My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Dear Mama,

It's your birthday today...
I will do my best to be a good daughter especially today :)

I have not told you this but i am thankful to God that you are my mother.
I am so sorry for those times i made you sad, cry or disappointed.
I am sorry for those times i did not believe and trust you especially during my teenage years.
I am sorry for every wrong decision I made.
I know that when i get get hurt too.

Thank you for always being there.
From my kindergarten days up to now that I'm already working.
I also have not told you this
but i appreciate every moment you are with me...(just you and me) accompanying me and even picking me up everyday even though i am already a 25 year old lady. For you, i am still your baby girl. :) and i don't mind being one.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I am sorry if sometimes i feel bad when you are mad at something i did which i thought was right but at the end i would realize i should have listened to you instead.

Thank you for being strict with me during my adolescent days.
I am sorry for not understanding your rules then...
But I am glad i obeyed you...because If not, i would not have achieved my dreams.
I would not be someone I am today...

Thank you for molding me to what I am now
It really do me well.

When time comes and I become a mother too
I am sure I will be like you
But a lot stricter....:)

Happy Birthday Mama!
I Love You!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad bacteria for low blood pressure

Just came from the doctor.

My blood pressure is so low.

Last Fri: 90/60
Last Sat: 80/60
Today: 80/60

And my blood sugar is low as well.

Now i know why i am feeling dizzy everytime
And any moment i might faint

Guess what my doctor told me: "You need some bad bacteria"

Now...i am in search of the the most cruel-worst-bad bacteria in the world. :)

Would you believe, i was told to eat hamburger and have some ice cream and coke!

That's the best news i got from this week!

Mc Donald's HERE I COME!!!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Because Superman remains to be my no.1 hero!

Well...for someone who would sure to react, be happy that Batman is now on top of my list. In fairness he's always on my list...but always on the last spot.

I don't hate Batman for your information. I like him...but not much.

Here's why:
1. He can't fly. Superman can! He can save me wherever I am. If Batman has to save me...i have to wish first that he's loaded with cash for some gas for his Bat Mobile or "whatever you call it" or any reliable gadget that would bring him faster to where I am to save me...before the monster eats me (if that's the scenario). Superman can save me even in a place as high as the of charge ^^

2. Superman is available 24/7. How about Batman? From what i know, he's only available at night. Refresh my mind if you know some scene wherein he saved someone from distress in a broad daylight.

3. Superman is faithful. Batman is a popular Playboy.

4. Superman is a hardworking employee. Just like a regular person who has to work to bring some bread on their family's dining table. Batman is spoiled. He's why work. He'd rather sleep in the middle of a meeting ^^

5. Superman can already sense what's happening. Batman has to rely to his "assistants, modern gadgets, scientific analysis and other multi-million worth of stuffs just to know if there's something happening outside his "bat cave." Superman can do it alone.

6. He's afraid of dogs! what a turn off...

I have a loooong list...and this might take forever if i will write all the details as to why Superman is my just be happy Batman is my no.2...only because i am so impressed with Christian Bale. So far, he's the only guy who got me interested with Batman. Others are...(I'd better not comment ssshhh)

I also love Heath Ledger's performance. He's superb! Joker is my favorite villain. I love it everytime he does something to get on Batman's nerves. Heath Ledger did a very good job as "The Joker". So sad that Dark Knight also happens to be his last movie...May he rest in peace.

I am happy to see Gary Oldman too as Lt. James Gordon. He's also Harry Potter's Uncle. hahaha now that's a different story.

Anyway, just to be fair...I like Batman because:

-He's smart (just a bit slow sometimes)
- He got skills (just don't know how to use it sometimes)
-He's handsome (just a bonus but not necessary)
-He's rich (he needs it to maintain his status as cape crusader)
- His color is black (i love black)
- He saves people (which is the main reason why he's a hero)
- He can't kill Joker (I will hate him if he does)
- He is older than Superman (should be more mature)

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Monday, July 21, 2008

I am not religious...Just In Love

Early morning just before 8am, i received a text very first message of my first day of the week...a message that awoken me completely and helped me stay awake for the rest of the day. (Just like a bucket of cold water splashed on my face).

It was a question.

"Are you really religious? Nakakatawa ka naman. Hindi ka nahihiya. Baka sabihin nila sobra ka religious. Tapos gusto mo din yung mga maka-Diyos. Wow naman. (sarcastic) OA ni Pacquiao sa pagpray e. Si Gary okay lang, pero ayoko ng puro sa Diyos ang kanta. Gawa mo?

In english: Are you religious? It's funny. Are you not ashamed? People might say you are being too religious. Then you also like people who are Godly. Wow (sarcastic). Pacquiao is over reacting when praying. Gary is okay. But i don't like songs that are mostly for God. What are you doing?

Here's my answer: "I am not religious, I just love the Lord."

