My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strongly Recommended

Today is Sunday and it just happens that my body is so heavy. I'm feeling lazy. This is the time also that I am dead tired to open my mouth and talk to someone or log in to my YM and chat with my friends. It is not frequent but there are moments that "chatting" can be tiring also especially if it has become a part of a routine and no longer a relaxing theraphy. But of course I enjoy talking to my friends--someone might just throw a rock at me after reading this--but this Sunday, I opt to enjoy some quality time with myself and my thoughts. It's actually healthy! I already feel lighter! Quietness is a gift.

Guess what? On this lazy day I stumble upon a really great film. It's rare. Like a jewel. I was flipping the channels and there it was on HBO. It's already starting so I didn't see the title but I did a research just now and the title is "Front of the Class". It's about a boy with a Tourette Syndrome. It's my first time to hear about this sickness. Like a regular nerd, I researched about it. Kindly visit this site and educate yourself about Tourette and the filmĂ¢€™s-life-a-drama/

I want to write about it but....I guess it would be best if you'll see it for yourself.

You can watch it also in You Tube if you can't see it in HBO anymore...just type "Front of the Class"

I guarantee you'll enjoy the film and definitely learn and realize something.

How I love a lazy day!

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Michael Jackson is dead???

But that's impossible!

An incredulous thought!

A bad joke.

A nightmare.

Totally absurd.

He can't die. He just can't.
Perhaps he has just gone somewhere private and quiet where the cruelest of the cruels of the world couldn't reach him.

It's been days since his "reported death" still, I couldn't give a proper reaction.
After seeing the news, I just stared at a space...dazed.
It's so hard to grasp the impossibility...
Do you know that "Thriller" was released on the same year I was born?
And I grew up learning who the King of Pop is.

Although there were times when I was given impromptu questions regarding my favorite music and singer, I was quick to forget mentioning MJ and his songs. Perhaps because it's already a strong fact. It's beyond "favorites". It's already etched as part of my being. It's constant. His music is the official soundtrack of my childhood years. It's a finite thing. It's insane not to like MJ and groove in the sounds of Billy Jean, Smooth Operator, Beat It or nourish your soul while listening to Will you be there-- the theme song of Free Willy- which happens to be my all time favorite movie-- and more of his similar fantastic and inspiring music creations.

Consciously I know he is gone.
Subconsciously, I don't believe he is gone.
I can't feel he is.

Just like his music, subconsciously, I believe he is timeless. That he's just there...He is Michael Jackson. I am supposed to grow old and have kids and tell them "hey look, MJ is on TV, isn't he great? just look at him do the moonwalk"--well that's how my Mom used to tell me when I was barely on my teens. His records were the only shared music between my parents and I during my teen years--except now that I am old enough to appreciate Diana Ross and Beatles. His death didn't occur to me--not even a passing thought.

And even if he's dead...his death is soooooo wrong timing.
Why now?
It just seems yesterday when Francis Magalona died--my another favorite because he writes music for the glory of his country.
And now MJ is also gone? I very well know that MJ has lived a life of craziness...but I didn't give a damn to all those negative write ups. All I cared about is his ability and willingness to write songs that speaks about our world. I know I sound corny...but I really admire guys who do worthy things. MJ touched my heart with his "Man in the Mirror" song.

Now that he's gone...will there be another one like him?
Is uniqueness not limited to one?

He can't be dead. For all I know, he's just there playing with Keiko the Free Willy and enjoying life like a kid.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My own series of unfortunate events (Part 1:To diet or not to diet)

Out of boredom, I made a list of my recent unfortunate events.

They say, when it rains it my case it FLOODS...waste deep and gray.

Here's my breakdown.

*Almost an Ulcer
Feeling tortured and self conscious because of people who tells me "Uy tumaba ka!" (You gained weight), I followed a strict diet of crackers, banana, apple and mineral water for three weeks. Whenever I feel hungry, I would nibble a cracker without actually looking at it and imagine that it's "balat ng lechon" (roasted pork's skin) so I can ignore the bland taste and finish the whole pack in one sitting. I also avoided walking near Mann Yann (my favorite restaurant) because definitely, I would not be too strong to resist the temptation.

