My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My happy stories Part 2 (A happy reader)

How many of you still love me? --this is often asked by our church Pastor every time his preaching would focus on topics that might sound hurtful but true. And we know we're getting sermons like that because we need it. It's funny when almost three fourths of the congregation would have their head bowed down - a reaction whenever Pastor would hit a nerve but they could not disagree with him because what he's saying is true so they don't have a choice but put their hands up and admit that "yes we still love you Pastor" so continue hitting our butts. We all need a good big fat slap sometimes. It's not really wise to just follow what other people say "do whatever makes you happy" especially if getting that happiness means hurting other people on the way.

Be responsible!

Anyway, his preaching is all about "KNOWLEDGE" ---getting it, keeping it and what to do with it.

I would not write here the whole preaching but the gist of it.

How to get knowledge?

How to keep it?
List down new information

What to do with it? Apply it in your daily life

He said young people should READ to be successful

And old people should READ to continue being successful

He's the same pastor who said that SAVING is the key to getting rich - save! save! save!

But last Saturday, he said "go to Power books or any book store and BUY A BOOK (except comic books) and READ!

He said "Ignorance is expensive"

But knowledge is more valuable than gold.

I am a very obedient person and I always listen to my Pastor

So now, I am on my way to my favorite book store........

Woo Hoo!!!

Am I so happy to have another excuse for buying a new book?


Oh and I need a new book case too.

Seriously, people should read more especially teenagers. Video games and comic books would not be very helpful to your future.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

My happy stories Part 1 (Chasing my happiness)

Twilight Director's Notebook is here!!! :)

Uhuh...just 6 days after the release of Twilight DVD.

I was literally jumping non-stop and shrieking with delight and my mom had to throw a pillow straight to my face before I got a hold of myself. I received an SMS from someone working at Power books and she informed me that the book by Catherine Hardwicke just arrived and they are going to reserve it for me till noon the next day because there are other hundreds of girls --willing to die for the book.

I chased and got my happiness....just like in the Enervon-C commercial of Kim Chiu "Habulin mo Happiness mo"

Only...someone did the chasing for me. Because naturally, I can't be at the bookstore by noon because I got loads of things to do and people to call in the office...and by the time I arrive at the store, the book might already be in the hands of someone else and I would die if that happened. Hahahaha (a case of OCD)

My reliable Angel (most of the time--not all the time because of massive attacks of forgetfulness and temper disorder) did the job and got the book for me!!! (Despite the imperfections, I am still thankful to God for this Angel) and he got me a bonus -- the April issue of GQ featuring Robert Pattinson.

Life is good

God is good

It's so fun to be a girl

and single :)

And well here's another thing that brightened my already- too- bright- almost- blinding day

Edward Cullen's car is all over our town...

You know what's good when you're single and you just have your pets to take care of?

You can go back to your child hood passions and act like a child again.

You can jump and scream all you like (at home) and your parents will only smile and tease you like they used too when you were only 12.

I can still remember those days I became so crazy with Sweet Valley Twins and Nancy Drew and BOP Magazines with Devon Sawa and Jonathan Jackson on the front cover.

I am happy!!!

Oh and I hope the owner of the Volvo won't mind that I took a photo of his car.--Or maybe he's already used to it ^^
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can't get it right (wrong timing)

Everyday I bring my pink raincoat- folded neatly inside my book bag.

Everyday except yesterday.
Because I gave up --- convinced that there will be no rain on summer days.
And I'm like a regular idiot for carrying a raincoat while walking, perspiring and literally getting baked under the sun.

I think God played a trick on me.
It rained heavily yesterday.
And I was not dressed for battle.
I went home with a wet hair, wet bag, wet shoes and wet clothes.

I was a walking wet chick.

You know why I think it was a trick?
Yesterday, I made a wish...for the days to be cold again (because I hate summer)
The day did end with me "feeling cold" and with "colds"

Today, I have my rain jacket safely hidden inside my bag...waiting for the rain to come.
But the sky is gray.

I am tempted to do two things:

Do a rain dance or go up a really tall building and squeeze the rain out of the clouds.

