My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Mayor, Is Manila okay?

Calling the attention of Mayor Alfredo Lim

What's up Sir?

I am in Manila almost everyday and the "diggings" and "road re-constructions" or whatever-you call-it projets along V.Cruz and Taft Avenue are too conspicuous to ignore. Walking and driving around that area is like being in an obstacle course. Fortunately, I am still able to survive a day not falling in one of the "holes"- getting bigger and bigger every time. Thanks to those, I am able to perfect my "balance"

But what's up with all those diggings?

For flood control? To better the traffic?

Oh Sir, that's great! But do you mind checking your calendar? those projects are a year old now...and several floods already came...and summer time is already here.

To better the traffic? Yeah right...because only the best drivers now could pass those "itsy bitsy" spaces left on the road.

It solved the traffic problem alright...because now it already looked like a big parking lot...the cars can't barely move.

The noise pollution is getting worse! With all those grouchy people cursing each other...finding something and someone to blame...their horns blaring too's like "New Year's Eve" everyday. So fun right?

If I know better, the road is supposed to be for the people and their help them move around "faster". It is not built to serve as a dump site for monstrous road machines.

I can think of three logical reasons for those "diggings"

First, we are setting a new record in Guinness..."the city with the most number of road diggings"


Second, those diggings are meant to be pools and extension of Manila Ocean Park

wow! dolphins in the city!

Third, Manila is too crowded already and that an underground city is the answer


Whatever it is Mayor, please tell your people or anyone responsible to speed it up!

I don't have much talent to keep a smile on my face whenever I am on that area.

and I am sure A LOT share the same sentiments.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Vampire Cars

These are the reasons why I love Twilight besides the impossibly handsome "Edward Cullen"

1. Edward Cullen's car from the movie: Volvo C30

2. Edward Cullen's car from the book: Volvo S60 r

3. Rosalie Hale's BMW M3

4. Alice Cullen's Porsche 911 Turbo

5. Edward Cullen's Special Occasion Car: Aston Martin Vanquish

6. Bella Swan's Ferrari F430

7. Emmet Cullen's Wrangler Jeep

8. Carlisle Cullen's Mercedes S55 AmG

Twilight Saga is definitely my "cup of tea"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A lot of very short stories

I watched Marley and Me and I remembered golden retriever (alright, i know Marley is a Labrador)
Mikee died the same way Marley did. I am sure Mikee is now a "dog angel"
For all those who don't know me well...I trust animals better than humans.
I am talking from experience. Dogs don't care if you are rich or poor, young or old. He will just simply be with you.

I watched "Push"
It's unbelievable!
An unbelievably disappointing movie.
It's not how I expected it.
I could not even remember the exact reason why I watched it.
It's like I have been "pushed"

Dakota is of course an exemption. She's the same "smart-bratty-annoying-effective" young actress and I like her. (don't make me explain why)

I should have followed my intuition...that's why I am a girl!
What was I thinking!
I should have watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Why "Push?" Why?

I don't like Red Roses. It doesn't suit me. I think.
I like pink or yellow better. If there's a blue...then way better!
But these bouquet made me blush...
I blush every time I think of its cost.
Why do flowers have to be expensive. They won't last for more than 3 days.
Next time send it in a pot. It might last a month.
Thanks anyway. They are really pretty.
and of course for the chocolates too. guys still follow the traditions. Cheesy but flattering.

I decide not to have the operation for my nasal polyps this May.
I can still smell the flowers around me...and the pollution
So It's fine to postpone the freaky operation.
I can do bungee jumping anytime...I am that brave
but not when it comes to needles. (Deal with it).

Twilight or Harry Potter?
I can't compare the two. Twilight is for those searching for a love that's like magic. Harry Potter is for those searching for magic to turn their arrogant prince into a frog.

Both are helpful and worth reading.

Edward Cullen or Harry Potter?
Edward is a dream guy. Harry is a dream son. I couldn't imagine him as a grown up (although he married Ginny and had his own family in the end)

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Definitely, Team Edward. I rock vampires than wolves. Vampires smell better :)

But Jacob is not that bad. In fact he's heroic too.

I like his character in Breaking Dawn.

Just don't make me remember that he kissed Bella

He just kissed his "future mother in law"


I had two scoops of coffee crumble ice cream.

It completed my day....

I am reading "Twilight"
for the nth time.

Couldn't find a better book.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Edward Cullen in Japan!

Great News:
Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be coming to Tokyo, Japan this Feb 27...

Manila is just four hours from Tokyo Japan

Bad News:

My Japan visa has expired and I don't have enough time and will to renew it.

So near yet so.........impossible!

Actually, going to Japan just to see Rob Pattinson, without any other valid reason, is a ridiculous idea (or maybe not?)

My sadness surpassed my excitement.

Will have to settle for some photos.

Is anybody there nice enough to go and take some pictures and share it to me?

Where are all my Japanese friends when I need them? (just kidding!)

I wonder if Edward will be meeting some Asian vampires...maybe the "Danags"?

Just humoring myself.

Welcome to Asia Rob!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My zodiac sign is Leo

That's why I never back down when it comes to a fight.

I will be teaching some guy a lesson tomorrow and I will make sure it will be something he will not easily forget.

I was never a gentlewoman when it comes to an arrogant man.

I will make sure he will learn clearly what "respect" means.

I made a promise before that I will not be in a fight again.

and when I fight...I am not like some girl who just talks. I don't slap either. I punch.

