My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Three years ago I met a Prince
4 hours from where I live
By plane, that's where he lives

The first Prince I met in person
The most dashing one
A real Prince standing in the midst

Three years ago he became my friend
A very special friend
The most humble, kind and sweet

Funny and thoughtful he is
He makes my every day happy
Like my favorite ice cream on a warm sunny day

His humor is like candy
Sweet and colorful
His laugh is what I crave to hear

He is more than a true friend
He sings and I am comforted
He speaks and I listen

Three years ago, I woke up and I know
My heart beats for this Prince
And I will cross the boundaries for him

More than the rainbow, more than the sun
More than the dolphins and the ocean I love
More than the flowers, he is dearest to me.

He is not a perfect Prince
He is stubborn and often guilty
A pain in the head

Yet, when he looks at me
He knows, I care for him
and loves him for who he is

And when I look at him
I know, more than words
I am loved and he cares

The love crossed the bridges
up the mountains
down the seas

I listened to his dreams
I cried when he is in pain
I stood by him faithfully

I cheer him up when he is sad
He pulls me up when I am down
With him, the sun is always rising

Sitting on the green grass
A coffee in hand
Enjoying the Autumn wind

But sunset came
The blue turns to crimson
And he has to go

He looked back
And I know this Prince
is not meant to be with me

A tear fell, one after the other
Goodbye is not forever
From a far, I blew him a kiss

A butterfly is what I am
My wings are small but I can fly
I can reach my dreams

He lives in my memory
Just like I live in his memory
He will not forget, I know

Meeting him is not an accident
A wish that came true
A rare gift from Heaven

When dawn comes
I will fly to him once more
To say "You are still my Prince"

Photo by: Jolla106