My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seventeen is my favorite number

I celebrate my birthday every 17th day of August.

My birthday USED to be my favorite day but not anymore

Who wants to grow old?

Certainly not me.

That is why, once I'm out of the office (I am just pretending to be mature and serious --and I honestly loath wearing formal office attires) I let myself enjoy and bath in every childish pleasure I can have everyday---an hour or two watching a Disney cartoon or show, reading a children bestseller book, eating chocolates, ice cream (not caring if it spills and drips) and cotton candy, looking at the latest skateboards on display or simply enjoying walking in the rain while wearing my pink rain jacket and jumping on water puddles on the way home while grinning and listening to my mom's angry lectures in the background for doing such a silly thing ----getting a spank from my mom is part of my childish pleasure

If you'll ask me what I fear most?

It is----growing old.

I don't want to get old and become a "serious-businessy-no-time-for-games-or-jokes-money-maker-money-hugger-money-wisher-snobbish-techy-alcoholic-just-laughing-for-the-sake-of-it-no-time-to-read-or-watch-tv-and-really-understand-what-is-in-it-smoking-because-it-is-cool person.

I just want to be happy and enjoy life as it is---plain and simple

I want to look at life through the eyes of child

But being 17 isn't bad.

In fact, the year I turned 17 was actually one of my fantastic years. (I wish I can go back)

Anyway...enough of the introductions.

I just want to say I watched 17 again

I know, I know I will be teased by my bratty cousin.

I watched a Zac Efron movie. (Can you believe that?)

Hey, I didn't say he's not good. I just said he's not my type.

But okay I admit he's cute -- like a kid--a cute kid with a female face (I am saying this as a complement)

Let me rephrase---a cute kid with a female face and a hot body

There---I got it right.

Anyway (again), I like the movie.

It's very entertaining-- a feel good movie

Watch it together with a bucket of popcorn or Jollibee Hotdog and the largest order of Coke

and you'll go home fully relaxed :)

Will make you (or not) want to go back to your past and become 17 again.

I am half wishing, I'll get to bump and meet Mr. Janitor with the magic spell :)

Have to be a lot friendly with all the janitors I know haha

I was talking to my friend and I didn't know she's a huge fan of Zac... until just recently and she bombarded me with Efron videos

(People, I still prefer Rob--the sexy vampire)

Among those videos she sent....I very much enjoyed those "Zac running from the Papz" vids.

Check it out in You Tube.

It's really cool!

Cooler than HSM (Seriously)


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

Bend that lazy back of yours, pick up that garbage and throw it in the trash can. (I'm sure there's always one near you)

That's the best possible way to stop making Manila a big pool of wastes every rainy season.

Nobody loves the flood.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

My happy stories Part 5 (A happy good friday)

-The roads are empty
-Except for the bustling of the leaves and birds chirping in the's quiet (Our neighbor has some conscience after all. He did not put his radio on full volume today)
- It's peaceful
- People are in the church (except for those who can't resist going to Boracay--as if that place is an alternative to Heaven)
- People are praying.
- People are acting and being good. (I know one person who always stop herself from uttering the F word and other profanities every good Friday)
- Almost all the shows on TV are about God.

AND above all these...I am happy because JESUS IS ALIVE.

I have one sad story to share-- very inspiring and tear-jerking...Still, I would like to think of it as a happy story because it gave me so many insights about life.

It was Friday and I was sitting on the passenger seat of my father's car looking out the window, when as we were passing by a public school-- just a few kilometers from our home, we saw a young boy, about 10 years old whose right arm and right leg were both amputated. He was wearing the school's white and military green uniform and on his shoulder was his school bag. His left arm and left leg looked okay. When we saw him, he was on the act of bending his left leg--then I realized that he was kneeling down. On that position he slowly moved himself-- his left knee served as his foot. If you'll see him, you would know how it looked so impossible for him with just one leg to move himself-- but he was able to move in a very slow way---one step at a time. It was the end of school day and the students were all going out from the school and there was a short traffic--that's why my Dad and I took notice and watched this poor boy. We're both full of pity--when suddenly another young boy, probably a classmate of his went to the boy's left side and took hold of his hand. They both moved hand in hand. My Dad and I were both silent inside the car till we arrived home and told my mom about this.

