off guard.
Though, I am not ready yet
Growing old is something I cannot avoid
No wall is big enough to hide me
Sometimes I find chances to hide.
Doors for quick escape.
Then suddenly, challenges will come like rain
and I am not spared from the pain.

It is true. Growing old makes you wiser.
I prayed for wisdom. I gain more knowledge.
I learned that truth is powerful.
and that a lie has its own life. It soon will die.
I learned that you do not have to answer back to a lie
and you do not need to prove what is true
Truth is bound to win.
Though, truth often is scary

I learned that everything changes.
Nothing remains the same. Even in a family.
A good person can do something bad.
A friend might become an enemy.
And an enemy can become a friend
Other than my parents, I will trust no one.
My Creator knows my fears.

There will always be someone who will betray you.
I have been betrayed before. Again, today.
Hard to accept when it is done by your family
Because they are important to me
I protect them. I fight for them.
I am loyal to my family.
Sadly, not all of them feels the same way

It is possible that the person who is hugging you,
is the same person stabbing you at the back
Hearing "I love you" is precious to me
I didn't know that it also means "I hate you"
Easy to say. I hear it many times.
Too much that it loses its meaning.
It is better not to talk anymore.

I learned that the person who praises you
can be the same person who will ruin you
Insults thrown at me will return to her
Cousins, Aunty or Uncle...they are all the same.
They are all humans. They love you
But also capable of hurting you.

Not everyone will like me.
Not everyone will accept me.
Even if we have the same blood
Blood is not always thicker than water
And family is not bound by blood
It is bound by love and trust

A person who is there when I am in trouble
Who will comfort me when I am crying
Who will defend me like a friend
Who will believe in me and really care
Who will protect and truly love me
I will call that person my family.

Though I am hurt and betrayed
I can still forgive but I will not forget
I will always love but not like before
I will give them a smile and
If they hugged me, I will hug back
I will still love. But in my mind, I now know that
There are people worth keeping and worth leaving

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