My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear 2014,

In just a few hours I will be saying goodbye to you
I have waited for this moment since July
I want to get rid of kick you out of my life
Because you are so bad. You are one cruel year.
The worst year of my life.

You made me do things that I hate
You brought bad people to my life
You took my joy and hope
You made me cry day and night
You send danger on my way

I ran out of patience
My strength was almost drained
Too tired to get up
Too tired to fight back
Too scared to give a fake smile

But if not for you, I would not know how strong I am
I would not know what I am capable of...
If not for you, I would still be in my comfort zone
Thanks to you, I lost my pride
I am now completely depending on God

Do I still hate you? Yes I still do.
But I will remember all the good things you gave me
When I first met you, you were nice to me
I hate you but thank you
I used those beautiful gifts wisely

Please bring all my bad memories with you
Keep them in your bag and don't ever open it
Please leave quickly. Don't stop and don't look back
Don't smile to 2015 and don't be friends with him
Go now, go walk out the door. Goodbye 2014.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jesus, today is your day!

Dear Jesus,

You know I am not good in remembering birthdays
I can't even remember holidays
But I will never forget your birthday
It is my favorite time of the year

Christmas songs cheer me up
Bright red and green makes me happy
A tall Christmas tree is a beautiful sight
Big and small gifts truly warm my heart

I live in a place where snow don't fall
The wind is a little cold and it rains today
But it is okay because your birthday is coming
In a few hours, we will celebrate your special day

Jesus, this year I have been a bad girl
Please forgive me for all the wrongs things I said
Sorry for being impatient
Sorry if I don't understand you

Thank you for being patient with me
Thank you for keeping me safe
Thank you for forgiving me all the time
Thank you for being my best friend

Jesus, since it's your birthday
I am not perfect I will make mistakes again
But this I promise you, I will stay faithful to you
You know that, don't you?

I am not good all the time
But you will always be my God
I will not be ashamed of you
Your name will always be in my heart

Jesus, this day I will be happy
Because It's your birthday, I will enjoy every minute
With my mama and papa and my dogs and cats
We will celebrate the day you came here on earth

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Your tweets are not sweet

You hate the person so much
Making you do so many things
Taking most of your free time
So you shouted at her and cursed her
You are so angry at her
and said some bad words to her
You dislike her and told everybody
You said a lot of nasty things
and posted it on Twitter...

Because you are not brave enough
To tell her you hate her
Because you are scared
she might hate you too
Because you want her to think
You are nice to her
You are a coward and you know it
So you vent everything on Twitter
Thinking you can hide it from her

For her not to have a clue
You acted sweet in front of her
Sending her thank you messages
for the "wonderful" time you shared
and that you will miss her
But you are not only immature
but irresponsible too
Forgetting to protect your tweets
Forgetting the privacy settings

So the person you hated so much
Read everything you said
and now you cannot deny it
You can delete your post
and you can block the person
But she will remember what she read
You tried to damage her image
But it was your image that was tainted
You now earned an embarrassing experience

This is a funny story but I learned something
To know if a person is being sincerely nice to you...
Before you accept her as a friend
Google her name first and read her past tweets
A person can lie in front of you
But her past tweets cannot
A person who is brave enough to rant on Twitter publicly
Should be brave enough to admit what she posted also
Don't hide yourself, it's your page anyway.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I met an ungrateful one

I met a lot of liars
I listened to their stories
pretending I believe them

I met several arrogant people
Rude and conceited
I try to understand them

Naughty boys are countless
If they are being funny and harmless
I forgive and laugh with them

Today, I met an ungrateful one
Someone not worth helping, someone not worth my time
With no hesitation I still helped him

I spent my free time helping him
Only to be told that I hate him
And that my intention was to fail him

Such an ungrateful one
If he only knew what I did for him
Maybe he would appreciate my help

I pity this ungrateful boy
His future might not be good
A man with no manners is not a man at all

I know I will see him again
If I don't smile, don't blame me
I just want to hear a thank you from him

When I help I should not expect anything in return
For not everyone is blessed with a good character
If thank you cannot be said, saying sorry is enough

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The power of destiny

I used to have a daily plan. I plan everything
I write them on paper with date and time
Believing, I can organize my life like that
Because, I don't like surprises. I don't like to be shocked
I want things to happen the way I expect them to happen

But no day is predictable anymore
No idea when to wear my best white pants
And I risk every white shoes I have
Because it is possible to rain on a sunny day
So I carry an umbrella on a supposed to be perfect day

Really, I cannot control everything
Just when I thought things are going well
That soon my dreams will become real
That my patience will be rewarded
That soon I will meet my destiny

I got stuck in traffic. No car was moving
Heavy rain floods the streets where I walked.
My best dress was ruined.
I lost my phone. I lost his number.
I lost the destiny I thought was mine.

I lost his number, I lost the moment
The rain stopped the following day
But, I did not hear from him again
and I did not see him again
Our paths never crossed again.

