My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Originally, I plan to name this entry "Anyone but him" - but that sounds so hopeless and I have such big hopes and dreams for my beloved country.

Seriously, I am getting annoyed every time I see Manny Villar's persistent campaign ads on TV and hearing his irritating jingle. I now call it persistent and irritating because it really does irritates me a lot...NOW! When I first saw and heard was catchy and very entertaining...and inspiring. For a week or two, his jingle was playing non stop on my an alarm that won't go off. And I didn't mind first.

But pops up every 5 minutes.

It's not pleasant to my senses anymore.

It makes me want to shout and say "shut up okay? I get your point! You were poor, but now you are rich because of the power of your "sipag and tiyaga" - how many times do I have to hear it? It's not really convincing anymore. I compare his ads to a "nagging wife" - blah, blah, blah

And he's throwing so much money on those ads. Millions of money!
And paid celebrities are popping too...the likes of Michael V. Dolphy, Willie Revillame (who is next?) who are all credible and respectable in their fields. But...think about this...who would be more convincing? A paid celebrity or an ordinary Filipino standing in front of TV, without any make up on and did not receive any centavo but instead voluntarily testifying about all the good things Manny Villar did to him/her - now that's what "credible" means to me.

I just don't get it!
What's the point of all those big expenditures on ads and campaign materials? To convince voters? I don't think so.

Why don't you (and other politicians planning to follow the same expensive path) just use those Millions to build shelters for the poor families..for free! Or centers for old people and children on the street so that they would have places to stay - and then educate them and enhance their skills by giving them projects that our country could use - such as for exporting.

Money (sounds like your name) is powerful...don't waste it on TV Ads! Use it wisely! Be productive. Yes I know you helped a lot...but there are still more- than- a- lot who needs help. You don't need to be a President to exercise the power of your wealth and wisdom. You can do it now. Maybe will win my vote.

As for now...I am thinking of voting for Noynoy Aquino whose image is as clean as a blank sheet of paper. Or Dick Gordon whose ability was already tried and tested at Subic Bay. There's Gibo also whose intelligence and good looks are truly admirable. I could vote for Eddie Villanueva...who has the same faith as mine...or Erap...who is already need to think of the future...only remember the past.

Anyone...but Villar.

I wonder what will happen if he becomes the President...surely, Money would talk and expenses would greatly increase.

Didn't he know that what he's doing now is already a reflection of what he can do in the future?

My friends, please vote wisely.

And Mr. Villar...if you really want to win...throw away your cash and present yourself with nothing but wit, knowledge and plans for our country's future.