A warm feeling enveloped me as I recall what I saw---a great friendship between two young boys.

Every night, I try not to fail to offer a prayer for that boy. I pray he would have a bright future ahead of him despite his disabilities. I pray he would not be teased and treated badly by his other classmates and people around him and people he would meet later on in his life. I also pray that he would be blessed with more friends who would be willing to sacrifice and share their hands to this boy-- by holding his left hand and helping him move.

My parents and I are hoping we'll get to see this boy again. We want to offer some help in any way we can. A wheelchair is what he needs-- it will make his life a lot easier.

To all my friends who are reading this blog, please pray for this boy.

I am full of sympathy for this boy because despite his disability he is still striving to make his life normal and no matter how hard it is for him, he still goes to school.

I can't help but wonder why luck (sometimes) falls on the wrong people--those who don't need much luck at all because they don't even realize and appreciate those things they have that made them luckier than others.

In a mini Mall beside a popular University --I see rich kids drinking and getting drunk all the time--wasting their parents' money and their youth. This sounds bad, but whenever I see them, I often wish something cruel would happen to them that would make them cry in anguish and would wish they had never done all the wrong things they've been doing today.

I pray God would always keep this boy in his loving arms---so that he would always be safe from harm.

Happy Good Friday.

Pray to God and be thankful all the time.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

My happy stories Part 4 (Happy being a kid)

Just two Saturdays ago, I had a fantastic time with my youngest cousin. (I adore kids but not the brats)

He is my favorite cousin (I hope my 20 or so other cousins won't mind)

It's because he's the youngest--our baby and he's the cutest and the funniest. He never fails to fascinate me with his witty comments, quirky and vivid stories and playful expressions.

He was barely a year old when I made him one of my 18 roses during my debut. Besides my dad, and my escort, he was "the boy in a dark blue tuxedo." Mind you...he's the most popular and most talked about guy that night. All my girl friends adore him. I wager he will be a campus crush when he enters high school. If he becomes a playboy, I won't mind too --good genes must be spread not kept. (just kidding)

Time flies --he's 8 years old now!

I love it when he calls me "Ate"-- it's the privilege I don't normally get as an only child. So when my cousins call me Ate it gives me a different feeling--like I am a wholly different person with big responsibilities. I'm the "baby" at home so whenever I am at my grandparents' house I get to play another role which is "Ate" and I always try my best to play that role well.

On the other hand, my female cousins matured a lot faster than me-- in actions. They are all very lady like- they wear skirts, they sit with their legs crossed and they can walk and stand for hours wearing stilettos. They are experts in applying make ups too. I survive my daily life with lip gloss and powder.

Back to my cousin:
We were alternately playing with his PSP (game: WWF) talking about wrestlers he knew and I knew--i only know very few. We had an argument whether John Cena's new movie's name is 12 hours or 12 rounds. I said it's 12 rounds. He said it's 12 hours and he sounded so confident and he know the guy better than I do-- so I conceded. Later I found out the movie is "12 rounds" so that makes me right...but he already went home so I lost the chance of tickling him till he begs for his life.

He surrendered his PSP to me--only because he got tired of it and he started playing with his John Cena action figure. Then I got tired of the PSP too after some minutes because I'd rather play Nascar or Gran Turismo so he shared to me his "doll" and I played with it like I do with my Barbie Doll. I made it do some ballet movements---of course the John Cena doll now looked like a gay wrestler--he thought it's funny and he laughed so hard. I love hearing his bell-like laugh. So I played with the doll more -- making it do some belly dancing moves. While I play with his favorite wrestler, he asked me about wrestling which of course is the topic I know few about-- I had to text my friend to give me some names of popular wrestlers. WWF is my cousin's latest obsession. He used to be obsessed with Pokemon, Power Rangers, Batman, Superman, Spider Man and even Kapitan Inggo. (When you're a kid it's fine to have a change of mind often--nobody will accuse you of disloyalty).