To my dear friend,

As a Born Again Christian, i don't really have a religion. I don't even follow any religious rituals or customs or anything. But i do have a relationship with God as my father, with Jesus as my Savior and with Holy Spirit as my guide and protector. I hope i made that clear. I pray every time and anytime of the day. When i pray, i talk to God like a daughter talking to her Daddy. He also happens to be my when i pray to God i tell Him my feelings and simple things about my day, although i know He can see me. It's that simple.

I don't see Pacquiao, a World Boxing Champion and Gary Valenciano, a World Class Performer as religious also. All i know is they love God and they are not ashamed to show that to other people and they are blessed! Well you see...if you will be ashamed of God...He will be ashamed of you as well.

I admire them. I honestly do.

And from what i see, there are less and less people who are like them... who still believe in God, who do what is right...who follows what is good, who think of others other than themselves. And that's the reason too why the World is at its..."worst"
People now are blinded by their own "gods" - fame, money and material stuffs.

I have proven my point.

Enough said.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Advance and Unexpected Birthday Gift

My Parents really know me well...So well!
For the past three days, i am not feeling really good.
Not in the mood for talks...not in the mood for anything.
I felt like i just wanted some space...a time to just be myself, to observe things and people around me...and enjoy "silence". I turned my phone off...unless i know i would be really receiving important messages and i did not check my emails and friendster. I asked my dear friend to check my email though for some important messages (just in case there would be)
At home, i tried to be casual...but really not in the mood for some talk. I don't have any problems with my parents or with anybody if that's what other people might think.
I am just currently in the mood of "wanting to be silent."
As a 'usual me', i just keep everything to myself especially my thoughts.

But my parents who are also my bestfriends
surprised me today.

I am not telling anything
But of course they noticed I am not in a good mood
And they did not ask me anything about it either...respecting my privacy.

Here's what they did:

At 5pm My mom asked me to dress up. She said "we're going for a grocery."
So lazily, i changed into casual clothes...

At 6pm we arrived at the place.
I saw a huge banner "Gary Valenciano, Live"
My dad got us front row seats!
he also gave me a fully wrapped Gary V's latest Album "Rebirth"

I was speechless!

After the concert:
-was able to get Gary V's autograph and lots of photos
-was able to have a short conversation with him. (we talked about "faith") He's Christian too that's why I am supporting him and I am loving all his songs.
- was able to thank him for being a role model and for being an Ambassador of Faith, sharing the gospel through his songs. He's the first National Unicef Ambassador of Goodwill to Philippines for your information.

All i can say is: He's really very approachable and accommodating. A really good person...nothing fake about him...and he still dances so GREAT! He's Mr. Pure Energy after all.

I first met him 1996 in his "Shout for Joy" concert. Then i saw him couple of times in our church...and he still looks the same after all these years! Wow!

This time, i saw his children too and his wife. (what a loving family!)

I arrived home with a satisfied smile...but still speechless

Mama and Papa...thank you!

I am feeling fine now...but Gary's "Only hope" bring tears to my eyes.

Currently listening to Gary's version of Lean on Me and Stand by Me. I love both songs. Two of my favorites. Gary's version is different...more upbeat and faster...and i love it more! Great for long drives.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know what you did last...Monday before dawn

I don't know what to feel...but yesterday i became an "eye-witness" and now i have a certain responsibility to help solve a crime. Sounds exciting! It is...but scary. I didn't know my constant hiccup at midnight would lead me to witness a "robbery".

Here's what happened:

I woke up a lot of times since midnight due to "clogged nose" and constant hiccups. Whenever i am having hiccups i drink lots of water to stop it. I woke up several times to have several gulps of water. Too sleepy so i decided to just bring the whole jar inside my parent's room (where i am currently sleeping...i just don't feel sleeping alone these days) so i would just drank all of it when my hiccup "attacks" again.

Around 3am, just as i was gulping from my glass i heard a loud "thud" as if something heavy fell from our neighbor's second floor balcony. At first i thought it was their dog who unluckily/accidentally fell down. Because years ago, their cute dog came up from their balcony and did an "accidental suicide" (silly dog!). So i thought, they have another silly dog and committed the same stupidity. So i waited for a dog yelping in pain...but i did not hear any. But my three dogs and all the neighbors' dogs were howling! So i turned my head to have a peek at our neighbor's house from my parent's bedroom window and there...I saw two figures carrying something. I told myself...hmmm, probably it's just their housemaid eloping with her boyfriend. Well it happened last year to i thought they are having another "flirty maid". So i just ignored the situation and went back to sleep. I was so sleepy and i hated my hiccup for keeping me awake.

I woke up late because of that...
And when i woke up, i saw my parents talking to our neighbors and there were policemen and the barangay captain and a military (well, our neighbor happens to be a retired general).

I told my snowball (my cat) "Hey, are they not too over reacting?" they can find another maid! Why make a big deal about it?" Just then my mom entered our house and told me "Guess what? Our neighbor was robbed!" I said "really?" and my mom said "yes!" and nobody witnessed the whole thing". I said "oh, they were robbed! i thought it was their housemaid eloping again with her boyfriend."

Now it's my mom's turn to pat my head with a rolled up newspaper and called me "silly!"