The weather is making me crazy.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St. Peter's Fish

A little trivia:

I just learned from Pastor Sumrall (which he learned from their annual Jerusalem trip)- our favorite "Tilapia" is also known as "St. Peter's Fish"


I am craving for some deep fried St. Peter's Fish right now with tomatoes and onions and fried rice.

I'm famished.


Another interesting tidbit.

My not so favorite actor turns out to be a Christian and he even went together with our Pastor for a week's trip in Jerusalem - and had himself water baptized in Jordan River.


I won't judge the book by its cover

I thought he's just a "pretty face"

Good to know he got some valuable content inside his six-pack abs.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

I am a survivor!

No I did not survive a plane crash
and I was not stranded in a deserted Island or Jungle...

I just survived a "No Internet Day"

But it was not voluntary.

It was due to some wire problems and the technician explained it to me in "pure Latin" - meaning, I did not understand anything from his technical dialogue.

I spent my whole Internet free Sunday...

-cleaning my room
-washing my sneakers and flip flops
- reading my old Archie comics
- doing our business tax
- playing with my three dogs and cat
- arranging my travel photos and labeling them
- reading Twilight (again)
- watching Twilight DVD

watching Hannah Montana (boredom made me do it), The Suite Life, Camp Rock and Wizards of Waverly Place

Yes, I survived a day without the Internet

And I must admit...I had fun.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Happy Friday!


You know what I'm talking about...

Of course, it's the Twilight DVD (2 disc special edition)

What else? :)

And I got it together with a poster coz I pre-ordered it.

And I got it exactly on the date of its release - March 20, 2009

Yes, I am currently suffering from OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)

and I am not in a haste to get over from it.

The DVD made my "too-hot-stuck-on-traffic-can't- find- coffee- crumble- ice- cream-friday" oh so PURR-FECT ^^

And guess what I found while watching disc 2...MY NAME!

I think I owe someone living somewhere for that....

hahaha of course It wasn't me...

For the first time in my whole life, I felt glad I have a very common name.

And well...she got good taste on men too :)

I bet she's smart!


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Sunday, March 15, 2009



For all the "holics" out there...

I had the privilege to watch "Confessions of Shopaholic" (I was a fool for watching Push the other week instead of this) and I was greatly satisfied with the way the movie turned out. I completed all the "Shopaholic" series by Sophie Kinsella and I am eager to say now that the movie is not a "usual disappointment" compared to other "book-turned-into-a-movie-thingy."

Really...the best thing about all these adaptations is we get to see the characters we love from the book "come to life." It's such a damn thing sometimes to imagine what the character looks like or the places mentioned and a movie is very helpful. If you're a book-a-holic like me your brain is constantly at work imagining whatever it is that you're reading.

Isla Fisher is a perfect Rebecca Bloomwood and Hugh Dancy is of course the gorgeous "I speak Prada occasionaly" Luke Brandon.

I saw Edward's Volvo...!

Nah...just the similar Silver Volvo C30.

My friend and I saw this car in MOA's huge parking lot - driving by, looking for a spot and after few seconds saw a space.
A young mommy with two toddlers were on this car and I had to wait for 5 minutes under the sun (it's lunch time and the heat was at its fullest) for them to get out of the car and walked out of our sight- before I grabbed my cam and took a picture. I was tempted to stop and tell her "you got the coolest Volvo on this planet, Congrats!"

I know...I know!

It's a thoughtless act! But at the time, I didn't care.
I was excited and yes...hyperventilating.

Stupid silver Volvo! Whenever I am seeing a similar car, (Its been twice already) I always wonder if Edward is inside it. hahahaha.

My friend laughed at first but for all I know he likes Edward too. Oh come on, who doesn't like him? And who doesn't agree that Rob is the incarnation of Edward Cullen. He or she is a hypocrite :)

Stupid me. I showed my dad the picture and he reminded me that two years ago it's the same car that he originally wanted for me. But I was wishing for a bigger car- A macho looking SUV and that's what I got.


Never say never...