Then I played like a naughty Ate by telling him that all those wrestling acts are scripted--those wrestlers are not really fighting and I'm pretty sure they hang out in bars for a couple of drinks after their show. And the blood is not real--just ketchup! He was laughing all the time while I was telling him this. I only stopped the story when suddenly he started looking for a ketchup.

Our talks flew from wrestlers and wrestling to latest movies I or he had already seen and movies not here yet but already included on our list of "what to watch" -- Transformers, Dragon Ball, Wolverine and more.

We talked about the stories of Street Fighter, X-Men, Dark Knight, Harry Potter and Twilight -- of course he knows Twilight too.

He only got two question to each stories:

1. Who is the bad guy?
2. Did he/she die?

His innocent mind believes that bad guys die all the time.
He doesn't know yet that in real world it doesn't' work like that--all the time. More often, it's the good guys who die first and bad guys die last.

Then it was his turn to tell stories. I listened intently to him. His imaginations are very interesting to listen to. For some minutes his imaginations brought me to a different world--a very colorful and bright world. He created his own story by mixing up all the characters from various movies- imagine Chun-li killing Voldemort and Harry Potter being a werewolf and that Spiderman has a huge secret...he is a vampire and good friends with Edward. (I delight looking at his eyes as it gets brighter everytime he tells the exciting plots)

Our stomach started to ache from too much laughing. Then we got hungry and we ate some treats from Bread Talk.

Then he told me about his problems--whether to watch Race to Witch Mountain or Monsters vs. Aliens and whether to eat hot dog or ham for breakfast.

How I wish I could go back to being a kid--to a life where my problems would be as simple and small as his.

Before he went to bed, I kissed him goodnight.

I went home blissful

I have one wish: I hope he will not grow up so fast. It's scary thinking that soon he will be facing the real world...and realize that all his favorites and his superheroes are all but a fantasy.
Each day...each a time bomb.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My happy stories Part 3 (part of my happy high school memories)

Eraserheads "The final set" concert is now on TV!
In GMA 7 of course.

My status: currently watching it.

Actually, I was there--unintentionally.

I did not plan to watch the concert...because most of my good pals were not present.
Two of my girl friends are in Canada and two of my guy buddies are in Singapore.

Eraserheads has been part of my "growing up" years -- particularly my high school life.

I really couldn't say if they're my favorite.

But I grew up hearing their music --same with Francis Magalona's rap music.

And well---I know the words of each of their songs.

Seems my brain is attuned to them and when I hear their songs I could easily fill in the blanks.

Anyway....I heard all about this reunion concert and I know it's a big thing...

But I did not want to go...

Perhaps if my high school buddies are here, it would be a nice event for all of us to come and see...perhaps.

The concert was held in the grounds outside Mall of Asia. Coincidentally, my parents got something to buy at SM department store and wanted to have a late dinner at Pot and Noodle House which is also in MOA.

But it took us almost two hours to find a parking space.
There were too many people
Many irate ones too - I could fully sympathize with them especially if you are in need of a rest room but could not find any that is not crowded.

When I saw Ely Buendia from the humongous screen that you could see even if you're miles away, I reminded myself that I was not there to watch but to be a good daughter and have a nice dinner.

But in our attempt to avoid the bedlam, My parents and I found ourselves stuck on our feet and watching the concert. We were literally stuck. We were pushed by people--we could see the mall's entrance door but it's impossible to get there without stepping somebody's toes --so we just stopped moving and stood there watching Ely from the screen.

I am fully aware that my parents are not fans of rock music. So I did not dare ask how they were feeling but out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom's foot tapping in time with the music and my dad even recognized "Overdrive" - he hated this song so much but he knew the words of it.
That's the weird thing - -I used to tell my friends that I am not a fan of E-heads but I could sing along with any of their songs and up to now I haven't admitted to them that "Yes I like E-heads too." To be exact, they haven't asked me. They just assumed that I would not like E-heads and rock music because it's far from my "image" (a conservative-fragile-Filipina).

Anyway, whether I like E-heads or not it will always be a part of my happy high school memories

And watching the concert on TV is quite but not really similar to having the front row seat.

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