My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He is Prince! (son of the King)

Check out these links:

Surely, he is Michael Jackson's son!

He stands like MJ
He walks like MJ
His expressions and mannerisms are like MJ's

and his eyes are definitely MJ's

He is his father's son.

What other proof do you need?


Really some people would always find something bad to say...

they love to speculate

Oh well...

May you find peace this coming New Year.

As for me...I miss MJ so much
Glad to see his heirs.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's HIS Birthday Today!

(To the tune of Happy Birthday Lisa by Michael Jackson)

Jesus It's Your birthday
And I feel blessed today
You gave me the gift of a big brother
And I'm proud of you today

Jesus It's Your birthday
Happy birthday Jesus
Jesus It's Your birthday
Happy birthday Jesus

I wish you love and goodwill
I wish you PRAISE and joy
I wish you better than your heart desires
And kisses from the angels

Jesus It's Your birthday
Happy birthday Jesus
Jesus It's Your birthday
Happy birthday Jesus

May the men please you
May the women adore you



(photo from ballooning into the sky)

Monday, December 21, 2009

In a world where everything is (not entirely) different - AVATAR

I am not very much educated when it comes to the word "Avatar". But I first encountered the word at Yahoo Messenger. I learned how to make one and I uploaded it as my profile picture. It is a cartoonic version of myself... and I am free to change its clothes, hair, eyes, nose, lips and others so that it would look exactly like me. That's how far and limited my knowledge about Avatar is. So when a movie with a title "Avatar" came out and it's written and directed by James Cameron...I knew instantly that I have to see it to increase my shallow knowledge about it.

I watched the movie just a couple of days ago. Truly, my knowlege is but a pinch of salt. I thought the movie was similar to a Japanese Anime...and purely CGI (computer generated imagery). But hey, there were real actors wearing real clothes and shoes, real plants, real computers, real battle gears...and gadgets that looks real. I was not familiar with Sam Worthington until now. In fairness, he's a very good Jake Sully. I wondered for an hour or so if his legs are really like that - paralyzed. The power of effects could sometimes become unexplainable to ignorant eyes.

I entered the world of Avatar without any expectation...only trust. Because I know James Cameron is an excellent director - Titanic is a big proof. So I trust that any movie he directs is automatically..."awesome"

I am thinking of the best way and the best words to describe Pandora. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, this will help you It is a forest looking place - only more colorful and brighter just like a moving coloring book. There are birds, animals and people - only different and bigger. They are aliens to our eyes and yet I find them all beautifully made. Even the fiercest animal looks attractive to me. For a moment, I envied Jake Sully. I wanted to enter the world and touch that huge frightening orange bird with my own hands. Pandora (if it happens to be real) might look scary for an individual but sometimes if accompanied by curiosity, fear could be an encouraging tool to try something unknown. My imagination ran along with the movie. I imagined myself riding that huge bird and forming a bond thus making myself its owner - wooo...that would be one gigantic pet. I have a long hair, so I am confident that we'll have a strong bond. I imagined myself running fast, climbing trees, picking up fruits together with the na'vi (citizens/natives of Pandora). I imagined myself them.

Pandora may be different to my eyes. But my mind reminds me that besides their physical, nothing about them and their world is different from ours. They have a God and her name is Eywa. We have a God and His name is Yahweh. We have several forests too with animals of various kinds. It's up to us how and when are we going to explore them and choose whether we want to try the wild life or be content living inside our own boxes. Trees and plants are not unknown to us as well. The na'vi have bluish skins, tails and have a height of at least 10ft tall - Tarzan might have lived with them in the past because they act and live like him. Still- despite the physical differences - their thoughts and hearts are similar to ours...if not better. They have a strong faith to their God, they care for their children and their future, they love their land, they have a strong sense of unity and they are proud of their race. - Now that I think about it...I think the reason why I find their world attractive is because...lately our own world is lacking those qualities I mentioned. And just like in the movie...more often that not it is the rich and the powerful who takes advantage of the poor and less educated people.
How unfortunate it is that instead of them being the lifesaver...they become the order to feed their selfish ambitions. When you think about in the wild is a surefire way to learn important values which a regular school might fail to teach and which success and fame could take away. It is now easy to see how ambition, power and money could erase values and good manners from a person's system...which I often hope not to happen to me or to any of my loved ones.

Avatar is an awesome movie. And besides increasing my knowledge about the word...I am secretly wishing I have my real Avatar...just think how nice it would be if I'm just lying in a bed or a chamber, resting my body and letting my Avatar do my day's work- that would be awesomely fun!