I told my friend I don't have any plan of watching Street fighter because "Ken" and "Ryu" are not there.

I ate my word. I watched it.

It's not the greatest "Street fighter movie" but it's not the worst also.

It's just weird because Chun- Li is Chinese and Kristin Kreuk is not very Oriental looking - still, she got the role. Hmmm...perhaps she got some Asian blood or her favorite food is Yang Chow and Sharksfin soup and anything Chinese.

Anyway, she made a good Chun- Li. Not superb. Just good.

Who is Geoffrey? Who is Peter?...

Had an extra free time so I went to my favorite salon (where else) and had a quick manicure. (no nail polish please).

Then...a woman (I would keep her identity a secret) who of course knows me started asking me "when will you get married?" (why do people keep on asking that? when it seems only yesterday and I was so into this guy and I want to marry him and they kept on telling me not to because marriage is not a joke but now they are asking me as if there's a time bomb soon to explode and no I don't have any damn plan to get married till I am 45!) Out of respect, I just gave her a smile and a sweet answer of "no plan as of the moment." I didn't add that it is this time that I am truly starting to enjoy the simple pleasures of single hood.

After that, she started babbling about certain Geoffrey and Peter and one more guy I couldn't remember the name. She told me that this Geoffrey is already married and living happily with his wife in USA. Good for him. Peter is also married with kids and also in USA. Good for him too.

I gave some "ahhs" and "ohhs" and some nods at the right moment and she seemed satisfied with it.



I wanted to tell her the truth that "I don't know those guys you're talking about" but she kept on babbling for good long 10 minutes and I couldn't put a word in besides some "ahs and ohs" before she left the salon. And I don't want to be disrespectful so "butting in" is not a good idea.


Now I hope she wouldn't tell me to Geoffrey or Peter for I am sure they don't know me too.


Cat killer...

My parents and I were on our way to my store to drop off a week's goodies and I was casually looking at our car's right window while waiting for the stoplight turn green when suddenly I saw a young girl standing on the sidewalk screaming as a car beside us moved. I looked down to where here eyes were directed and there I saw an orange and white kitten. Its head is bleeding and its legs were up and it looked like it was having seizures. Clearly, the cat was run over by the car.

Instinctively, I clutched the door handle. I wanted to save the cat and bring it to the nearest animal clinic. It's still breathing. But the light turned green...Half a second passed and I saw the driver/cat killer of the Dark gray Nissan Sentra with a De La Salle University sticker (I memorized the plate number), looked out his window and stared back at the cat and laughed. His mouth was so wide. He looked so proud. Anger washed over me. If only my parents weren't with me, I would be tempted to get out of our car and throw a rock pass his window right to his mouth. It was so maddening. An amount of visceral energy flowed through me and I was unable to stop myself from uttering a string of profanities in the presence of my parents. At that moment, I wanted to avenge the cat. I thought of a hundred ways to kill him. I wish I had a gun. I wish I could turn into a lion and bite his head off. I couldn't erase the image of his evil laugh from my mind. I recited his plate number on my head over and over again...

Like every Saturday, we went to attend the service in our church after dropping the goodies at my store. But last Saturday, I was guilty of not paying much attention to the Pastor. God forgive me, but the whole time I was there...I was imagining killing the guy. When I prayed, I asked God to put that man's soul straight to hell.

Maybe if he didn't laugh..maybe if he didn't give that cat a sardonic stare...maybe I would understand. Maybe I would think of it as an accident and that he's innocent.

But he laughed.

Could humans be this bad?

I sure hope I don't have a weapon with me when I come across this guy again...or I might forget that I am a Christian and that I should behave properly.
Good friends...

Okay, so I still have two good friends and they sent me pictures to cool my head and end this weekend with a smile.

Here are the pictures. I am sure all of you will love this too: I will post the others at my cyworld page.

These are the pictures from the Twilight Premiere in Tokyo and New Moon preps at Vancouver.

Am i so glad I have friends all over the world?
I am!

