My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Friday Bus Ride

Last friday, after a long time, I was able to ride a bus again...on my own!
Well, that's not news to people who don't know me, but to my friends, that's a big deal!
My bestfriend even congratulated me when I told her "hey, i could now go on my own"
Growing up as an only child, my parents are "over protective" to their only daughter- me!
At my age now...they still see me as a young girl. 26 is 16 to them.
I could not blame them....
With the latest news that three ladies were stabbed and robbed in Taft, Manila near our church
How could they easily allow me to go on my own?
I wanted to drive...but that's not allowed also as there are car nappers and kid nappers and I have not yet mastered the art of "parking a car." (I am ashamed)
I am allowed to drive only in Alabang.

Riding a bus is not a first time of course...and riding it with no companion is also not a first.
Done that before...before those "stabbing incidents"

It's weird! My parents don't have any problem with me going abroad alone...they feel much at peace...with me walking alone on some dark streets in Seoul and crowded places in HK and take public transportation there...but not in Manila!
Though how many times I told them "it's safe", they never listen.

Anyway...after a long time, I am allowed again!
And i was excited and told myself "I would definitely enjoy it!"
Feeling so independent...hahaha^^
Like a real grown up! wooohooo!

My mom constantly reminded me to keep my money in safe pockets and to take off my jewelries and to hold tightly to my purse.

Right on the bus...I of course seated in front right by the window.

When I am on a favorite is to have the front seat or the back seat (the farthest) and not in the middle! It's either the front or the back...never in the middle.

So I paid for the bus ticket and sat in front...ready to have an hour of independent bus journey ^^
But of's traffic!
It's Friday...end of month...salary what else to expect but heavy traffic on the road.
Damn! I forgot to bring any book to read.
and how i hate waiting times.
After several minutes...I feel so sleepy, but i don't want to sleep because of two things.
First, I don't know how to take the jeepney on my own so I have to make sure I'll be stopping the bus right exactly where my destination is...not kilometers before or after. I would get lost in Manila!
Second, I don't want to wake up with my head on somebody's shoulder, unless it's someone I like (hahaha)

I just entertained myself looking at other cars' plate number (adding up the number and then applying numerology and counting how many Honda and Toyota are there in the highway). Minutes after, I got bored doing that. I looked again for something to do and there I saw right above the bus driver's head--- snow white's seven dwarfs. Not on his head alright...but on some board above his head (I don't know what to call it)

So I played a game..while the girl seating beside me was sound asleep and her head leaning to the left and to the right and to the front ( I was secretly waiting if she'll fall down...I would help her of course just in case)

My game? remembering the names of those dwarfs. Exciting huh?

I easily recognized Dopey...he's my favorite! so cute and silly.
then there's Grumpy...
and Sleepy...(I am sleepy too)
and Sneezy...

and then who are the others?
Gosh! I hate myself for growing old...I used to know their names very well!

For several minutes...I kept thinking who are the others

The other one looks like he's he snorty?
So I moved on to the next...the next guy looks like he's smiling
Is he smiley? no that's not right....smiley is the yellow face guy...
I feel so stupid!
Oh he's Happy! yes, that's right that guy is Happy.

I already got Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy
now two more...who are those two guys!

Think! Think! Think!

I felt so uncomfortable not remembering the two names...

After several minutes of digging my brain's hardisk

I got is Bashful and the last one is Doc.

Hahaha...that was fun!

And hey, just right on time...The bus reached my destination.

I survived the long traffic and being a sleepy head.

Great! Just great!

Thanks to all those dwarfs ^^

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worms and Snakes

I have one question: Where do you expect to see animals?

-In a Jungle
-In a Zoo
-In homes (dogs and cats as pets)

But a person said she just found "a can of worms"
Outside, the can looks attractive...appealing. But then, it is full of worms.

Guess what? I just found "a basket full of fat snakes"

For the can...well, not all worms are bad. Some of it are edible...meaning it's good.

So before you scream, see first if it is bad or good.

As for the basket that i found, they are all rotten snakes with hidden fangs.

So i just threw the basket away.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movies! Movies! Movies!

I must admit, Dark Knight is a good movie - better than other Batman movies probably because this time, Joker is there.

BUT...what's wrong with Batman's voice? Sore throat? Dry Cough?

I like his costume, his car, his gadget and his acting...
except his voice.

I wonder if there was a typhoon that time at Gotham City and Batman forgot to bring a raincoat.

Oh well...he's only human.

Fine, I know somebody would react after reading this. :) and his name starts with "J". He's the no.1 fan of Batman. I think he's the only fan of Batman (hahahaha).

Hey, I am not insulting Batman...I'm just asking! ;)

Besides Patrick Dempsey, who is extremely good looking, the movie is really wonderful.... Romantic. It's for those who got best friends of the opposite sex but are blind to see that their buddy could also be their honey :)

I actually know one person who has a story like this...unfortunately they are still not together. But they are both "breathing" so I think their story still got a few chapters before the ending.

For some people, they prefer falling in love with a person they already know...very well. I know several who are now married to their childhood friends.

As for me as long as the guy and I can have good conversations and I am comfortable with him and I trust him and he cares for me...then it doesn't matter if he's my best friend for 20 years or just someone I met few months ago.

SASSY GIRL (by Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford)

This movie reminds me that I used to believe in destiny.

I still do.

Very much.

and Elisha is very cute in this movie. I like her boots!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to....Me!

Dear Jesus,

It's my birthday yesterday and I survived it...Yehey!
Yes, i survived it...for last week, I thought I would not be able to spend my birthday this year.
I always pray to you anytime and everyday
But writing you a letter is a special thing to me.