I strongly recommend this movie! Happy Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go to hell Mr. Barangay Captain!

For hitting your own pet dog.
By doing're helping your dog get to Heaven- a lot sooner
and hell

Saw this news at 24 Oras.

This news is making my blood "boil"
Monsters are definitely everywhere.

Are we in recession?

I just arrived home and it's already close to midnight...
South Luzon Expressway is but a humongous parking lot of European, American, Korean and Japanese made cars. Even the Porsche beside us couldn't move faster than 20kmh.
I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours going to Manila (what used to be a 45 min drive from our house)
and 3 hours going home from Manila
I was so thirsty but I couldn't drink much from my water bottle because I was trying to protect myself from another dilemma--finding a restroom in the middle of the expressway

I was blaming the "skyway project" for several weeks
Now I am blaming the mall owners too...for attracting and tempting the local consumers
And the consumers are all too willing to be tempted. (guilty)

I spent too much time waiting
in the restrooms (I got to pee)...even in tollgates (because the lady had to leave her booth to get her box of coins)

And we say we're in recession?
Just look at how many shopping bags most people are carrying?
How many shoppers are in Malls?
and How many new cars are there in the expressway...(I thought of counting while waiting in traffic...until I find myself almost fast asleep)

If this is the case...what will Manila look like after the recession?
More shopping bags
More cars
More malls (I bet Henry Sy is looking for more vacant lots)

more trash (hey people! learn to put your trash in waste baskets or trash bins or whatever you find labeled as a proper place for something icky)

Well...i just hope that whether in time of recession or prosperity...may we always remember to go to church. I for one should go...because I need to refill my bucket of patience...I'm losing it everyday!

Advance Happy Christmas to all.

It's your birthday again Jesus! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Learn from the classics

Lately, I am getting sick of reading chick lit and other modern day novels because it's becoming more like an extension of my real life...when my main reason for reading a fiction is to escape reality and visit a different world.

So...I started buying classics like Wuthering Heights and Jane Austen's Novels.
And I know why classics are forever.

Well, I wouldn't tackle on the story. I would give you the liberty to read on your own and discover the treasures buried in these novels.

But there's one thing I observed and learned...the difference between having so much and having so little.

In classic stories...main characters like Hareton and Catherine Linton entertain themselves by reading books or walking around and appreciating the flowers and everything around them. Lovers survive by writing and reading letters, spending time with each other....dreaming and looking at the stars together. No Television, No Ipod, No Macbook, No PSP...Yet they are happy and content. Perhaps because with having are able to appreciate and love every part and every detail of whatever you have and keep it as if it's the only thing that can make you happy.

Today...there is a flood of material things... and people have so much. When you have are powerful. You can buy anything you want...except for time and happiness. Take notice...the more you have...the more you want to have more...It's hard to be content. Why? New things are like candies to your eyes...and soon you will be consumed with greediness as you want to taste everything. The next thing you're already old and the good life will soon be over...and yet you feel that you haven't tasted the best one yet.

Life is what you make it.
Learn from the classics.
Less is always more.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CHASING THE WIND (My very own Edward and New Moon story)

Although I love all the four books of Twilight Saga, there's one book that while I was reading it - past memories came back to me- and that is the book of Twilight Saga's New Moon. And because of that, it became my most favorite among the four. Why? Because it made me cry and it allowed me to cry. Sounds weird right? But it isn't weird when someone left you and you can't cry publicly because people might misjudge you as they can't understand your feelings. Then suddenly you were presented with something like a book that mirrors your deepest sorrows and it became a tool for you to cry without being guilty.

Reading New Moon allowed me to form "what if's questions" - just like: what if Bella was late and Edward was killed by the Volturi? What if Bella forgets Edward and marries Jacob? Again...I am starting to question destiny. Can we or can we not control it?

Just 4 years ago, my dearest friend who was like a brother to me suddenly died. It was so instant that I had a hard time putting myself back together. He was like a gift that was taken away from me. He fulfilled my desire of having a younger brother.After he died, I forgot how to live like an only child again. I often see him in my dreams - so that time, sleeping became a favorite hobby. There was one night I dreamed of him inviting me to come with him. I felt so lonely and depressed that I thought of dying as more satisfying than living. This day, I can survive by looking at his pictures. I am lucky to have them. I am afraid that I might forget his face. I hate myself for not quite remembering his voice anymore. Up to this day, I am questioning myself...what if I had given him my gift in advance (he died on his birthday)...would he still have died? would my gift save him from feeling depressed?

