My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, March 15, 2010


I love cats. I have a heart for them. For dogs too. Well okay...I love animals. Don't question me about this but a bigger portion of my heart goes to them.

Anyway, there are two stray cats in our store's parking lot looking and begging for food...everyday. I named them MJ (for Michael Jackson) and Debbie (obviously as in Debbie Rowe). They have three itsy-bitsy-cutie-kittens. I brought one of them home and named it Paris. I was supposed to take the other two but I couldn't find them anymore. One of the security guards assigned in the area said they were eaten by a snake from Manila Zoo. So beware: A snake is on the loose. I am not sure if the security guard is telling the truth or not. But honestly I am hoping it's not true. I have a heart for dogs, cats, rabbits, dolphins, whales...and a foot and loud shriek for snakes. I pity those two kittens.

Since nobody in the parking lot is showing any care to MJ and Debbie, I and my friend took the responsibility of feeding and giving them water everyday. It's so heartwarming seeing them waiting for us everyday...wearing their cute and sweet faces...excitedly running around...waiting for their plate of food and once it's on the floor..give them three minutes and the food is gone. We invest in feeding them Whiskas and Friskies. Expensive but I enjoy seeing the transformation in them. Their teeth are white, their coats are shiny and well...they're healthy! We're spoiling them. But the satisfaction and fulfillment I am getting... knowing that I am saving amount of money could match that. I like watching them drinking water as if they have not tasted water before and thrilled whenever Debbie would act sweet to me or MJ giving me his most lovely-cat-look. MJ is my favorite because he's been a victim of abuse and cruelty given by no other than...reckless and heartless humans. He has several wounds and he's so aloof...even to me. My goal is to win his trust and finally be able to touch him and play with him. He's not wild or dangerous. In fact he's very gentle and you could see in his eyes the pain and torture he experienced or experiencing.

Problem is...the mall where we're renting a store would be renovated this coming April. I wish to bring MJ and Debbie home, but I already have three cats and three dogs. I don't have room or space left for them anymore. My friend's parents are very strict and not animal friendly. I understand them. Anyway, I am worrying for them so I called up PAWS to inquire if they can help us by giving MJ and Debbie a home. Unfortunately, the guy who answered my call doesn't have any manners.

Let me share you our conversation:

Me: Hello, Good afternoon, I have two cats here. We saved them from cruel people around them. I wonder if you could give them a home. We're willing to provide food and medical expense if necessary.
PAWS GUY: Hello (he answered in tagalog) Puno na dito e. Marami na masyado pusa.
Me: Ah ganun ba. Diba may for adoption kayo? Gusto ko lang ihanap sila ng matitirhan. Kasi sinave lang namin sila.
PAWS GUY: Pwede mo dalhin dito para ispay or i neutured saka pakakawalan din namin.
Me: Pakakawalan? Diba dapat pinapaampon niyo? Or ihahanap ng matitirhan? Diba yun ang purpose ng org niyo? Hindi naman sila wild. Kasi naalagaan na namin.
PAWS GUY: Marami na kasi dito e. Puno na (he said this with no manners at all)
Me: Ganun ba? Papahelp lang sana ako. Kahit kami na magsupply ng food.
PAWS GUY: E hindi naman sigurado mapupunta sa kanila yun kasi sama sama lang sila dun sama sama lang sila kumakain. Saka magkakasakit lang sila at mamamamatay.
Me: Magkakasakit at mamamatay? E diba ang job niyo e alagaan sila at isave sila?
PAWS GUY: E madami na nga kasi dito. Pakakawalan lang din sa lugar na hindi dangerous at makakakalmot ng tao.
Me: Ganun ba? May maadvice ka ba sa akin? Kasi gusto ko lang sila mahanapan ng shelter?
PAWS GUY: Puno na nga dito. Pakakawalan lang din namin pag dinala mo dito.(this time his tone is very disrespectful)
Me: May iba ba ako pwede makausap diyan na maayos? ( Volunteer ka lang ba?
PAWS GUY: Yup Volunteer lang ako.
Me: Asan Manager mo?
then his nice Manager talked to me....

If that Manager is in her right mind...She should chuck that volunteer out...because clearly he doesn't deserve the position he has in that place. In fact he shouldn't be in there because it's obvious from his tone that HE DOESN'T CARE!

I just realized that extreme anger is the best vitamin for my lazy hands.

Stupid volunteer! You're as stupid as that snake who ate the two kittens.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My long absence from here is caused by my lazy fingers. My brain is constantly working...telling me that my thought inbox would soon explode from over capacity and that it's about time I free some of it by writing those thoughts here in my blog. But my fingers are stubborn these days - creating a loath-hate relationship with my brain.

I have so much to much.
Only my fingers are winning and I don't have a choice but to give in and let them win this round again.

If there's a vitamin for fingers...give me one. I think my hands are exhausted from typing too much at the office.

One more rest season and I'll be back here soon. With old and fresh thoughts.