Time to break that promise.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not a skirt person's weekend

Let's just say I am having a "I'm satisfied but not greatly satisfied weekend".

Torn between happiness and sadness

In the middle of frustration and contentment

But no...I am not being an EMO! (that crazy teenage stuff)

On the other hand I am on the verge of feeling something I cannot describe and I am so damn frustrated figuring it out and since this is my freedom wall on this cyberspace...I can blurt these things out.

Okay, so this is how it started.

My mom's friend gave me a post Christmas gift and that's so sweet! I mean, how many people would make an effort to give her friend's daughter a Christmas gift even if the season was already over. It would be more in time for Valentine's Day.

I loved the gift wrap. Bright red with gold and silver bells. (I told you it's a Christmas gift).

I always love wrappers!

I even love candy wrappers.

(that's part of the weird version of myself)

Guess what the gift is?

A pink and white flowing skirt and an off-shoulder white blouse

It's really cute. Very...feminine.

Very ladylike...

Very not me.

I can survive the off-shoulder thing. I can pair it with some cute jeans.

But I have my doubts on the skirt.

I am a girl...fine! I am not having any problem with my gender.

I am happy being a girl.

It's just that "I am not a skirt person!"

My eyes would only fall on a skirt whenever my closet is bereft of clothes.

When I say clothes...It would only mean "jeans, shirts, jeans, shirts" in different colors and designs.

I have few skirts and summer dresses. Very few.

Less than five.

Skirt equals to a special occasion in my vocabulary.

An occasion that won't involve too many walking stunts. Just a sit and smile kind of gathering and perhaps some handshakes.

I could barely move when I am on a skirt. I feel like my legs are tied up. (an exaggeration but true)

Regardless of my aversion to skirts and dresses, I must say the gift is very pretty.

Too sad, it will be put in hibernation.

I don't see any special occasion on the way.

I used to love pink. I still love pink. I love Hello Kitty and that's her signature color.

But for the past few days...I am beginning to appreciate dark gray, chocolate brown and dark blue stuffs. These colors happened to be in my "list of hideous colors" when I was younger. Now, i find it really cool!

Am i really getting old?

I saw a "hoodie shirt" in chocolate brown. I loved it instantly! At a very attractive price also. I was so excited that I tried it on immediately. It won't fit! Damn! I need to diet soon!

Worst...the saleslady just when she's asking another staff if they got it in a bigger size, she shouted "look for it at the kid's section".

WHAT? that's a kid's shirt?

But the style obviously isn't for kids....supposed to be not. But it's clearly for kids.


Oh well, at least I saved myself a few bucks.

But not from embarrassment.

and at least again...I have a reason to convince myself that I am not fat.

Book collection is a good investment.
A book is a good companion too.
Ever heard of the line "it's better to travel alone that with a bad a companion"
A good book will never make you feel lonely.

So for the nth time, I had broken my new year's resolution of saving money.
Well it's with approval of my Dad. He's 100% supportive when it comes to spending big bucks on books.'s the year of recession. It's not wise to spend so much. It's important to have savings.

But again, I'm stubborn. I bought another bestseller book. It's quite pricey. While holding the book, I had a battle within myself whether to feel delighted because I finally have the book after a search or feel sorry because I certainly can't keep my promise.

I tried to convince myself that the book is worth the price.

It better be good or I would cry a bucket.

I tried to console myself by making a promise again not to spend money on unnecessary stuffs.

Naturally, I broke that promise.

Before my Saturday evening reached its end, I saw another bestseller book on display and the story is really good.

I have it now and can't wait to read it.

I have 6 new books in my room now which I can't wait to read. I made a schedule for each. (a weirdo)

I am so fascinated with books right now.

Actually, books happen to be my life.

A person just came and I had a diversion.

But just when I am on the process of getting him out of my system permanently,

the Twilight saga of Stephenie Meyer came and it brought back my love for books.

Right on time.

J.K Rowling is equally good but her works are not strong enough to completely distract my attention
from my "used to be reason" for staying up late at night.

I try to avoid looking at my wallet or I'll be punished with guilty thoughts.

I am loving coffee too.

Is that part of getting old?

I am addicted right now to Malaysian white coffee.

I am thinking of going to Kuala Lumpur to buy myself several packs (an insane thought)

I am loving coffee crumble ice cream as well!

I used to like Double Dutch ice cream.
After having a grilled chicken and pasta dinner, I decided to buy myself a two scoops of coffee crumble ice cream.

and just when I was only a few walks from the ice cream cart, it was already closed!

Aaarrgghh! least I saved P40.00

See, I am so good in handling my money :)
The worst part in dieting is finding the right food to eat...which obliviously have to be healthy, and the right store that sells it.

I got so tired of thinking and looking what to have for lunch that I end up in Mc Donald's.

I am fooling myself...

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm not your personal wailing wall

...nor a garbage can.

These are the exact words I want to say to a person who extremely irritates me.

Only, I don't have the guts to tell that to her. (I'm such a chicken)

I feel so bad

But I am not a bad person to hurt her feelings further.

Not yet...

Although I am so tempted to refer her to a psychiatrist.

Or to a fortune teller who can contradict her endless negative future assumptions

or to a Anesthesiologist who can give her something legal that will make her SHUT UP instantly.

She rarely speaks of anything good.

Her words are like dark clouds to anyone listening.




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