But what will happen if somebody left you and you don't have any pictures of him/her? And you're relying entirely on the strength of your memory? And we all know that memories can fade too... They say "out of sight, out of mind" It maybe right...but definitely not in my case.

For those following my blog, I am sure you would remember this post

The above was a summary. Now let me tell you the "whole plot"

14 years ago, I saw a kid my age running down the stairs while combing his hair with his hand and I was sitting at the cafeteria about to eat my lunch. It was an instant attraction as he also resembles Jonathan Jackson - one of my first celebrity crush. I was too young then to determine if it's love at first sight. So let's just settle with the term "first crush". I watched him enter our school cafeteria together with two of his classmates- walked and stood in line to buy his lunch,walked again to find an empty table and sat in one of the empty chairs...he felt my stare and looked straight towards my direction just when I was about to lower my head - feeling embarrassed that he saw me staring. It didn't help that my girlfriends saw my reaction and teased me right there and then. We were both freshmen but he's from a different class. Later on, he was introduced to me. But I was too shy to look at him and so I didn't shake his hand. He would say hi to me but I was such a coward that I couldn't act friendly to him. He thought I was snubbing him and he acted snobbish too. Our paths would often cross and never did I regain my confidence to look at him but I knew and my friends would tell me that he was and always looking at me. To speed up the story...He was my first "major crush" and the reason why waking up in the morning and going to school became so much fun and interesting. He lived in my system for a very very long time. God knows how long. The feeling was new to me as I was only 12 going 13 then. What I can't understand up to now is why did I like him when I never really had the chance to know him or talk to him during high school. Perhaps because he's like a puzzle to me. Someone mysterious. Like a handsome book written in a foreign language. He's very aloof and "flirting" was not in his vocabulary. A common friend told me that he liked me too. Of course I didn't believe that. And I was not about to entertain that idea as the first rule of my parents before was - "no boyfriend-no crush" and I was bound to follow that rule. Also, I was not a fool to believe when unlike my other suitors he would not follow me like a puppy but instead would give me long penetrating stares every flag ceremony, in the math club where we're both members and whenever our paths would cross - and his stares would give me something to ponder for the rest of the day. His stare was so intent - like a lazer. I rarely had the chance or the courage to stare back. I was and still am not sure if he's doing that on purpose to make me blush or it was his idea of a joke then. Months passed and still he would not say hi or greet me with a smile. There was even a time he threw a small stone in my direction and when I looked up he was there...staring at me. His stare was not friendly. If looks could kill, I would have been dead long ago. But there were two incidents that were hard to forget. One time, he was running down the stairs while I was standing at the last two steps of the stairs. He was running so fast that he accidentally bumped me. I was about to fall down but he held me up and continued running without looking at me. Up to now I am finding that incident so weird. Although he didn't say sorry (which a normal person would do) I feet grateful that he saved me from falling. Then there was one time when our class and his went to this place to visit disabled and mentally retarded people. During the program, one patient pulled my arm. His intention was not to hurt me but to dance with me but he pulled me too strong and the pain caused me to scream...It happened too fast...the patient was pushed and my hand was pulled out of his grasp. When I looked behind to see the owner of the hand that pulled me...I saw it was his. I was about to say thank you but he walked away and stood in a far corner. Remembering it now...I would like to say he's very much like Edward Cullen...only he's not a vampire (as far as I know). I should have talked to Stephenie Meyer and shared this story). Anyway... I was sure my eyes were not fooling me...but he and his friend followed me and my best friend for the rest of the day. Every time I would turn around...He was there...staring. His actions were weird, scary and sweet all at the same time. And his actions confused me a lot. I was fighting the idea that he liked me. He wouldn't talk to me and he would scare me with his stare- still he would be available to save me when danger's just around the corner. I would not be a hypocrite but I did wish he would like me. But that wish soon evaporated when one time I saw him looking so angry while his best friend was mentioning my name to him. So then I told myself..."if he don't like me...i don't like him too"

Another incident was during the "Parent-Student Seminar". There was a game and all of us had to participate. In the middle of the game, I had to go where my mom was so we could both answer the questions. When I returned, I saw him sitting at my chair and looking at my name tag which I stuck on the side of my seat as I didn't want to stick on my shirt. As I come near...he stood up and walked back to where his chair was.

