My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's past midnight and I am on a plane
I feel bored. I look outside the window.
It's too dark and I can't see anything
So I just closed my eyes to sleep
But I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking.

Four hours on the plane feels like four days
On my lap is a book and a magazine
I turn the pages without reading
While I listen to a song I can't comprehend
I heard the pilot speaking
We are here. I am here. Our plane has landed...

I arrived while the sun is rising
The weather is cold and the leaves are red
It's Autumn. My time of the year.
I grabbed my jacket and my bag
I can't wait. But I have to be patient.

They say, tomorrow is the day.
Because it's your special day.
I count the minutes and the hours
I walk. I run. I play.
To make the day go faster

Tomorrow came. Today is the day.
I wear a skirt instead of pants
I wear heels and not my sneakers
Pink blush on my cheeks and
red lipstick on my lips

You look shock. I look different I know
But I am still the same girl you know
Nothing changed. But it's your special day
I left early to ride a plane
Just to greet you a Happy Birthday

Now, I am here in front of you
Now, you hold my hand.
Now, you are smiling.
Now, you look at me
Now, you know how much you mean to me

You make my heart beat faster
You make me catch my breath
You make me nervous and anxious
You make me smile and feel happy
This is me when I am with you

There you stand holding my hand
Squeezing it tight and not letting go
I see your smile. I hear your laugh
Can you see that I am happy too?
I know you do

Tomorrow, the leaves will still be red
Some will be orange, brown and yellow
The wind will still be cold
And the leaves will soon fall... but
Tomorrow, you will still be in my heart

I will not say good bye
And this time I will not cry
Winter will come and Spring will follow
I promise not to forget
When Autumn comes, I will see you again

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hard to Find

I think it's easier to find a white rock
than finding a real honest person
someone who will not lie or give an excuse that it's just a white lie
Making it white doesn't mean it's pure.
There is no such thing as a pure sin
I will appreciate a person who speaks the truth
what he feels and what he thinks
It may hurt me or offend me
I will accept a candy covered in sour coating
but never a sweet candy that leaves a bitter after taste

I think it will be easier for me to find a pot of gold and meet a leprechaun
compared to finding someone who is truly kind and nice.
Two commonly used words...simple and easy to spell..
They say there are many
I might have already met some or few
But have they always been like that?
No personal interest? Such as wanting to hear praises or be described as like that
At the back of their they really think nothing but kindness?
If those few I met are true and I am able to prove it
then I will treasure them more than any jewel
How kind and nice are they?
Do they stop to help an old lady cross the street?
Feed an orphan?
Save a stray cat?
Give a lost dog a shelter?
It is not the weight or gravity of the good deed
But the intention...
Did they do that in front of friends? Or done in secret?
I wish it's the second