My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet my friend...Boredom

How many hates to be bored?
How many dislikes the state of doing nothing
How many did something crazy just to fill that space which boredom could easily occupy.

But when you think about it...boredom is our most loyal ever available companion.


Yet, he's always the "unwelcomed guest" and the receiver of accusations such as that it kills.

Perceived to be the "bad guy" when all it does is accompany us on days when our most favored friend called "fun" is busy to visit us.

Instead of constantly hating who I thought was my enemy, I welcome my new friend "boredom" and guess introduced me to another friend called "appreciation"

Love life!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I watched 500 days of Summer

It does feel like summer awhile ago...

The sun is up high
The sky is blue
The clouds are puffy and white
The air is warm

and I watched 500 days of Summer...unplanned.

The catchy Tagline is: "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.This is not a love story. This is a story about love."

I watched the movie from start to finish while eating my sloppy BLT Savory Crepe.

Couldn't say how good the movie is...but it gave me several things to think about...esp about "love"

This movie out of the other available caught my attention...Perhaps it was destiny? :)

The amazing thing is...although the movie looked boring to my entertained my inner self.
It stirred my emotions ...I pity the "boy" and all those who put their faith in love and all they got was pain.

And then I realized the reason why the movie seemed boring- because everything I saw from the movie can be seen (or i'm already seeing) in real life. Nothing about fantasy that encourages playful imagination...but a confirmation of how cruel love can be....and that destiny is sometimes naughty and "tricky"

I learned that love is only harsh and unfair if you happen to give it to someone not meant to be yours...Love is ideal if given to someone made just for you.

To be honest, Summer is not my favorite season.
I prefer Autumn :) (for those who know the movie, you'll get what I'm saying)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another report of humans who spend their time killing dogs for the sake of what? saving humans from rabies?
Yes, rabies is a big issue. But is that reason ENOUGH? Killing "ALL" dogs found on the street. That is --they get the dogs, put them in a cage and if not claimed by owners in 5 short days...they will be automatically sentenced to death?
Idiot!!! who ever thought and implemented that rule! He/They are worse than animals.

Two things to give some thoughts:
1. How sure are you that the dog you are killing has rabies? What if it has none and in fact was able to get a vaccine...and it just happens to be on the street because...let's just say the owner forgot to let it simple as that...
2. Have you thought and done all the ways that could prevent rabies? Why not provide free anti rabies vaccination around town? It might cost a little...but it's way better than being a dog criminal. And speaking of vaccines, since you've already caught those stray dogs...why not give each of them an anti rabies shot...instead of putting them inside a gas chamber?


Let's talk about responsibility:
1. God created the animals first than humans (did you ever realize that?)
2. God created humans to be in charge of His creations including animals - in charge in other words "take care"

Now, either those people are dumb or playing dumb or just cheating with their work so as to make their "responsibility" much easy...


What a stupid way to solve the problem- to think that it was humans who's supposed to have the ability to think and reason out.

I don't want to be a hypocrite, but at this moment, I'm asking God how He's feeling now that his "sons" are killing His creation. Would He do something?
I suggest let's annihilate all humans too who cause distress and make our country much peaceful. Let's kill all the drug addicts, thieves, those with STD, AIDS and anyone who disrupts our "normal life"
Sounds harsh? But that's how they are acting when they're killing those poor dogs. Where's their mercy? None. If those dogs could talk, I bet they could reason out more than humans could do.

The man even gave a comment that it's fine to kill dogs because they are just animals. So I say, it's fine to kill a man because he's not a God...he's just a poor man.

The man asked "which would you choose? save the humans or save the dogs?"

Mr. "whatever- was- your- name- with- no- heart- at- all" could save both without killing any!
You are in the why not be responsible!

I am so angry!
I really am. So angry that I could utter some bad words which I am not known to speak. But those words are what those people deserves to get...'

For them, killing dogs in a chamber is least they are spared from a gun.

So I say, it's fine to kill useless humans in a gas chamber too at least no bullet would be wasted.

Why am I comparing humans and animals?
I hope they are not stupid enough...But those dogs have lives too. They have a heart, brain and all the systems that humans have. They breathe, they cry, they feel pain...they have emotions. The only difference is that...we, humans could think, could process, could analyze, could comprehend. Unfortunately, in this case, the humans acted like animals. They acted like beasts devouring weak animals. I doubt if they are really giving their action a thought.

I just don't know what's happening to Humans these days...
What's the role of the heart anyway? besides pumping blood to our veins?
Honestly, people are forgetting what being human means. people from killers...
May you find your conscience before it finally evades you...because when that would be lower than the lowest of the creatures and you would not be able to find a place of mercy.

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Ready for New Moon?

Just a few more toss and turns
Just a few more sleepless nights
Just a few more wide eyed glimpse at the posters
Just a few more poses at the stand ins

And it will be November 20......YEHEY!!!

Am I ready? I sure am!
But I am crossing my fingers (hoping no typhoon will visit Manila on that date)

PLEASE MR. SUN DO YOUR BEST TO SHINE ON NOVEMBER moon will love to see you :)

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am walking on sunshine...woohoo!


Today is a great day!

Hey Mr. Sun! Nice to see you again :)
I wish to see you more often now.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love your smile ^-^

When I see Lee Min Ho's smile...I see a ray of light. I see it shining right through the rain. (cheesy?)

Coz I am in love :)

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Wanted and Unwanted

Two visitors just arrived here in the Philippines.

And there is a good news and bad news.

Let's go with the good news first.

KIM BUM IS HERE IN MANILA!!! He's one of the Boys over Flowers cutie.
and he will have a fan meeting this Saturday at ABS CBN.
This is a great news to all his need to come to Korea because he's already here :)

Now...the bad news.

Another typhoon is here. This time it's "SUPER TYPHOON". Meaning- according to radio announcers it can "blow the roofs" away.


One good luck and one bad luck.

My problem: How can I meet Kim Bum and avoid being blown away or swim in the flood brought by the super typhoon.

Solution: Bring a rubber boat or ride a speed boat.

Best of luck to me.

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