My freshmen year ended with us still not talking to each other. Still, i felt happy whenever he's around. Sadly, my mom transferred me to another school the next year as it would help me enter one of our country's top Universities when I graduated. Luckily, my new school was just near his house and everyday I would look out the window...hoping I would see him walking. Well I did see him a few times...and each day would be extra bright and happy. There were cute and better looking boys in my new school...but nothing like him. I think I was being masochistic. (told you my story is very Twilight related). My friend who was left in my old school would often report to me. She said, he would often ask her how I was. And according to her he remained aloof and would only speak to few of his friends.

Days passed...and my thoughts of him began to wander...until our old driver came back to visit us. He teased me that I was already a young lady and no longer a baby. I just smiled and my smile grew bigger when he suddenly mentioned the name of my "scary-staring-is-his-hobby" crush. I was amazed because he knew the name when it was a taboo at our home as I was afraid of letting my parents know I was having a crush already. Our driver used to pick me up at school and he scary crush would sometimes come up to him and asked a few things about me. My eyes almost came out of their sockets when he said "mr. mysterious" had already visited our home - unfortunately nobody's around.

Couple of years passed and I met him again...who knew we would end up in the same University. It was one late Friday afternoon and I was hiding from one of my suitors who couldn't understand what "no" means. I was standing on the top floor when a ghost he was there. I was too shock and I think he was shock that I forgot and again didn't find the courage to say "hello" to him. As usual he did not greet me...and he recovered easily from his shock so I thought he didn't recognize me and that's understandable. That's what I thought...

He did recognize me...because like what I wrote in my post before...he sent me a text message.

And you all know that...I lost my phone

And since then I've been thinking "what happened to him?"

After 7 years...I got the answer.
Life can be funny sometimes and destiny can be "tricky"

He is now happily married and with a pretty daughter. He married the friend of my best friend.
Small world indeed.

Like a ghost...he came and left
Or was it I who left? Everybody's saying it was I and not the other way around.

After knowing his current "feelings" for him evaporated...just like that.
So then I concluded that it wasn't love at all. Or maybe I did love but it was not the reason why I searched for was out of habit. A puzzle that I've been trying to solve. It was the mystery that attracted me. I was just confused as I thought it was something deeper. Or maybe because I have long gotten over him and searching for him was just part of a daily routine. He's just a childhood crush and no more than that.

Unlike Bella...I did not end up with my very own Edward.
Because "Jacob" might be the right one for me.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon

It's been four days now since the time I watched New Moon together with my friend...but my mind is still set on "New Moon mode". Actually, I'm living in Twilight world for a year now. I speak and breathe Twilight: It's my favorite time of the day, I run with vampires, I am an adopted Cullen, I crave for speed, and I love Volvo. Call me me fanatic...I don't care. It's been a long time...since the time of Harry Potter that I get to find a really really good book/s...worthy of my time and worthy of my effort to survive sleepless nights reading each chapter in full concentration. Thank you Stephenie Meyer! You are God's gift to all book lovers who are hungry for a good story. Time came and I almost gave up the luck of finding a good story. There was a moment when I was feeling too lazy to visit bookstores anymore... Gone are those days now.

I update myself regularly- thanks to all Twilight related sites. I followed "New Moon"- from shooting days, promotions of the movie and up to this time. I was a bit upset with Catherine Hardwicke when the "blood testing" scene was deleted or not included (rather) from the first movie. I put my hope on Chris Weitz that he would religiously follow the book and well he did! There were revisions and add ons but very minor.

Enough of the long intros...


Taylor Lautner is indeed great at being Jacob. Woo...nice abs!
Kristen Stewart is a very pretty Bella and she acted her role well enough...although I would like to comment that she should have acted the breaking up scene more intensely. Edward is leaving her...and it's breaking her life apart. She should have shown a deeper emotion.
Robert Pattinson is of course...the perfect Edward Cullen. He's so good that it's hard to imagine another actor playing the part. It's like he's not acting at all and instead really living the life of a reluctant Vampire. I love his voice. I was mesmerized when he recited Romeo's lines at the classroom scene. The sexiest scene for me is not where he goes shirt less at Volterra (it's already given) but the scene wherein he was walking- coming from his Volvo towards Bella. Woooooooo.........totally breathtaking.

I'm not sure when can I get out of this Twilight trance...
But one thing is sure...I am excited to see Eclipse.

Congrats to the whole cast!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Love is cruel and foolish

Every week I'm getting lessons about "love"

With "500 days of Summer" - love is cruel

With "All about Steve", the newest movie of Sandra Bullock - love is foolish.