Everyday, I satisfied my hunger but not my taste.
If a cracker or a fruit failed to satisfy my hunger...I resort to sleeping. Unconsciousness effectively clears the thought and craving for food.

On the second Sunday of my diet, while watching TV, my stomach ached--the pain was so sudden. I didn't know where it came from-- similar to a strong and heavy hand that appeared out of thin air and punched me right in the middle of my stomach.

I screamed so loud as I thought it's one way of relieving the pain-- that the louder I scream, the faster the pain would go. My mom cooked some soup for me and then I realized--I was just hungry. Too hungry. I've been starving myself so much.

My mom poked me on the head and told me that "Hindi ka naman mataba ah!" I was not convinced though...She's my mom after all. I might already be mistaken for a pig, but for her, I still looked like a cat.

Days passed and people started telling me that I lose weight. These were the same people who've been telling me just weeks ago that I am gaining weight.

Actually, I couldn't have been fooled. My pants are the same size and my shirts are still loose--but I am one of those girls blessed with chubby cheeks ( I proudly inherited from my grand ma). So even if my waist is just size 25, I would still look "chubby" to some people.

Anyway...feeling pleased that finally I got the reaction I wanted to hear...when Holy Week arrived, I stuffed my mouth with every food my two hands could reach. The taste of Adobo in my mouth is pure bliss...and the meat of Mechado melts in my tongue. I had a blast eating King Crabs and buttered prawns...leaving flavors in my fingers which I would delightfully suck after. And I ate real "balat ng lechon". Ooooohhhh....nothing beats Roding's Lechon (he can only be found in San Carlos City, Pangasinan) And I ate rice...cups and cups of it. I indulged myself in Hersheys Chocolates with Almonds given to me by my grand ma.

Diet? Forget it!
I'm fat? Whatever!

While munching, I convinced myself that life is really good as long as there's good food around you.

Then another Sunday came, and I received another punch...this time it's twice the pain! And the pain lasted for several days. I couldn't sleep and I couldn't eat. My cousin who is a doctor said I had an ulcer attack. But I never had ulcer and...this couldn't be ulcer because I ate so much everytime...Isnt' ulcer a sickness for those who are not eating on time? My Aunt who is a doctor too (We are a family of doctors and lawyers...except me), said that the pain I was feeling was spasm.

My mom and dad bought packs and packs of Simeco and Buscopan. And I obligely drank it all. (To get rid of the pain, I'll take whatever).

Days passed and I got back to normal. But this time I am a lot wiser. I DON'T LISTEN NOW TO PEOPLE GIVING A DAMN COMMENT ABOUT MY WEIGHT. Peace to all those...they might read this ^^

I eat food now in moderation...(most of the time)
And as long as I can fit myself in my old pants and shirts...then I won't do any dieting again.

My mom is cooking Sinigang now ^^

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Good pair of legs and blister-free feet

If you'll ask me what a person will need when going to Hong Kong and Macau, the title above will be my answer.

Coz, in order to fully enjoy every street and store in HK and Macau you have to have the patience and strength to walk, walk and walk.

Or be smart and bring a pair of rollerblades with you...

Nevertheless, Hong Kong always dazzles me. Like a bright light that changes color rapidly. It's so alive...It keeps my eyes open even at the wee hours of the night. Because a blink is a risk not to see a store that sells stuffs you just wish you can all bring home.

Macau on the other hand is but a fantasy. A big amusement park. I find it hard to believe it's a country. It's like one stage play...the life of the rich and famous.

The hot weather can or cannot dampen the good mood. Either you use mind over matter and convince yourself it's cold or think of it as a good way to get a tan.

Two countries...
In a day.

It earned me wonderful memories, beautiful pictures and a week of not able to walk :)

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