I am learning now how to appreciate best my four friends who migrated in Canada and my long time friend working in Tokyo.
I hated them for leaving the country. Now I am glad they did. HAHA JUST KIDDING!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Isn't today the saddest?

For Filipinos it is. But for the citizens of Heaven, today is a party.
An Angel has come home.

An Angel who can "rap"

He is a Filipino. A very proud one.
He loves the Philippines. (With all his heart and soul --his songs are "living" proof)
He loves the flag. (In fact he got "3 stars and a sun" tattooed on his back)
He is a song-writer...A prolific writer. (He's like a singing historian)
He is the Master Rapper (I don't think there is anyone out there yet who can better rap than him)
The Father of Philippine Hip-Hop Music
He is the "Mouth"
He is smart. Very witty.
He is cool.
He is funny.
He is child-like
He is naughty
He is good looking. Very young looking. (Anyone would have a hard time guessing his age)
He is well loved by the youth. Children imitate him. Teenagers idolize him.
He is well-respected and adored.
He is a role model. A perfect example of who a Filipino should be.
He is a good father and a loving husband.
He is one of a kind.

For me, Francis M. was part of my fondest childhood memories. I grew up listening to his songs on the radio. Who is out there who does not know "Mga kababayan ko." I knew every word on that song. I find myself singing along with it whenever it's on the radio. I consider it as a song of our "Filipino pride." Unintentionally or intentionally I know all of his songs. And again, who hasn't? All are very popular. His songs are not those type who fades in and out. It stays. I would be a hypocrite if I would deny that I didn't know the words of "I am the man from Manila", "Girl be Mine", "Love for Life", "Friends", "Cold Summer Nights" (one of the few love songs I like) and "Kaleidoscope"

and speaking of "Kaleidoscope world." my friends knew how special that song is to me. It played a very big part in my "struggling first year of high school".

Did you have those times in high school wherein your Music teacher would give you his final requirement for passing the subject and that crucial final requirement has to be done in front of 300 people? And if you didn't...well you didn't have a choice. Either perform or flunk the subject. And that's not the only dead end. You could not dance. You could not play an instrument. You had to sing. You could dance and sing. You could play a piano or a guitar and sing. "Do anything, just don't forget to sing"--that's his requirement.

Everybody knows I don't sing. I sing...but it's a rare event. Very rare. Only during "for my ears only" occasions.

But I didn't have a choice. And It's such an embarrassment if I had passed Mathematics but not Music.

My classmates settled themselves on popular loves songs such "Will of the Wind" and "Dream about you"

Those who were gifted with "singing voice that could reach the peak of Mount Everest" picked the songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

I was left with....

a throbbing heart, wet palms and an aching head.

It was my best friend who suggested that I should just sing "Kaleidoscope World" which at that time was a radio hit.

I loved the song but...but I was not confident with myself. I didn't have the courage to sing inside a room with 30 students...let alone in front of 300 people inside an Auditorium.

But it was a dead end.

So with a borrowed guitar, a baseball cap, funky t-shirt, blue jeans and Nike running shoes (I had to look hip-hop), I sang "Kaleidoscope World" with my eyes closed half the time.

Now, why did it become a big part of my high school life?

I won 3rd place.

I didn't even know it's a contest. I thought it's just our oral examination for Music.
I should have known since the sophomores and juniors were there too.

Anyway, since then I had become the object of teasing in our class.

But I strongly believed that it's not because of my "singing voice" but it's because of the song itself. Of its message.

I would love to share it all to you:

G  Am
So many faces, so many races
Bm C
Different voices, different choices
G Am
Some are mad, while others laugh
Bm C
Some live alone with no better half
G Am
Others grieve while others curse
Bm C
And others mourn behind a big black hearse
G Am
Some are pure and some half-bred
Bm C
Some are sober and some are wasted
G Am
Some are rich because of fate and
Bm C
Some are poor with no food on their plate
G Am
Some stand out while others blend
Bm C
Some are fat and stout while some are thin

G Am
Some are friends and some are foes
Bm C
Some have some while some have most


G Am
Every color and every hue
Bm C
Is represented by me and you
G Am
Take a slide in the slope
Bm C
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
G Am
Spinnin round, make it twirl
Bm C
In this kaleidoscope world

(Do Stanza Chords)
Some are great and some are few
Others lie while some tell the truth
Some say poems and some do sing
Others sing through their guitar strings
Some know it all while some act dumb
Let the bassline strum to the bang of the drum
Some can swim while some will sink
And some will find their minds and think
Others walk while others run
You cant talk peace and have a gun
Some are hurt and start to cry
Dont ask me how dont ask me why
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
(repeat chorus)
To Francis M.

