My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

THANK YOU 2013! I will miss you!

2013 is my best year since 2007
I waited 6 long years...
For blessings to come again
and they came like rain

I shed buckets of tears
and almost gave up
I felt weak and tired
To hopeless to stand up

2013 made me cry a lot
But it made me smile everyday
I had more laughs
and sweet memories to remember

2013 gave me time to travel a lot
I learned new things
I met new friends
I met my old friends again

2013 showed me what true love is
It is not learned and cannot be forced
Must not be out of pity or friendship
2013 brought me few steps closer to it

2013 gave me time to set my priorities
"work" is the last thing on my list
I hugged those I love while I can
I do not want to have regrets again

2013 is truly memorable
Though you gave me pains
You were good to me

Just like 2007...

I will miss you terribly

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrong Door

I love kids. I really do.
I find them cute, funny and always happy.
They talk openly and they seldom lie.

I never see myself as a teacher
But If ever I would become a teacher
I would love to teach kids

On my way to finding the right path
A door was opened for me
I bravely entered it

I did not think twice.
I did pray but did not wait for answer
I got the shock of my life.

I love kids but not older kids
To be called "professor" sounds weird to me
By people just a few years younger than me

They cheat and they lie
They say bad words in classroom
I can count those who are polite

To talk in front of many strangers
Is not a dream come true
I entered the wrong door

I have to find the exit soon
But while I am still here
I will cherish the moment

I will remember few students
showing good manners and politely listening
Those who will turn their back to say thank you

I will give this job my best
For God and not for any body else
I will bear the pain for now

I will continue traveling this road
Until I find the right door
Surely, God will lead me there

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sending my greetings to Heaven

Dear Jesus,

How are you?
It's your birthday. Again.
I doubt if you really grow old
Or if you have any age

How do you celebrate?
Maybe not with balloons or cake
Do you sit down with friends
or joke around with your angels?

I know you like music
You like to be praised
You enjoy seeing people
dancing and singing

I thought I know you
But my wisdom is too little
to understand you
So, I wish to know you more

In my eyes, you are no longer a lamb
who is meek and never proud
You are a strong lion. A brave king
Who owns everything

You do what you like.
You control the future
You erase the past
You own the present

You own my thoughts. My heart.
Everything that surrounds me is yours
I cannot hide from you, even if I want to
You are the God I have to bow down to

Those good things you gave me
are never mine
Things that I love, you take them
Anytime you need them back

What can I do?
I cannot complain. I can only cry.
You remind me all the time
You are the King. I am but a servant.

Everything is borrowed.
Everything is lent
I came to this world alone
For my life is borrowed too

I write this with a sad heart
But I do not hate you
I will not hate you
I will still thank you

You are my God
I will not bow down to any other gods
On your birthday
This is my promise to you

I thank you for all the good things
you lent me this year
Thank you for remembering to bless me
I have questions. But I will trust you.

I hope if you are going to lend
me another good thing
Please make it stay longer
and remind me that you are gracious

I cannot go to Heaven to greet you personally
So just read my thoughts and my heart.
Be loving to me and send my greetings
to those that I love who are Heaven

Have a Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter left me before Christmas

I saw her face and I thought of Winter
Some dogs look the same
but she's the prettiest in her litter
White with only a hint of brown
on her tiny ears
Just like the season, not perfect
but still wonderful

She is a quiet dog
Just like me, she loves corners
Beside a wall, underneath the table
if not, beside me
She would bark if needed
Few loud barks and nothing more
Few words indeed

I admire her patience
Hours and hours of waiting
She would punish me with kisses
I take them as my reward
She would stay on my lap
Asking for a back massage
and a bowl of her food

Like a real daughter
She is an obedient one
I say no and she would abide
No complaining, no whining
I love her she knows
Everything is for her good
She trust me.

Her eyes are big
full of innocence
She is after all a baby
Never proud. Always meek.
She knows what is hers and not
Never selfish. Always a giver.
She would share her bowl

I wake up. She will wake up
I sleep and she will sleep
She will eat what I feed her
She will take what I give her
Vitamins and bitter medicines
She will accept them quietly
I am a proud mommy

She lived like an only child
She can play on her own
when I am not around
When I with her
I am her only world
Her playmate
Her best friend

She loves me I know
She cares for me too
But I cannot touch her feet.
Don't even try. She hates it.
She acts just like me
She gets angry sometimes
But she would never bite her mommy

She loves water.
Cold or not
She drinks two bottles a day
So, I do not worry for her health
Because I know she would stay
For years and many more years
We will be together and play

Breakfast time yesterday
She ate her food and played
I left her for a second
Knowing she will drink water
I glanced again and there she was
Too weak to stand
Too weak to breath
In seconds, she was gone

Her life was cut short
Her heart stopped too early
He was but a year old
Too early to die
And what about me?
Just like last time
I was left with nothing

No matter how hurt I am today
I cannot complain
Just like the season,
she cannot stay
When summer comes, I will wish for cold
Because only winter and snow
can make me whole