My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's the year of the Blue Eagles

Congratulations to Ateneo Blue Eagles for being the 2008 UAAP Champions...

This is your year...

Was able to watch the game...

Good game

Congrats to Norman least this time you have shown the world what a great coach you are....and you are!

Rabeh Al-Hussaini is a superb player. Gosh! He's so fast!

Chris Tiu well besides being a good player....he's cute so no wonder some of the La Salle girls can't help but cheer a bit for this No.17 guy. I think he looks like the late Rico Yan. He can be the Rico Yan version of the Ateneans. (to those who dont' know, Rico Yan was a pride of La Salle)

Didn't you notice? No.17 guys and gals are born to do great things?

Ahem....hahaha :)

Actually, I am not a fan of basketball games.

I don't usually watch unless I really really like the team and the players.

I rarely watch...But when I was in Highschool I was a fan of Chicago Bulls (NBA), Purefoods and Alaska (PBA).

Every "La Salle vs Ateneo" match happens to be the most awaited...most anticipated in every UAAP Season.

As a "rare watcher" this battle between the two great schools of the Nation will not go unnoticed by yours truly every year.

For years, La Salle was always the champion. Of course!

Unluckily this year the "arrows" of the Green Archers were not fully sharpened thus unable to shoot the Blue Eagles.

So... Congrats to Ateneo!

Next season, I am sure La Salle Green Archers will take revenge...

So fly now.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The blue eagles are flying high...where are the green archers?

Although I am so disappointed with La Salle students these days...
That will not erase my loyalty to my dear Alumni


But Ateneo wins the basketball game today

what happened?

Come on Green Archers!

Shoot those blue eagles down!!!

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Watch your thoughts...
they become words
Watch your words...
they become actions
Watch your actions...
they become habits
Watch your habits...
they become character
Watch your becomes your destiny

Thanks Tita Del, for sharing this thought...

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Monday, September 15, 2008

FLUTD...HUMANS...ANIMALS...all these in my mind right now

Since Saturday, I have been doing research about Feline Lowe Urinary Tract Disease.
Been surfing the net
Bought two books about cats
Read several articles

Ask me anything about it...I will give you an answer in a sec...
I have mastered it...

Why? My Snowball is suffering from this disease right now.
He can't pee...when he does...there's blood
and he can't eat!

I am frantic...
So worried...

I brought him to animal clinic last Sunday
The doctor inserted a catheter to him
and took some blood samples

Thank God his liver, blood count and kidney are all good

But still he can't pee!
I myself can't pee because I'm panicking

Don't laugh! But yes, that's how much I love snowball. Not only him of course. I love all my dogs too.

Yes, I love Animals!
They make me happy and you know what?
People may betray you...but dogs and cats won't
They are the friends you can trust at all times.
They even save lives. They saved mine already.

If you will ask me honestly,
I have a big and warm heart for animals...than men...than people
It's much easy for me trust an animal than a human (of course excluding my family)
I even worry for stray dogs and cats.
You might think I am weird.
But that's one of those things I realized as I observe life these days.
People can deceive...people can wear mask...people can hurt not with their claws but with their words.

Some people are so bad that they have the nerve to kill animals and eat them. Do you know that? Read any news lately?
Do you know that in some part here in the Philippines, some people have eaten a whale and a dolphin and an eagle?
So cruel!
That's how bad people can be.

Animals...when they do something is expected!
But when a person do bad....the whole essence of humanity will be erased.
Why? We have a mind...the gift of thinking...of knowing what is right and what is wrong
and we have conscience. That makes us different from animals. But some people have become worse than the wildest beast.

These days...human upsets me.
That's why I am focusing myself more on my pets. (They keep me away from depression)
Because I am 100% sure they will love me the same way I am loving them...perhaps more.