I am so sad because you had to die so early in life. 44 is very young. I am kind of expecting you would reach 94.

I am sad also because the next generation would not be able to see you anymore. Well, of course they could still hear your music. I believe your music is the greatest memory you have left behind. It would be nice if they could still see you so they would have somebody to imitate and listen to as their role model.

I am sad because I am trying to find a counter attact to the saying: "Bad grass die last"
Why do good people have to go to heaven soon?

Well, I guess the answer is: You are an Angel and God lent you to human kind only for a time and you have to come home now.

Thank you so much.

God bless your family.

Photos from:

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

They think Dolphins are yummy

I still haven't gotten over the news that about hundreds of Dolphins are getting killed in Japan almost everyday for the purpose of making them a part of their delicious delicacy. (read it at
Then now here's another shocking news:
and it happened right here in my country. Not to mention previous repor
ts about dolphins and whales getting stranded in provinces like Quezon and some heartless fishermen killed, chopped and sold them in public markets. The killing of these mammals is already a horror thing. Eating them is unforgivable. Are these humans that ravenous to eat dolphins? To be honest, I think it's already improper to call them "humans." The word "savage beasts" is more appropriate.

Well, I am not making a general statement here. There are still few good people remaining...
Read here:

And how I hope these good people will be cloned or copied or anything that would increase their number.

Very appalling because for 20 years I have believed that the wild beasts are only roaming in jungles and that humans should be scared of those places. The forests hold dangers too which most of it are still unknown to men. Even the ocean deeps are said to be perilous to our lives for it holds some mystery- sea monsters and huge creatures perceived to be threats to human lives. The ocean itself is feared for countless lives it has already taken. How many stories have I heard and many of them have convinced me to stay in the city or any place that is open and where there are many humans who can always offer rescue and other forms of help.

But with all the "bad news" going on and when I say "bad news" it is not limited to the killing of these mammals, it also pertains to other gruesome stories such as a massacre of a family, child-abuse, rape and more - makes me think that being in the city is a lot more dangerous than being in a forest or a jungle. Even living under the sea (If I happen to be a mermaid) sounds promising.

I have some theories as to why these things are happening:
- They are not really humans. They are demons in disguise.

If they happen to be "real humans"
- Their brains have been fried as effect of global warming
- Instant noodles and canned goods make their brain smaller and the MSG hardens the heart that's why they can't feel any compassion anymore.
- This is the effect of poverty. They are hungry. They can't think straight. All their thoughts are focused on "how to survive poverty by any means" without thinking anymore of what is right and moral.

If you have other theories, share it to me. I am trying my best to understand these creatures before I pack my things and move with Tarzan or Ariel.

I have some ironic thing to share.

Read this article:

Why ironic? Seems that the table has been turned. The dolphins are acting like humans. And the humans are acting like animals.

It will not be shocking anymore if someday a dolphin becomes a President of a country...

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My grandparents came to Manila just a few weeks ago to celebrate my Aunt's birthday. I did not see them and that made me go home with a guilty feeling. I got stuck on some daily routine and obligation-not possible to leave unless I could divide myself into two so I could be at two places at one time. But my mom came to see them and my guilty feeling was replaced with "envy." I only get rare chances of quality time with my "Tatay" and "Nanay"(as I call my grandpa and grandma) because of the 6 hour- drive difference between our home and their home.

Anyway, my "grampa" gave me a call telling me about a movie he just watched which according to him is really awesome. It teaches so many lessons and values. I feel happy just by listening to him...I gave him some "ahs....uhms....ohs...."

