My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Armie Lawrence Leyva Yuson…My cousin.

I was 4 and he was 2...
We were in Camp John Hay, Baguio City
He was trying to walk while I was holding his tiny hand
I was smiling and he was laughing - this is a description of a picture taken more than 20 years kept in an album.

I was sitting on the floor with a toy in my hand...screaming
He was standing and biting my back...trying to get my toy - another picture taken
A very naughty, spoiled and playful boy he was
still...I didn't hate him.

After 15 years, we were both standing, with arms on each other's shoulder.
We were both smiling.
I am glad he grew up sweet and thoughtful.
I knew, I should not hate him.

I studied Business Administration.
He studied Medicine.
He lives in the North
I live in the South
totally different paths
and different likes.

Family gatherings kept us updated with each other
Communication devices made us closer
He is more than a cousin...he is a friend

I do not like talking
I talk only when I have to
I laugh...I smile
I talk when there is something to say
I keep my mouth shut for the rest of the day

But I love to write
And it surprised me that he loves to write too
Perhaps this common interest made us closer than before
I listen to his thoughts, I read what he writes
Often, it is about his travels around the country
He can see the beauty that others cannot see

I admire his love for our country
I admit, I am not that in love with our land anymore
I am frustrated and disappointed
No...I don't hate Philippines
I hate the people...or some people
Their lack of motivation to move forward

But my cousin has a different perception
His hopes are high and he expresses this through
promoting Philippine tourism
He is an avid fan of our tourist spots. So devoted
He visits the farthest island that only few have discovered
just to take breathtaking shots

Nature speaks...loud and clear
and my cousin spends plenty of time to listen
I have good ears too and eyes to appreciate beauty
Thanks to this cousin of mine
I am beginning to feel hopeful for our country again

I believe that is what he really wants to do
To inspire give wake up their sleeping faith

Unlike me, my cousin is very expressive
He is passionate and open
He believes in true love
He calls his girl his "princess", "my wife", "my one and only"
A romantic soul

He is not ashamed to pour out and write his feelings
for the whole world to read
A modern day Romeo...posting his love letters on line
I hope his Juliet won't find it funny but sweet

God must be one of his blog followers too
Would you believe, he is now one of the lucky finalists of Philippine Blog Awards?
Heaven is sending him blessings
In fact, I did not know there is such a award for blogging...

If there is a person who should win should be my cousin..
Yes you read it right...not me...but my cousin

I vote for him not because we are related
But because I am a reader
I only read those worth reading
I am not one to waste my time

Yes he is my cousin...but he is one of my favorite bloggers too.

I wrote this blog entry to support him...


Traveller's Desk said...

Hi Elli,
I find your article/s very interesting. I find your story about You and Armie very inspiring. It was well-written and poetic.

Please call me Freddie. I am a Filipino-Canadian living here in Toronto. I started writing about my travels 5 months ago and my interest in blogging came in late in my life.

My first blog is called and am in the process of creating another one which is also about travels.

You did inspire me with your writings that is why I am sending you this message. I will be back to your blog and read the whole of it.

Thank you for sharing your talent. I admire you for doing so.

With my best regards,
Freddie Miranda

Elli Mac Lim said...

Hi Freddie,
I have many friends in Canada...
Thanks for the time...for reading and for the comment

I appreciate it~

Have a nice day!

Elli Mac