My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon

It's been four days now since the time I watched New Moon together with my friend...but my mind is still set on "New Moon mode". Actually, I'm living in Twilight world for a year now. I speak and breathe Twilight: It's my favorite time of the day, I run with vampires, I am an adopted Cullen, I crave for speed, and I love Volvo. Call me me fanatic...I don't care. It's been a long time...since the time of Harry Potter that I get to find a really really good book/s...worthy of my time and worthy of my effort to survive sleepless nights reading each chapter in full concentration. Thank you Stephenie Meyer! You are God's gift to all book lovers who are hungry for a good story. Time came and I almost gave up the luck of finding a good story. There was a moment when I was feeling too lazy to visit bookstores anymore... Gone are those days now.

I update myself regularly- thanks to all Twilight related sites. I followed "New Moon"- from shooting days, promotions of the movie and up to this time. I was a bit upset with Catherine Hardwicke when the "blood testing" scene was deleted or not included (rather) from the first movie. I put my hope on Chris Weitz that he would religiously follow the book and well he did! There were revisions and add ons but very minor.

Enough of the long intros...


Taylor Lautner is indeed great at being Jacob. Woo...nice abs!
Kristen Stewart is a very pretty Bella and she acted her role well enough...although I would like to comment that she should have acted the breaking up scene more intensely. Edward is leaving her...and it's breaking her life apart. She should have shown a deeper emotion.
Robert Pattinson is of course...the perfect Edward Cullen. He's so good that it's hard to imagine another actor playing the part. It's like he's not acting at all and instead really living the life of a reluctant Vampire. I love his voice. I was mesmerized when he recited Romeo's lines at the classroom scene. The sexiest scene for me is not where he goes shirt less at Volterra (it's already given) but the scene wherein he was walking- coming from his Volvo towards Bella. Woooooooo.........totally breathtaking.

I'm not sure when can I get out of this Twilight trance...
But one thing is sure...I am excited to see Eclipse.

Congrats to the whole cast!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Love is cruel and foolish

Every week I'm getting lessons about "love"

With "500 days of Summer" - love is cruel

With "All about Steve", the newest movie of Sandra Bullock - love is foolish.

Sandra is an amazing actress....I couldn't believe she accepted such kind of role. I couldn't count how many times I uttered the word "embarrassing". She played the role of Mary Horowitz, a crossword constructor, single and an "all work no play" kind of girl. Her parents wanted her to date a guy which she believed was gay and thought of canceling it but decided to go ahead with the date anyway thinking of her boss' advice to her to "be normal" and she was emotionally affected by some kids from a school she earlier had a speech for a career day.. Good thing she did not cancel because the guy turned out to be a charming- good- looking- straight guy whose name is Steve. It was love at first sight---well on her part anyway but not for Steve. He was completely turned off. She talks too much and she's too smart to keep her mouth shut which is really annoying. Her talkativeness is driving him crazy...She's so much into him that one night she constructed a crossword puzzle devoted to "Steve". Title of the puzzle: All about Steve. Of course she lost her job because of that. It's such a shame because she loved her work. It was her life. To make the story short...the guy tried his best to avoid Mary without directly hurting her feelings- up to the point of running away wearing a disguise. She chased him all over the country (she's obsessed) until she fell in this situation (literally fell) and instead of ending the day like a loser...she became an instant hero.

I can't tell you the whole story...........WATCH IT! Sandra is hilarious! I like her.

Lesson learned: If you're stalking a guy, then he's not meant for you -which is obvious of course unless you really mean to make the guy yours by eating up his patience and convince him that there' no other way out but you...

I like Mary's last line: "Why should you have to change to be normal? All you have to do is find someone who's as normal as you are."

I love the story...I'll probably watch it again...and laugh at every embarrassing moments of Mary Horowitz and be proud I came to know someone like her through a movie.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Mama- se, Mama -sa ,Ma-ma coo-sa

Last night, I had the privilege of watching Michael Jackson's last performance on stage.Together with my parents and hundreds of MJ fans, we occupied the seats of ATC's Cinema 2.

We bought the tickets in advance. I kept the tickets for two weeks - like a precious jewel handed to me. Good thing we did that, if not we would lose the chance as the tickets are all sold out.

Something made my night extra special- just before the movie started, there was a preview of Twilight Saga's New I clutched my mom's hand to stop myself from screaming like some teenage girl going gaga over some handsome guy...two women older than me screamed so loud- thought there was a rat passing under their feet. They scream every time Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) would appear on screen.

Minutes passed and the screen changed...I readied myself by finding the most comfortable position in my seat. Popcorn and soda on my side. Then...Michael Jackson appeared on the screen. Honestly, I was expecting a frail looking MJ. Instead, I saw a healthy and energetic "King of Pop"
In a blink of an eye, all the efforts I did to accept his gone. I saw him dancing, singing, smiling, laughing, choreographing, directing and chewing a gum.
He is alive at that moment. And everything I saw...I recorded it...I jot down notes on my imaginary notebook to be kept later in my memory box. I pushed every second of the film deeply into my mind so I wouldn't forget anything. I cursed each tabloid writers who said that "MJ won't make it".

Suddenly and unintentionally during the "man in the mirror scene", a tear dropped from my right eye. I looked around...feeling embarrassed and that's when I saw people wiping their eyes too with the back of their hands. Perhaps because we felt...and we knew that the end of the movie is coming near. And it would mean the last glimpse of Michael Jackson performing on stage.

"This is it" is only a compilation of videos taken during the rehearsals.'s an "MJ work of art". Just the presence of Michael makes it more than great. Seeing him in action is indescribable. It's beyond words. He's a 50 year old man with an energy of a 25 year old and dances like a 17 year old.

No doubt, MJ's a genius.
Once again, he took my breathe away.

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