Jesus...thank you for saving me, from all things that would bring me harm.
Thank you for forgiving me every time I do things which I know you would not like such as choosing the wrong path instead of following your directions.
Thank you for being there...even though I have once turned my back on you...I still found you right here in front of me. And that's when i realized I could not escape from you.

Jesus...thank you for being my loyal friend.
I was about to give up...I was about to lose hope...But I was able to pour out my burden to you and you even carried all my baggages so that I could still go on my journey. that I am already 26, I am keeping all the lessons which I learned from my past 25 years.

I learned the importance of putting you First...and to do it not as a task or an obligation but as my submission to you and expression that above are the most important one in my Life. I will not be ashamed of you...Instead, I will proclaim you in this world through my deeds. Use me Lord.

Next to you...are my parents. Two people who remained good and faithful to me. Who believe in me no matter what other people would say...who would only think of what is best for me...and who would be there whether I am up or down. They are my source of strength. My mama and papa...besides you Lord, are the only people who gives me unconditional love.

In my life, i met so many people. There are acquaintances, friends, close friends and best friends.
I learned who to trust and who not to trust.

I learned who and who not to believe.

I learned that in life, there are many people....many friends...but few who I can call "my true friends"

I learned that treasures cannot be found here on earth...on material things and that money is really the "root of all evil". Don't let me be blinded with things that can be broken or disappear...instead I want to save treasures there in Heaven, where all things are gold.

Lord, thank you for blessing my life. Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart. But i also pray that you only give me what I need...for I do not want to forget you and be blinded by useless things. I continue on this journey, lead me to the right that I'll be able to reach my life's destination. (only you knows what it is...who I will be...who I can be)

When I go weak or tired...please carry me or let me sleep in your shoulders for awhile. my guide.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

One order of "silence" please

Have you ever had a day of pure silence?
Well I had...

It happened few days ago (just before these rainy-floody days)

As a daily routine after a hard day's work: I ate my dinner, took a bath and opened my laptop to check my e-mails from friends and elsewhere, check on Mr. 106 and do some work reports that are not yet due (i am avoiding "last minute-panic attack moments") then suddenly at exactly 11pm...the power was off. Complete "black out" (only in our village).

As a reaction, i hurriedly called Meralco and politely asked the lady who answered the phone for the reason "Why?" She gave me a very long-rehearsed explanation which i know she's reading from a script and which half of it i did not understand simply because half the time, i was not listening and instead paying attention to my mom who was also panicking, and to my cat who had his paws at my PJ's and to my dad who kept on asking me where did i put the batteries for the flashlight. All i could remember from the lady's long speech was "blah blah would take 7 hours to repair so the power would be restored by 6am". Like a robot, i politely said thank you."

Automatically, my dad and our houseboy went to the garage to set up our generator. I...following my dad with his flashlight. I have to get out of the house to avoid my mom's persistent question as to why Meralco has to do a maintenance repair or whatever at 11pm just when people are about to go to sleep after a long day under the sun.

While waiting for my dad, i went to our terrace to have some fresh air. I looked up. Since i can't see anything around me i just looked up. Wow...there were stars! Millions of stars staring down at me and the air was cold. I saw the moon too. It sounds silly but at that moment i wanted to greet the moon and say "how have you been? it's been a long time since i last saw you" I then went back to where my dad was and told him "Pa, we don't need generator for tonight. I think we'll do just fine since the weather is fine, in fact it's a bit cold so we can still sleep soundly even without air-con. I also don't have any urgent reports to finish and we're all sleepy so, we'll be alright tonight."

And yes, we were alright.

But we did not go to bed right away. Instead, we stayed outside...looking up at the stars.

When i was in college, i always love looking up at the stars and at the moon. It calms me. Whenever i would see the "three stars lined up" i would remember my Uncle Lolo ( I call him Sangko Gel same with my mom) . He told me so many stories about stars. He call the "three stars lined up" as "Tatlong Maria" or (three Mary's in english)

When i started working and have my own business, i found no time to look up at the stars again. I am preoccupied..always busy. My eyes are always glued on my computer screen or on papers and books. When i need to calm down myself, i listen to my Ipod or I watch DVD. I no longer did...or rather i forgot to do what i used to do.

The whole neighborhood was quiet...even the dogs.

The cries of the crickets fill the air. I could not see them...but i could hear them.

My mom and dad were silent too. Like me, they were just looking up.

I think none of us wanted to break the silence.

Like a china that we have to hold carefully or else it would break. So fragile.

At that moment, i realized the true beauty of silence.

Everyday, i am surrounded with noise of every kind.

I also found out another type of noise that you would not physically hear but disturbs and forms an enormous sound in your's the noise coming from text messages and e-mails.

I must admit SMS and e-mails more often give me pressure. (well except for those coming from my caring friends and e-mails that does not require immediate attention). brain can be a "nagger" sometimes. It automatically reminds me of things which i have to do everyday.

How it feels good to not to have any gadget in my hand.

No Ipod (it's with my friend who would do the "storing" for me)
No laptop
No cellphones (i turned them off to save the battery)

I don't have anything that night...except silence.

For weeks, i have been complaining about my tired body, stress, tension and etc, etc.

I even went to see the doctor.

I never thought that what i really need is a doze of silence...and a bunch of stars to heal me.

Now i think i owe Meralco, for making me realize again and remember things i unintentionally ignored for the past years.

Silence...i think i will need another order of that.

How nice it would be if out of the 7 days in a week, there's one day reserve for "silence".

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