Sandra is an amazing actress....I couldn't believe she accepted such kind of role. I couldn't count how many times I uttered the word "embarrassing". She played the role of Mary Horowitz, a crossword constructor, single and an "all work no play" kind of girl. Her parents wanted her to date a guy which she believed was gay and thought of canceling it but decided to go ahead with the date anyway thinking of her boss' advice to her to "be normal" and she was emotionally affected by some kids from a school she earlier had a speech for a career day.. Good thing she did not cancel because the guy turned out to be a charming- good- looking- straight guy whose name is Steve. It was love at first sight---well on her part anyway but not for Steve. He was completely turned off. She talks too much and she's too smart to keep her mouth shut which is really annoying. Her talkativeness is driving him crazy...She's so much into him that one night she constructed a crossword puzzle devoted to "Steve". Title of the puzzle: All about Steve. Of course she lost her job because of that. It's such a shame because she loved her work. It was her life. To make the story short...the guy tried his best to avoid Mary without directly hurting her feelings- up to the point of running away wearing a disguise. She chased him all over the country (she's obsessed) until she fell in this situation (literally fell) and instead of ending the day like a loser...she became an instant hero.

I can't tell you the whole story...........WATCH IT! Sandra is hilarious! I like her.

Lesson learned: If you're stalking a guy, then he's not meant for you -which is obvious of course unless you really mean to make the guy yours by eating up his patience and convince him that there' no other way out but you...

I like Mary's last line: "Why should you have to change to be normal? All you have to do is find someone who's as normal as you are."

I love the story...I'll probably watch it again...and laugh at every embarrassing moments of Mary Horowitz and be proud I came to know someone like her through a movie.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Mama- se, Mama -sa ,Ma-ma coo-sa

Last night, I had the privilege of watching Michael Jackson's last performance on stage.Together with my parents and hundreds of MJ fans, we occupied the seats of ATC's Cinema 2.

We bought the tickets in advance. I kept the tickets for two weeks - like a precious jewel handed to me. Good thing we did that, if not we would lose the chance as the tickets are all sold out.

Something made my night extra special- just before the movie started, there was a preview of Twilight Saga's New I clutched my mom's hand to stop myself from screaming like some teenage girl going gaga over some handsome guy...two women older than me screamed so loud- thought there was a rat passing under their feet. They scream every time Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) would appear on screen.

Minutes passed and the screen changed...I readied myself by finding the most comfortable position in my seat. Popcorn and soda on my side. Then...Michael Jackson appeared on the screen. Honestly, I was expecting a frail looking MJ. Instead, I saw a healthy and energetic "King of Pop"
In a blink of an eye, all the efforts I did to accept his gone. I saw him dancing, singing, smiling, laughing, choreographing, directing and chewing a gum.
He is alive at that moment. And everything I saw...I recorded it...I jot down notes on my imaginary notebook to be kept later in my memory box. I pushed every second of the film deeply into my mind so I wouldn't forget anything. I cursed each tabloid writers who said that "MJ won't make it".

Suddenly and unintentionally during the "man in the mirror scene", a tear dropped from my right eye. I looked around...feeling embarrassed and that's when I saw people wiping their eyes too with the back of their hands. Perhaps because we felt...and we knew that the end of the movie is coming near. And it would mean the last glimpse of Michael Jackson performing on stage.

"This is it" is only a compilation of videos taken during the rehearsals.'s an "MJ work of art". Just the presence of Michael makes it more than great. Seeing him in action is indescribable. It's beyond words. He's a 50 year old man with an energy of a 25 year old and dances like a 17 year old.

No doubt, MJ's a genius.
Once again, he took my breathe away.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet my friend...Boredom

How many hates to be bored?
How many dislikes the state of doing nothing
How many did something crazy just to fill that space which boredom could easily occupy.

But when you think about it...boredom is our most loyal ever available companion.


Yet, he's always the "unwelcomed guest" and the receiver of accusations such as that it kills.

Perceived to be the "bad guy" when all it does is accompany us on days when our most favored friend called "fun" is busy to visit us.

Instead of constantly hating who I thought was my enemy, I welcome my new friend "boredom" and guess introduced me to another friend called "appreciation"

Love life!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I watched 500 days of Summer

It does feel like summer awhile ago...

The sun is up high
The sky is blue
The clouds are puffy and white
The air is warm

and I watched 500 days of Summer...unplanned.