So God...I am begging you please heal my snowball.
Make him pee...without blood of course
and I don't care if he scratches me again
Just as long I see him jumping and running around the house like before.
I will even allow him to bite my favorite stuff toy again and sleep on my arms while I am working in my laptop.
And okay...okay...I will allow him to have a girlfriend when he turns 6 years old.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to Duckville!

Pastor Sumrall is right. Manila has a new name - DUCKVILLE

Why the name?

Duckville is a place where people are walking while pushing their cars that won't start or walking because there's no other way to go home and they don't want to sleep on the road or walking as there are no available transportation as all had been a knee high up to waist high FLOOD.

In other words...people here are WET like ducks in a pond.

So...I now welcome you to Duckville!

Lucky for you if you will find some fish straight from Manila Bay. Go eat it fresh like sushi while stranded. ^^

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Man of Steel vs Dark Knight Part 2

Dear Buddy....there, you already had your day.
I gave you a day. This is a fair game of course.
If we're on a race...I gave you a mile to run ahead
Because I'm confident that I can easily pass you by and win the race ^^

Now let me exercise here my ability as a future lawyer (wooo...that have to be soon!)
Of course, who else would I defend but my man...The greatest super hero of all...The most powerful man on DC...The Man of Steel...faster that a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Need more? Here's more...Well, of course he can fly (obviously he does not need a car), has incredible strength, his skin is bulletproof and he has X-ray vision and he can freeze a thing with his breath! I can still go on and on and on...there will be no end.

And we're still not talking about HIM yet...what I have written so far are his "super skills". If we'll take a look at his private life..well, he is gentleman, kind, mild mannered, respectful, humble a good son and a faithful lover.

Physically...he's damn hot! Great body and great features. (If he's real...he will be God's gift to women)

Now as for Batman...who is he? I am not really a follower but I know "some" about him. Same way that my best dude here know some about Superman.

A guy older that Superman wearing black overalls with black cape sometimes accentuated with a yellow belt or mixed with a gray color. (black and gray...too dull!). He is rich. His family has a building somewhere in their city. He lives in huge house (not home...huge but no life at all inside), he has a nanny (haha), a secretary and several assistants. (He couldn't do a thing without getting any help from somebody). He sometimes go with a partner such as Robin and Batgirl. Since he's rich...he's using his money to produce high tech gadgets and of course to pay his assistants and nanny. His power is "money". He is "money operated" not battery operated (haha). He is a bachelor...yes! He is available...always available. I think he's having a hard time committing to one girl. He got several girls...including Wonder Woman...would you believe that? I bet he will fall in love with Hello Kitty too! Because he falls for you know.

That's what I know about Batman...

Superman saves without using or needing any money. Batman can't.

Yes, Superman gets weak when you throw a Kryptonite at him...But it takes a stone or some mineral debris from planet Krypton for him to die. Batman (as human) he is tough alright...But not bulletproof! He can die! I bet when I throw my harbound marketing book at his head...he will not get up till the next day.

Sequels? Yes...I must agree Batman got sequels. Know why? (this is my own opinion), because as usual they need more money! Also...that's part of "brand recall" you know! They easily forget they have to constantly remind people that "hey, there's Batman" (that's another opinion) Also...there's a need for a sequel...know why again? Because Batman can't solve a in leave a clean sheet...he solves...tries to solve...but there will always...always left behind....not totally solved! How could he? Actually, there's no question about it. How will a man solve the problem of the world when he got his own problems too? (His mind is occupied with different girls.)

Another question: How will he save the world just in case he loses all his money? (this is an innocent question no malice intended^^)

As for the figures that you gave...the rankings...well they are just numbers! Purely numbers. But that does not completely justify the success of a movie.

Yes, I must admit Dark Knight earns a lot...but that is because people are curious to see Joker who was portrayed by Heath Ledger and everybody knows what happened to him. (again just my opinion)

The real test of success is whether people still remember the movie after several months and years. What's the impact of the movie to its viewers. Will it still be remembered?

