My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another case of so near yet so far


And for some damn reason, I can't see him...

Just a stretch of an arm...
A few walks...
A stone's throw...

no...not enough!

Hmm...still there might be a chance? :)
"Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it real or just another crush?"

I am just insanely sleepy, lonely and nostalgic

But I know this crush ain’t goin’ away-ay-ay-ay-ayy Goin’ away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

My David!

He's always been my bet :)
(check my previous blog)

"You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized And I’ve just got to know..."

I just love being a teenager (or feeling teenager) ;p

Note: No, I am not YET a fan of Jonas Brothers (I am still in control of my raging teenage hormones...hehe)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be careful with what you pray for....

I think I prayed too much...
I asked for a rainy day
and God answered full force and with excesses

He gave me a whole day of rain with thunder and lightning--A TYPHOON IS HERE!!!

The floodgates of Heaven's literally opened.

I feel so guilty now...........


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Monday, May 4, 2009


One day, as I was overly staying in Powerbooks, I noticed an event--an essay writing contest.

With my spare time and enthusiasm, I wrote a five page essay and joined the event.

Guess what I got?

A book!

I didn't know it was that easy to get a free book.

How much do books cost these days? Especially if it's a best seller.

On the way to claiming my prize, I daydreamed about other events I could join and books I could win---perhaps I could even make it as a career. hehe. I was blissful. I think about all the money I could save--excited as I think of other things I could buy from my extra cash.

When I arrived, my prize was not ready yet and the lady told me to wait a few minutes.
So again, I imagined and anticipated what it could be.
I was wishing for a Twilight Saga Official Guide or maybe a new bestseller.

After 3 minutes, the book was handed to me.
It was put inside their usual brown paper bag.
So excited, I almost ripped the bag apart.

Then...I saw it.

The book.

My prize.


Duh! What is this book? Who is this David? and What a strange title!

The lady forgot (or intentionally left it) to pull off the "price sticker" and so I obviously saw the price.

Initial reaction: Run back to the store and ask (or beg if i have to) the lady if I could exchange it for a Sophie Kinsella Novel or any novel (I'll even take a classic).

Second reaction: Nurse some hatred against the store. I didn't waste my time to write a 1000-word essay for a book that's so unknown (I thought it was)

Third reaction: Read the back of the book (Testimonies and promises of those who already read it)

Fourth reaction: Fine! I'll read it. It's free anyway. And there's more than a page of testimonies dedicated to the book.

And so I read it.

Found that it's not a Fiction but rather an essay.

Found that it's as weird as its title.

I complained at every page.

I reacted badly.

I mentally argued with the author.

But damn! I could not put the bloody book down!

It's stupidly-strangely good.

It's about a homosexual American drug user who happens to be an artist with a weird taste, weird sisters, weird father, funny mother and weird house. He encountered several weird people on weird situations. He enrolled in a French school wanting to speak French while in France and there he met his weird French teacher and weird classmates with overly weird personalities. He had some weird jobs while growing old and he met the weirdest of the weirdos. David has a boyfriend who came from the weirdest side of the world.....

Oh duh!

Just read it!

All of us got a weird personality anyway.

Your weird side would surely enjoy this book.

You'll have a good laugh

But make sure to have a bucket beside might want to throw up while reading the exciting parts. haha.

Honestly, I am hoping to stumble on another David Sedaris' work.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I live in faith not in fear


What did I tell you huh?

I never doubt his ability and I always put my trust on his "fist"

Why doubt?

A man who puts God first and is not ashamed of Him will surely be blessed.

Manny is who I call the "Filipino David"

I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will not fall into temptation and meet a "Bathsheba" or had he met someone like her already? (plain rumors)

Anyway, no matter how big his opponent may seem?

I always know he will honestly, I'm not surprised.

But I was shocked when he put Hatton to sleep on Round 2---too early for bedtime

Lesson here: BE HUMBLE

Have you seen how many people mocked and made fun of Pacquiao?

Didn't they know better they can't put a good fighter down?

Hatton and Mayweather were too confident.

But confidence should go together with skills, discipline and right attitude

And what happened now? The coach fought with and left his prized fighter?

You know, more often than not, behind a person's "bravado" is a coward spirit (this is how I see the Quezon City Police--another story)

and a man who talks a lot is a fool.

Anybody noticed Mayweather's pouty lips? hehe

Pointing fingers won't change the results too

I wish he'll just shut up.

Now I pity Hatton. He's a good fighter but not good enough to beat Pacquiao-- and he chose the wrong coach.

I also pity those people who uttered "mocking words" towards Pacquiao

Perhaps those words were just used to liven up the increase the excitement

still whatever the purpose...the hurtful words were uttered.

And I just loved the look they wore on their faces when Pacquiao defeated Hatton--the look of shame.

But seriously there are people from different countries who look down on Filipinos and think of us as inferiors. This reminds me of Tsip Chao, a Hongkong writer who described Philippines as a "nation of servants"

A person's heart is reflected on how he speaks and how he writes

He just showed what kind of person he is -- an irresponsible biased proud columnist

It's scary when a person is too proud--a person who thinks highly of himself

He's forgetting that he too is a servant---a servant of God.

In this planet---no one is superior to the other.

We will all die and turn to dust.


Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!


Hey, attention to my two loser friends and 1 loser cousin....PAY UP!

Next time...learn your lesson okay!

I love British guys (Rob and Dan)

But I love Filipino guys the best

And I never lose in bets hahahaha

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