I learned my lesson and threw all my daily plans away
I asked God to plan my life for me instead. It's His anyway.
I stopped believing in destiny
and told myself "there is no fairy tale"
I stopped chasing something that is not mine.

I live each day trusting God
I tell him my dreams and my wishes
And guess what? God sent me a gift
Better than what I have imagined
Too far from me and too impossible
But possible and easy for God

Guess what? A free schedule on my busy calendar
A yes from my parents
A nod from my boss
A ticket too cheap to ignore
All I need is my bag and I'm ready to go

The clouds are blue on a typhoon day
No strong wind...not even a rain drop
No hindrances, no problems
My path is suddenly covered in roses
God's plan works better than mine

This happens every year
Every time I feel I need to smile
So I am asking myself if this is my destiny
Is he the one? Only God knows...
If he is mine, he will always be mine.

But now I know, destiny is powerful
Too strong to resist and no one can stop it
I do not know what my future will be
I still don't plan for tomorrow
All I know destiny
is what God has planned for me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I can't remember entering any game
But my adult life seems to be full of challenges
I have observed that as I grow older
my problems grow too.
They come in different sizes now

Just like a game, I needed to use tools and strategies to win
Often I lose...but of course I can always start again.
I am always tempted to give up...or maybe skip a part
I know there is no short cut and it's wrong to cheat
So here I am...trying my best

After many tries and cries, I did it!
I finished a challenge! I won!
I got my reward! I survived!
I am not a loser after all.
I can be strong and I can be brave.

The feeling of winning is addictive
It is hard to sleep when you have a problem
But it is harder to sleep when the problem is gone
Because all I want to do is laugh, cry and run
and eat the biggest chocolate I can find

An Iced Mocha would be great too
and 2 slices of my favorite chocolate mousse
Eating an ice cream straight from the pint
With my earphones stuck to me all day
I will relax! I will have fun!

While on the sofa and watching TV
I remember who helped me pass this challenge
I know I cannot do everything on my own.
I need God. In fact, I will not survive without Him
In fact, He did everything.

I am just a weak human. Pretending to be strong
Until the next challenge...
I will relax and try not to worry
I will smile and be silent
Knowing that my God is always with me

Monday, July 7, 2014

My doctor was surprised. I am healed!

Today...I jump, I sing and I dance
I celebrate because I am healed!
No more nasal polyps. No more blocked Eustachian tube.
No more clogged nose. No more head aches.
No more buzzing sounds. No more ear aches.

Today, I said good bye to my 10 year old nasal polyps
It is a happy and sweet good bye.
How did it happen?
No pins and needles.

When you have Jesus...who needs medicine?
Even my doctor was surprised!
It's just that I know who to call when I am in pain.
And because I know how to pray.

So, today I celebrate!
I see miracle in my life
Because I opened my eyes and I have faith
And tonight, I will sleep with a thankful heart.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


After 7 long months
I can see you again
I will see you again
See, I can keep a promise
God is helping me keep it

I wake up happy everyday because
I have something to look forward to
I thought we are too far from each other
But God is making things possible
And here you are just 2 sleeps away

*photo taken in Seoul Korea. Sept 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This is the list of Korean Dramas that made me smile, laugh and cry.
Series that inspired me not to give up.
Stories that told me it's okay to dream big. It might come true.
Believe it or not, these stories gave me tips about life :)
Sometimes, you learn a lot from fiction.

And God is so good to me. He always allow me to see the different shooting locations of some of these dramas whenever I am in Korea by giving me "extra time or chances" to visit those places :) God answers unspoken prayers even silly wishes :)



3. LOVE RAIN (I love their OST!)


5. MY LOVE FROM THE STARS (this one made me laugh so hard. also, this reminds me of Twilight- alien/funny version)















20. SWEET 18

If you will ask me when is the best time to watch a Korean it whenever you are feeling down and bored or missing someone. It is a good way of kicking that "bag of stress" on your side too.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I SUPPORT IAKA (I will not eat my best friend)

I don't understand why there are people who eat dogs. Cats too.
I don't understand "food greediness" at all.
I am not being too righteous here. I go hungry too.
But being hungry don't mean I will eat anything and everything.
Yes, people are greedy when it comes to money and fame.
They are greedy when it comes to love and affection too.
But with food? Honestly, we are "too spoiled" by God when it comes to food.

We can eat all kinds of vegetables. We are allowed to eat grass too.
Not to mention the variety of fruits available for us.
I also read that there are kinds of flowers that can be eaten.
If we want meat, we can eat chicken and fish. The cows and the pigs can't escape too.
Their future lies on our plates.
I hated myself for eating pork sometimes.
My views about pigs changed after watching a documentary about a slaughter house.
And knowing that pigs are smart and there are few people who raise them as pets.
I vowed not to eat pork again. But I sometimes commit mistakes. And I am so sorry for that.

