My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Downloading my current crowded thoughts

My brain is constantly sending me warnings all throughout the day that it is about to explode...anytime due to overcapacity. Need to unload some of my thoughts and I don't have any private place to vent but here besides the ever willing listening ears of God.

At last, my lazy and stubborn fingers cooperated this time.

Downloading begins... hurts a lot to know it is my own relative who is trying to pull me down, stabbing me in the back and spreading false stories about me. is so sad to think that they celebrate when I am down and they are insecure when I am up.
... life is good. Destiny is tricky. Who can tell me what my future will be like? I am eager to know.
... Waiting is not my forte. Still, I have a lot of waiting to do. Practice makes perfect (In other words, I have to perfect this waiting thing)
... I can't say life is unfair. Though it seems to be. After all God is a fair judge.
... I wrote down my plans for this year...but looks like none of those will be fulfilled. Tomorrow is always a question. Planning is useless. Things happen according to God's will...yes, even the bad things.
... It is useless to pout and complain. It takes too much time. I have so much things to do.
... For every bad relative...there is a good friend. God supplies all our needs.
... Truth has its own way of proving itself. It is useless to fight against a lie. Arguing will only make "lie" seems real.
... I am a good secret keeper. My mom and my best friend are both having a hard time knowing if I am sad or not. Most of the time they thought my smile is sincere. It is comforting at the same time irritating when none of them could see what I really feel.
... I often meet rude Professionals...To think they graduated from Top Universities. I rather talk to uneducated/illiterate people... At least they follow their hearts and humble enough to give respect where it is due.
...I disgust certain professionals - constantly feeding their ego and walking with pride on their shoulder

...I love Sophie Kinsella's books. Her novel "Can you keep a secret" is one of the best! So light, funny, sexy and entertaining. I am addicted to her works. I always make sure to have one inside my bag. My armor against "boring-waiting-times" of the day. But there's one thing I hate - she always use "Jesus Christ" as her character's favorite expression. I am not sure if that's how British people are...if they really use the name of our Lord as an expression that levels with foul words like "sh.t" and "f..k". Whether it is their norm or not...I am not comfortable reading my Lord's name being used as a foul word. So that keeps Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling on the top spot of my list of favorite authors.

...Imaginary friends can turn into a real person? Wooo! Well that's what I read from Sundays at Tiffany's written by James Patterson. Cool! This is why I love Fiction. There's no boundary. Anything can happen. Impossible can be possible. I love that book. I plan to read it again. Light and fast paced.

... Jaden Smith is the new Karate Kid? Really? Hmmm....this I have to see
... Jackie Chan will be playing Mr. Han? Alright!!!
... Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are officially dating? Finally!!! I've been waiting for this. Dreaming of this...they look perfect together
... I love Edward Cullen, that's why I like Robert Pattinson. But after watching "Remember Me", I realized there's so much to like about him...he is so talented. His acting is so compelling. I strongly believe he is on his way to be the next Leo DiCaprio of today's generation.
... What's with Kristen lately...she looks and acts like a "tomboy" could not see Bella in her...oh well. I still like her. I love her sneakers.


(until next time)