The catchy Tagline is: "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.This is not a love story. This is a story about love."

I watched the movie from start to finish while eating my sloppy BLT Savory Crepe.

Couldn't say how good the movie is...but it gave me several things to think about...esp about "love"

This movie out of the other available caught my attention...Perhaps it was destiny? :)

The amazing thing is...although the movie looked boring to my entertained my inner self.
It stirred my emotions ...I pity the "boy" and all those who put their faith in love and all they got was pain.

And then I realized the reason why the movie seemed boring- because everything I saw from the movie can be seen (or i'm already seeing) in real life. Nothing about fantasy that encourages playful imagination...but a confirmation of how cruel love can be....and that destiny is sometimes naughty and "tricky"

I learned that love is only harsh and unfair if you happen to give it to someone not meant to be yours...Love is ideal if given to someone made just for you.

To be honest, Summer is not my favorite season.
I prefer Autumn :) (for those who know the movie, you'll get what I'm saying)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another report of humans who spend their time killing dogs for the sake of what? saving humans from rabies?
Yes, rabies is a big issue. But is that reason ENOUGH? Killing "ALL" dogs found on the street. That is --they get the dogs, put them in a cage and if not claimed by owners in 5 short days...they will be automatically sentenced to death?
Idiot!!! who ever thought and implemented that rule! He/They are worse than animals.

Two things to give some thoughts:
1. How sure are you that the dog you are killing has rabies? What if it has none and in fact was able to get a vaccine...and it just happens to be on the street because...let's just say the owner forgot to let it simple as that...
2. Have you thought and done all the ways that could prevent rabies? Why not provide free anti rabies vaccination around town? It might cost a little...but it's way better than being a dog criminal. And speaking of vaccines, since you've already caught those stray dogs...why not give each of them an anti rabies shot...instead of putting them inside a gas chamber?


Let's talk about responsibility:
1. God created the animals first than humans (did you ever realize that?)
2. God created humans to be in charge of His creations including animals - in charge in other words "take care"

Now, either those people are dumb or playing dumb or just cheating with their work so as to make their "responsibility" much easy...


What a stupid way to solve the problem- to think that it was humans who's supposed to have the ability to think and reason out.

I don't want to be a hypocrite, but at this moment, I'm asking God how He's feeling now that his "sons" are killing His creation. Would He do something?
I suggest let's annihilate all humans too who cause distress and make our country much peaceful. Let's kill all the drug addicts, thieves, those with STD, AIDS and anyone who disrupts our "normal life"
Sounds harsh? But that's how they are acting when they're killing those poor dogs. Where's their mercy? None. If those dogs could talk, I bet they could reason out more than humans could do.

The man even gave a comment that it's fine to kill dogs because they are just animals. So I say, it's fine to kill a man because he's not a God...he's just a poor man.

The man asked "which would you choose? save the humans or save the dogs?"

Mr. "whatever- was- your- name- with- no- heart- at- all" could save both without killing any!
You are in the why not be responsible!

I am so angry!
I really am. So angry that I could utter some bad words which I am not known to speak. But those words are what those people deserves to get...'

For them, killing dogs in a chamber is least they are spared from a gun.

So I say, it's fine to kill useless humans in a gas chamber too at least no bullet would be wasted.

Why am I comparing humans and animals?
I hope they are not stupid enough...But those dogs have lives too. They have a heart, brain and all the systems that humans have. They breathe, they cry, they feel pain...they have emotions. The only difference is that...we, humans could think, could process, could analyze, could comprehend. Unfortunately, in this case, the humans acted like animals. They acted like beasts devouring weak animals. I doubt if they are really giving their action a thought.

I just don't know what's happening to Humans these days...
What's the role of the heart anyway? besides pumping blood to our veins?
Honestly, people are forgetting what being human means. people from killers...
May you find your conscience before it finally evades you...because when that would be lower than the lowest of the creatures and you would not be able to find a place of mercy.

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Ready for New Moon?

Just a few more toss and turns
Just a few more sleepless nights
Just a few more wide eyed glimpse at the posters
Just a few more poses at the stand ins

And it will be November 20......YEHEY!!!

Am I ready? I sure am!
But I am crossing my fingers (hoping no typhoon will visit Manila on that date)

PLEASE MR. SUN DO YOUR BEST TO SHINE ON NOVEMBER moon will love to see you :)

pictures from

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am walking on sunshine...woohoo!


Today is a great day!