I love soups but not sharks fin soup.
I drink goat's milk but I won't eat its meat.
I adore horses but I will not eat one.
And I will never eat a lamb. Lamb reminds me of Jesus.
I know some people who eat goats, horses and lambs. It's fine.
I don't hate them.

I am not perfect. I am not nice all the time.
Especially to people who eat dogs. I don't make friends with them.
My brain is having a hard time grasping that idea.
Didn't they know that dogs are not created to be eaten?
Not everyone is smart I know.
But ignorance and foolishness should not be used as an excuse
That's the most insane thing to be written on a menu.

I love my country but there are many things I hate about it
which are done by some of my fellow Filipinos.
One of them is eating "dog meat"
Sad to say, it is very rampant in our country.
I am glad every time I see dogs being rescued.
I am also thankful to those different organizations who try their best
to rescue as many stray dogs and cats as possible.
It is very touching every time I read news about someone adopting
a rescued cat or dog.
There are bad people every where. But there will always be good people also.

Other than my country, I also love Korea. My second home.
But just like my motherland, it is not perfect.
Sadly, they have dog eaters too.
They rescue stray cats...not to make them as house pets
but as a "cat tonic".
I was very sad when I found that out. I got depressed.
Because I thought Korea is an ideal country.

My depression helped me find IAKA. (International Aid for Korean Animals)
I knew it. There will always be good people around.
I visited their website ( learned about their mission.
They are the angels of every dogs and cats that are in danger in Korea.
Since then, I always give my support and encouragement to this group.
I happily helped them when they sent me a letter asking for help
to make a petition addressed to the President of Korea to stop eating dog meat
and making "cat tonics" and to educate their men about the proper care/humane treatment
that they should give to dogs and cats in their country.

Wow...a petition to the President of Korea.
It sounds both exciting and crazy.
I am just an ordinary girl. Why would a President read my letter?
Our own President doesn't even know me. Why would another country's President care about me?

But I sealed my envelope with my letter and post card from IAKA inside it
and sent it to the Blue House. Yes, to Korea's Blue House.
with no expectation at all.
But together with the envelope is my intention to help IAKA with their petition.
And a prayer for all those "captured dogs and cats" being sold in the meat market
in Korea to be safe. May they find a way to escape.

God blessed my heart. Look what I got! A reply to my petition!!!
Daebak!!! (Korean expression that means Awesome)

I never imagined I would get a letter of reply from their government.
I am very thankful.

Tonight, I pray (sorry if you think this is silly) that all dogs on earth would have a home and a loving owner. And all cats would have a soft and warm bed to sleep in.

To my reader, I encourage you to help stray dogs and cats too. Giving them food or water is one way of helping them.
and PLEASE DON'T EAT DOG MEAT! Instead, make that stray your best friend and you will be the happiest person on earth. I promise you :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blood is not always thicker than water

Maturity caught me off guard.
Though, I am not ready yet
Growing old is something I cannot avoid
No wall is big enough to hide me
Sometimes I find chances to hide.
Doors for quick escape.
Then suddenly, challenges will come like rain
and I am not spared from the pain.

It is true. Growing old makes you wiser.
I prayed for wisdom. I gain more knowledge.
I learned that truth is powerful.
and that a lie has its own life. It soon will die.
I learned that you do not have to answer back to a lie
and you do not need to prove what is true
Truth is bound to win.
Though, truth often is scary

I learned that everything changes.
Nothing remains the same. Even in a family.
A good person can do something bad.
A friend might become an enemy.
And an enemy can become a friend
Other than my parents, I will trust no one.
My Creator knows my fears.

There will always be someone who will betray you.
I have been betrayed before. Again, today.
Hard to accept when it is done by your family
Because they are important to me
I protect them. I fight for them.
I am loyal to my family.
Sadly, not all of them feels the same way

It is possible that the person who is hugging you,
is the same person stabbing you at the back
Hearing "I love you" is precious to me
I didn't know that it also means "I hate you"
Easy to say. I hear it many times.
Too much that it loses its meaning.
It is better not to talk anymore.

I learned that the person who praises you
can be the same person who will ruin you
Insults thrown at me will return to her
Cousins, Aunty or Uncle...they are all the same.
They are all humans. They love you
But also capable of hurting you.

Not everyone will like me.
Not everyone will accept me.
Even if we have the same blood
Blood is not always thicker than water
And family is not bound by blood
It is bound by love and trust

A person who is there when I am in trouble
Who will comfort me when I am crying
Who will defend me like a friend
Who will believe in me and really care
Who will protect and truly love me
I will call that person my family.

Though I am hurt and betrayed
I can still forgive but I will not forget
I will always love but not like before
I will give them a smile and
If they hugged me, I will hug back
I will still love. But in my mind, I now know that
There are people worth keeping and worth leaving

*I don't own the photos. credits to the owner.