My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, November 18, 2012


If I see you again
I’ll not waste any minute
So many things I want to thank you for
A big part of me is you

When I was young, you gave me puzzles to solve
And Lego toys to build
I didn’t know then that you’re teaching me
How to think wisely, to be patient
And to finish what I started
To set goals and achieve them

You bought me books and
Encouraged me to read a lot
You taught me how to gain knowledge
And to always ask God for wisdom

You taught me how to be successful in life
To always put God first and trust His will
To appreciate His goodness and blessings
To read His word everyday

You taught me how to pray
To not ask but to always give thanks

You encouraged me to travel and see the world
You want me to see how beautiful our world
And how marvelous our God is

Just like you, I love to watch movies
Fiction and fantasy that teaches a lesson or two
Entertaining and inspiring
Another hobby I inherited from you

We listen to different music
And we like different songs
Yet, I still remember the time
I played the piano in front of you
You listened contentedly…
With a smile on your face
I wasn’t the greatest
Still you’re proud of me

You taught me how to be a good person
To love my parents and be a loyal friend
To love my cousins and care for them
To be sincere and humble
Humility should always be with me
Be kind and gentle to please the Lord

You taught me so many things
But there’s one thing you forgot to teach me
How to survive each day I’m missing you
When you’re gone and you didn't say goodbye

I didn’t know that was our last hug
I should have hugged you more
and stayed longer
I should have said "I'm sorry"
for all those times I didn't come
to see you

You don't know how I always long to be with you and Nanay
To spend time with you
I am always thinking... when can I see you again?
Always excited to talk to you
How happy I am when we're together

Now that you’re gone
I survive by pretending you’re still here
And just like before, I will wait again
I will work harder and make you proud
I will remember all those things you taught me
I will try to smile and be happy

But there's one thing that scares me
I hope you will not forget me

Tay, please remember my name
When I get to see you in Heaven
I will hug you and say
It’s me, Camille…your first grandchild.

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Anonymous said...

Straight from the heart of a grieving granddaughter...