Hey Mr. Sun! Nice to see you again :)
I wish to see you more often now.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love your smile ^-^

When I see Lee Min Ho's smile...I see a ray of light. I see it shining right through the rain. (cheesy?)

Coz I am in love :)

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Wanted and Unwanted

Two visitors just arrived here in the Philippines.

And there is a good news and bad news.

Let's go with the good news first.

KIM BUM IS HERE IN MANILA!!! He's one of the Boys over Flowers cutie.
and he will have a fan meeting this Saturday at ABS CBN.
This is a great news to all his need to come to Korea because he's already here :)

Now...the bad news.

Another typhoon is here. This time it's "SUPER TYPHOON". Meaning- according to radio announcers it can "blow the roofs" away.


One good luck and one bad luck.

My problem: How can I meet Kim Bum and avoid being blown away or swim in the flood brought by the super typhoon.

Solution: Bring a rubber boat or ride a speed boat.

Best of luck to me.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Now I completely understand the saying "Don't judge the book by its cover"

I was deceived! I thought this book - Michael Jackson Tapes- is another treasure to keep among my MJ collections. But it's not! It's another "Martin Bashir interview" only this time it's a book and by another writer.

My message to the author (Rabbi Shmuley Boteach): If you've got nothing nice to write, then don't write at all. If your writing can damage one's personality then better throw your papers into the trashcan. If you are a real friend, you would not write things that could be used against him and could influence others to think bad and misunderstood Michael. If you're a real friend to him, your role is to protect and preserve his good image and not to ruin.

I don't know why this book has been published...

But for those who really love Michael, don't buy this book. For those who already have one...don't let yourself be influenced...the book is nothing but a load of crap.

You can't call me unfair because I finished reading the book and if I am just a reader and not a fan of Michael, after reading the book I would have a completely different impression of Michael- that he was a woman hater, attention seeker, crazy, weird, big spender, fragile, weak, gay and a drug addict...but because I am not blind and I saw the truth...then this is "just- another- not- worthy- of- your- time -available- in- store- book"

What I can't wait to have is Moonwalk written by MJ himself.

So sad, there are people who would do bad things for money without thinking of the consequence.

And Damn, my friend spent quite a big sum of money just to buy me this book as he thought this is a good catch.

Book covers don't say it all....

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Killer Typhoon

Everything is like a movie.

Strong wind - so strong you could hear the "whoosh" of it as if it's being blasted from a speaker.

Monster flood- so high it's eating up houses! It looks like Pacific ocean ate up 3 fourths of Manila.

People- swimming, shivering, crying, asking for help and praying. Sadly, some have died.

Dead animals - dogs, cats, carabaos, cows and goats...and the latest- an alligator is on the loose!

Fear - the strongest emotion of everyone

Who would think "Ondoy"- the typhoon- would serve as an equalizer of the rich and the poor.

Bank Certificates, status and work positions didn't matter in this tragic moment.

Cars, TVs, stereos, chairs, books are floating...

I never thought "water" could be this frightening.

I am praying for God's mercy.

At the same time, I am thankful to God because He kept me and my family safe and warm.
Our house is safe.
Our business store is safe.
Our service crews are safe.
My business partner is safe.
And we had a peaceful night.

My worries and sympathy goes to everyone who are still stranded by floods.

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Lord, please make the rain stop.

No more rain please.

Manila needs help.
People are standing on the roof of their houses
Some are swimming against the flood which is waist deep already and getting higher every minute.

And there's no Noah available tonight to build an Ark...

Lord, you are our only hope.

Please hear our prayers tonight.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite words of the day

I really feel like I'm living in Forks Washington.
It's been raining since...May.

But of course Mr. Sunlight and Ms. Sunshine are still mighty and they sit on their throne- to reign for a day or two every week before Mr. Rainfall takes charge.

And with every drop of rain these words come pouring into my mind...

New Moon
Midnight Sun

Volvo - When I think of Volvo, I would immediately think of Edward Cullen

In other words, I am having "Twilight Syndrome" attack again...

I blame the rain!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Korean Name

Hyun-Jae (휸재) - "wisdom, respect"

Got this from Facebook :)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tears for Michael

Minutes passed since I watched Inside The Michael Jackson Mansion: Never Can Say Goodbye’ on QTV and I am still crying. I can't stop.

Everytime there's something on TV about Michael, my eyes would wet- as if I have an automatic faucet and my brain serves as the censor and my emotions are the cue as to when the water would start running down my cheeks...unintentionally as I don't want to cry anymore. He's already in Heaven. I should be happy.