I believe Superman Returns although did not earn as much as Dark was able to create a huge impact on people who seen it. It gave hope...and of course faith.

August 31, 2008 was the best Sunday I ever had on this year....that is because I watched Superman Returns at 10am and at 6:30pm.

Hey my best dude...I thought you don't like how come you know the schedules? and don't tell me you didn't watch it? Come on!

I just want to clarify that this "Man of Steel vs Dark Knight"blog entry is created for fun only between two friends and whatever written here are just opinions only. okay?

Superman...You are the man!!!

What's up Batman?

Nuff said!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man of Steel vs Dark Knight

Just as I thought...the greatest fan or should I say follower of Batman has reacted to what I wrote in my previous entry (read Movies! Movies! Movies!)

I am not sure whether I am amazed or challenged
or will l just laugh it off...
Well, this follower is no other than my best dude!
No...we are not enemies...we're just having fun comparing Superman and Batman.
It's unbelievable that we're still buddies despite the fact that we have different likes and interests.
Of course there are things that we "share in common"
But when it comes to Superman and Batman...neither one of us wants to back down.

I am amazed!
Would you believe my buddy here was able to in W.R.I.T.E four paragraphs just to give all his facts in order to defend his beloved Batman.
I honestly don't know what's the point...I mean NO....NADA...NOTHING....could change my views towards Batman...and change the admiration I have for Superman...he's my guy and will always be...^^

But since my buddy here cared to grab a clean vanilla-colored paper and black ballpen just to write with his best effort his defenses... not forgetting that despite our differences...he's still my best bud...I'll share to you his first ever entry from his "I-DUDE'S BLOG".

(Gosh, my dude! How come you remain so low tech when you're supporting a fully techy Superhero living in the dark?)

Here it is...For those Batman fans...enjoy!

I-Dude's Blog:

HBO Schedule
August 31, 2008 (Sunday)
10:00 - Superman Returns
13:00 - The Mummy
15:00 - Last Holiday
18:30 - Superman Returns (Again...for crying out loud!!!)

Hmmm...Is this true...!? In less than 9 hours...we get to see "Superman Returns"...Boooo!!! I have nothing against the movie...But 2x in 9 hours!!! Come On!!! Is HBO running out of movies to show?!!! Or is this a desperate attempt to produce and maybe generate enough buzz so that at least someone would talk about a sequel?!! I mean, the Dark Knight was just shown 6 weeks ago, and after the first playdate, almost everyone is talking about a next sequel. Superman? Well, let's just say it was shown about a year or 2 ago but..I still don't hear anyone wanting a sequel!

In the all time box office in yahoo movies...out of 150 all time movies..."Superman Returns" was no. 89...didn't even make half of the chart! Movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is no. 82; Kingkong is no.68; Exorcist is no.60, and another hogwash movie like Indiana Jones Kingdom of Crystal Skulls is no. 23...higher than "SR" WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!!!" In fairness..."Superman Returns" is definitely way, way, way better than "Indiana"

To the Man of Steels' numero uno fan...I'm not...and in no way do I hate Superman...I'm just wondering...maybe if they do a movie about his death...I think that might...might be a hit! But...I'm not so sure...even with all his powers...can topple Batman...!!! Nuff said!!!

FYI...The gross of "Superman Returns" is approximately USD 200,000,000. The Dark Knight...?? USD158,000,000 only on the first week...and USD 75,000,000 on the second week. How you doin!!! (Maybe someone threw a Kryptonite at the movie...yeah...that's it...not!!!)

What else can I say but...Wow! (not because I am now on Batman's side) but because I am amazed on how devoted he is to Batman...hahahahahaha...
My buddy could not even write a paragraph when doing assignments and he doesn't like essay...but here he is...writing a full report to spite my man and build up Batman.
The effort is good....the writing is I'll leave his report here for others to see.

But of course I have my rebuttal.

Wait for that my dear buddy!

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