Then my mom came home and told me to look for the DVD of that movie my grampa was talking about. To be honest, I did not pay attention on the it did not "ring a bell" and grampa could not remember the lead actor's name so I just kept that fact in my invisible file folder which I would care to open when I have "got-nothing-to-do" day. I asked my mom if she remembered the title. She said it got some "slam" word on it. And I said: "oh slammer?" My mom said: "uhuh, yes slammer." "A hip-hop prisoner movie?," I answered back. Mom said: "not sure, sounds like it...just find that DVD maybe it's something worth watching." I just shrugged my shoulders as an answer.

Two days passed.

It was Monday and it was holiday...well holiday only for the students. But since my job often allows me to declare my own holiday, I stayed home. With my dad as my boss...I could be lucky sometimes. (Not subject for abuse)

Why? Well it was the "Oscar's Day"
I love watching Oscar's ever since the day I appreciated television.
My favorite is the "Red-carpet" walk-seeing those popular Hollywood celebrities wearing their designer gowns and suits.
Who is hot? Who is not?
I want to know.


I will stop beating around the bush

Besides the "red carpet" walk
there was one particular celebrity that I wanted to see walking on that carpet of fame and glamour...

You are right...

It's Robert Pattinson.

Well, I was curious. I am so used to seeing him looking "sexy" and rugged all the time and I am not complaining. Seeing him in a Dolce and Gabbana Tux is "new" to me.

A day off from work was more than a good decision.


Here's why:

One word: DEBONAIR
No wonder he got a pretty good feedback from some fashion experts. He got a B! This is really a high grade. I so love his hair!!!

I was wondering all the time where was Kristen? I was kind of expecting she would be his date for the night. They would make a lovely couple next to Angelina and Brad.

My cousin sent me an SMS. She's a huge fan of Zac Efron. She loves Rob too but Zac is her first love. She wanted me to keep an eye on her "crush". Out of obligation, I did keep an eye on him and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Perhaps something's wrong with my eyes but I just can't keep up with those girls going ga-ga over Zac. Maybe he's just not my type. The Highschool Musical movie itself did not appeal to me. My dearest cousin said I should give him a 5-second stare and I would fall in his magic. So I did...I gave him a 5-second stare...another 5 seconds...a minute...2 minutes...3 minutes. No magic. Nothing. Sorry. I tried. Not working.

Cousin...he's all yours!

He got a "D" by the way.

Ohhhhh...a bad grade huh?

haha just teasing you!

Back to my story:
So while watching the Oscars, I came to know all the movies that were nominated...

and then my grampa's voice rang in my ears

"Slumdog got several nominations from the Oscar's"

Ah yeah!

It's Slumdog I remember!

And it's neither a hip-hop nor a jail movie. It's an Indian movie which makes it more interesting.
And it won A LOT OF MAJOR awards.

My curiosity couldn't be tamed. I watched the movie the following day.

and all my doubts were erased. Truly, that movie deserved every award.

I couldn't blame my grampa if he wasn't able to remember the names of the actors and actresses from the movie...they are not among the list of Hollywood big stars (maybe in their country they are big names) still, they could act. "Jamal is very compelling"

There were gory scenes but try not to close your eyes. It's part of the whole essence of the movie.

To be honest, Slum dog Millionaire could be very well made here in the Philippines. There were lots of familiar scenes. Too familiar...

Anyway, you want to be a millionaire?

you've got to have these:
-a good eye (be observant)
- a good memory
- a brave heart
- a feet that can run fast
- a bad brother who would save you at the last minute and be the hero
- a girlfriend or a boyfriend who would be in distress most of the time and would need your constant help.
- An autographed photo of your favorite actor

Watch the movie so you would know what I'm talking about :)

-Don't take for granted those things which you thought are insignificant and unnecessary. Someday, those things might lead you to good fortune.
- Learn to listen. It's more prudent to listen and get information. Rather than talk and give out secrets.
- You don't need to chase wealth. It will find you.
- Your future is already written. It is bound to happen. So let it be. Don't fight with fate.

