My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Rainbow

I couldn't remember the last time I saw a rainbow. More than 5 years maybe.
And lately, I've been thinking about God's promises for my future...

Been sad for two months now
I needed to smile...
To re-energize myself
Be excited and laugh again

At 4:07pm Dec 29, 2012 - God's super ears heard my thoughts
He can read minds I know...better than Edward Cullen

I was listening to my Ipod
(as if someone called me) I turned my head to my right
and there it was...My rainbow
Not a perfect arch...the colors were fading
But perfect for the day
It made me smile
and tonight, I heard myself laughing again

So this is how if feels to have a happy weekend...

Monday, February 11, 2013


MOVE ON! I always hear this words from people I know who doesn't know me well.
I hear the same words from people close to me but can't understand me.
I know they don't mean anything bad. Their intentions are pure. They are just saying it to comfort me.
What they don't know is...I get my comfort from pretending that my grandfather is still here.

For me, "moving on" means getting out of a bad situation, leaving it behind and erasing it from memory.
Moving on means living a new life and changing myself for the better.

I don't need to move on because my grandfather was one of God's greatest blessing to me. His memory still remains a blessing. His death might be a bad situation but my time with him is too precious to leave behind.

I don't need to move on because I get my strength by remembering him
That I have a duty to finish, goals to meet and promises to keep

I don't want to move on because by pretending that he's still alive
I can remember who I am and what I am supposed to do
and that I should endure whatever pain this life offers
because after all there is still Heaven

If I do good and I finish the race, then saying good bye would be meaningless
In just a few years, we will see each other again.

People in the same boat knows we don't have to move on
Because it's what keeps us going....