But each program, each tribute, each interviews only strengthens my admiration to Michael and longing to see him on stage again...alive.

Truly, a gentle genius.

I believe that one of the reasons why he remains to be gentle, innocent and kind hearted is the fact that aside from his work, his home and his kids are his life. Rarely does he go out. He built a wall around himself and his kids. Other people did not appreciate it and finds it weird. But I did and still do. If I could do the same thing, I would. Who would want to bathe with the world's dust and dirt. But there will always be people who will never understand and will always question- acting like a judge.

Just like what our Pastor said "bad character corrupts good character so choose the people you hang out with"

Luckily, Michael found few friends who kept him good.

Okay...back to my crying.
I have to do something with my puffy eyes.
I looked like a panda with red blotches.

I can't wait to see Prince, Paris and Blanket all grown up. I am sure they would be like their father.

The world is in need of seriously good people today. An urgent call.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prejudice is Ignorance

This was what Michael Jackson said when he was accused of several disgusting issues which were found to be untrue.

I agree. Very much.
I know God did not create humans to judge one another for who he is and what he is doing nor make a pre-judgment.

But the human eyes and tongue are the most sinister and sinful among our body parts- the brain being its "mastermind"

What we see and think passes to our mouth and some people do not, if not often,
filter the words coming out of their "big mouth"

Just like earlier when Senator Noynoy Aquino announced his decision to run for Presidency, people started giving comments. good and bad. And I noticed a very particular action. When it comes to giving good comments, there are people who are very hesitant. And when they do speak, they are very reserve with their words. Is it envy? Do they allow envy to reside in their hearts and control them from showering the person with pleasant words? Then, of course there are also the critics- people who are not ashamed to voice out their opinion no matter how harsh it may sound, no matter how hurtful it will be to the person hearing it. Voicing out our opinion- the so called Freedom of speech - how important is it? Does it matter so much and needed to be expressed in such a way that there will be a person or people who will get hurt? Or is the primary intention is to hurt and discourage the person?

The Senator was criticized for his speech. A lot of people most especially those in the radio made a comment that it was not the speech they expected. It was not delivered powerfully and if it will be compared to his father, it will fall short.
Two men said he talked like a fifth grader and the speech was for a fifth grader. Maybe he talked to us like that because our brain works like a fifth grader. We can't even understand a simple word like "CHANGE".

Yes, the speech is simple BUT CLEAR. short but COMPLETE. Not powerful? Can we really tell if it is not? What if there are people in their homes touched by his words.

My reader might think I am pro-Noynoy and that I am biased.

Maybe I am. Maybe I am not.

But I think it is time for us to stop acting like a prejudice. It is just one speech.
What help can that attitude do?

One thing I learned in life, a person's character cannot be fully determined with the way he talks. A person may not be a good speaker, but he can be a good doer.
I once heard before that what comes out of our mouth are feelings bursting from our heart. But, what about liars? There are those who can speak well...but half of the words are lies. Even Satan is a good speaker - that's why he can deceive.

Bottom line, we can't really judge a person on one aspect. And it is very wrong to have a ready judgment on things, places and people when we lack knowledge about them.

Germans are said to be harsh
Japanese are said to be rude
Chinese are said to be cheaters.

Who can really tell? Unless you've been to their country and get to know a few people.

The worst thing on having a prejudiced thought and voicing it out is you end up being the liar at the end of the day.

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Baby leaf

Sometimes it's good to be sick...because I can stay home and notice small insignificant things which I am not noticing everyday.

Just like my plant. I water it every morning and although I can see that it is growing and there are new leaves, I never took the time to actually touch a leaf and stare at it for a few minutes and caress it like a baby.

I took this photo two weeks ago, until I forgot it and remembered it again this morning while I was watching my plant dancing with the wind in the rain.

Have you ever touched a new leaf or a "baby leaf"?

It is soft and smooth to touch. So...fragile
And its color is brighter than an old leaf.

Babies are really beautiful, be it human, animal or plant :)

The reason is they are pure. Not tainted with life's stains and bathe with hardships and struggles.

What difference will it make if a person remains pure even as he grows up?

It is best to be soft and weak and rely on God's strength
rather than be proud and strong and conquer the world with own abilities which are sure to fail.
Sometimes we think we know what to do...and then God will make us see that what we consider right is foolishness in His eyes.

Surely, the best life is that of a life of a baby.

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