And the most important lesson: Memorize the faces on every money bill. You might get rich by doing so.

Watch Slum dog Millionaire. Trust me. It's worth the time.

Oh yeah...the actor who played as Jamal is Dev Patel. (I made some research). I don't want to name him as the "unpopular" actor. Because by now, I think he already got some fans following him around asking for tips on how to be a millionaire.

More Oscar reviews:

Meryl Streep is soooooooooooo stunning. Even at her age, she can still make some guys swoon.

I am happy for Kate Winslet. Finally, she bagged that Oscar's trophy. I loved her "shampoo bottle" speech. A speech like that could very well fit a script designed for a movie about a struggling actress who after a long time made its way to the top.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi, my name is Vicereine

While surfing the net, I saw this funny looking site wherein you could know what vampire name would suit you :)

I just typed my full name and...voila!

Here's my vampire name and what I do...

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Vicereine of The Night
Known in some parts of the world as:
Demon of Winged Harbingers
The Great Archives Record:
A third sight foretelling doom and disaster

It seems that I will be hand in hand with Alice Cullen in foretelling the future...

Nice one! I like it

Of course, I'll belong to Cullen Coven
I am a vegetarian! ^-^

I am pretty sure I have a cousin and two friends who would go to this site immediately right after reading this.

Just Google it by typing "Vampire Name Generator"

Bring on the blood!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm hyperventilating!!!

I won't mind the 30 degrees temperature right now just as long as I have these pictures to stare at :)

Even Kristen can't stop herself from staring....

Pictures from

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday was a better day I just recently confirmed that my brain has been turned upside down- probably the effect of last time's accident- A heavy wooden door hit my head.

While writing this blog, I can't help but think of yesterday.
I've been sulking all day today...not at all productive.
I am internally cursing myself for holding a Rubik's cube for two hours...without having any progress. I have the red and orange cubes together on one side and to appease myself I just decided that their shades can be mistaken as one color. It's a bit closer to solving the puzzle...
Who am I fooling?

Yesterday, was the opposite of today. I was blissful.
I woke up with gray clouds on my windows.
I told you, I am loving gray. It's a safe color. Not too pure (white) and not too dark (black)
You're not obligated to be good and you're not provoked to be bad...just frozen in the middle.
Today, the sun is shining...sending out scorching rays.

Anyway, clearly my brain was flipped.
I finally grasped the true meaning of : "blessings come when it rains"
The sound of the rain pouring on our roof is way more pleasing and soothing to my ears now than the quiet roar of the air conditioner's motor.
I didn't mind walking in a wet pavement and hearing my sneakers' squishy sound.
I even enjoyed wearing my pink raincoat.
This might sound crazy coming from a person who despised rainy days and who thought of it as an omen-that something perilous is bound to happen.
Yesterday was the first of those rainy days that I did not feel gloomy or dejected.
In contrast, I was in high-spirits.
The cold weather brought out by the rain conditioned my body to finish six different paper works in one sitting.
Today, I could not even finish two.
The cool temperature coming from the air-condition is quite enough but not as satisfying compared to a cold wind.
A rainy day used to make me a sleepy head
Now it's the heat that's doing the job and at a faster rate.

9 in the morning was my favorite time.
Today, I look forward to a late afternoon or any minute just before sunset.

I love the sun.
I always love it.
I just can't stand the heat.
and it's not even summer yet.

I am already thinking and calculating where to safely hide myself so I can escape the coming summer.
Probably inside our refrigerator or hide under a boulder.

My pets are having a gloomy day too.
They are so like me.
They love the cold too.

If I get a chance to have a conversation with Bella Swan, I will rephrase her sentence that "Men are crabbier when they are hungry". It should be: Men and women are crabbier when it's hot and they are hungry. She might not agree though since she love the heat of the sun and warm atmosphere.

I broke another New Year's resolution which is...NOT TO COMPLAIN

If just in case I made a blog about me loving the storm, it only meant that the damn wooden door hit my head again and flipped my brain to its other side.

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