So since yesterday, i became a "silly eyewitness."


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Ironic!

There were two men: A rich man and a poor man.

The poor man is lazily lying under a tree to avoid the heat of the sun and to enjoy the cool breeze while drinking coconut juice.
The rich man was busy typing something on his laptop. Around him were books and papers. Making calls every now and then.

Poor man: What are you doing?
Rich man: Working hard
Poor man: Why?
Rich man: So when i reach my retirement age, together with my millions, i will just sit back, relax, enjoy and be content with my life. What about you? What are you doing?
Poor man: Just like what you said...i am sitting, relaxing, enjoying and appreciating what i have in my life now. I am content!
Rich man: Are you insane? Why don't you work?
Poor man: Why do i have to work? I am already doing the things that you plan to do when you grow old.

A guy and a girl climbing a mountain:

Girl: I am so tired. I want to go back and just wait below.
Guy: Don't give up. You have to reach the top.
Girl: What's up there?
Guy: Something really great. A breath taking sight.

*The girl looked at the faces of people who have already reached the top and now going down. They all look satisfied.

Girl: Okay, i will give it my best shot.

*after half an hour

Guy: We reached the top!
Girl: Yay! We reached the top! We made it!

Girl: Wait...I just have one question? Why do we have to climb up here?
Guy: To enjoy the view. Look how great it is!
Girl:'s great. But isn't it the same view we saw down below? where we came from?
Guy: Yes it is
Girl: Then why climb up and experience all the pains of climbing (out of breath, heart beating like drums, tired legs and feet), when we can already enjoy the view from below?

This Sunday:
Instead of resting...

My dad washed our cars. (although our cars just came from the nearby carwash house) for my dad it's still not "squicky clean" while checking the batteries, tires, wires and everything inside and outside our cars. Then after that, he had a meeting with our accountant. Then worked on several papers inside his "office"(a guest room turned into his office)
My mom cooked two dishes while checking the bills, doing some calls, checking some papers submitted by our secretary and signing it, and making me some tea for my colds while cleaning the house (she's not satisfied leaving it to our helper)

-woke up at 6am to personally cook the food of my 3 dogs and cat.
My cat is currently suffering from some Urinary Tract Infection (yes, they have that too)

and my dogs are feeling jealous about it.
- bathe them (one by one)

- Took a bath myself
-have some late bfast (a toast and hotdog)
-met my dad's accountant for our quarterly tax and discussed some important matters and stuffs so that i would not have any problem with my visa.
-Updated our financial statements
- Did a memo
- Did a request letter
- Audited some accounts
- Updated my lists of "to do's"

At 4pm: We are all done! Time to relax!

My Dad opened the tv in our living room to watch Wimbledon (who won between Nadal and Federrer?)
My Mom opened the tv in our kitchen

I read a book. I finished it by 4:33pm. I took my portable DVD and I watched "Made of Honor" for the nth time. (I really love the movie) I didn't finish it this time though...I was bored.

My dad turned off the tv. Decided to read the newspapers.

My mom kept on flipping the channels (can't find a good show)

My dad was bored
My mom was bored
I was bored.

Nothing to do.

Earlier...we can't wait to relax
and now that we're relaxing

My dad went back to his "office" to check if there's still some papers to do
My mom again checked her small notebook for records or bills just incase she forgot something

I checked my La Salle calendar/organizer to check again and again if i already did all the things on my "to do" list.


It was me who climbed a mountain and who gave my friend silly questions as to why we have to climb when we can just enjoy the view right there and then.

Sacrifices make things sweeter!
Be thankful when you are busy. It means you are blessed!
Think of those people who have nothing to do...they want to work but can't find one.
Don't complain when you lack sleep...when you die your physical body, will rest forever.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I look like a nerd!

Certainly...with my new glasses.

I have to wear an old fashioned eye glasses to "correct" my eyes correct.
Because just last Sunday, my Aunty (a doctor) noticed that my left eye is moving slowly than my right eye.

Findings: My eyes are tired. (see! i am really tired and nobody's noticing it not until now)
and strained from too much exposure to radiation coming from my laptop's screen.

Solution: Rest (great!) and wearing an eye glasses (damn!)

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Mine is only a pebble

God made me realize for the nth time that the heavy thoughts i am having are just "pebbles" compared to rocks thrown to others.

(in other words...i am still lucky)

My heavy burden is just like a storm...that will soon pass (according to Pastor Dennis)
So i am just letting it pass...

On the other hand, in my life i choose to keep all these negative thoughts and feelings to myself only.
I have so much to do...and "speaking" would not only cause delay
but might also result to another problem.

So i just endure the pain
storing all the "unnecessary thoughts" at the back of my mind

Less talk, less mistakes
No talk, no mistakes

So i just shut up
And smile.

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I am still alive (Damn!)

Just when i thought i was dying (from fatigue and stress that is)
Guess what...i was not able to sleep well
I woke up early with two "bloodshot" eyes!

But it's so weird. My brain is eyes are moving
But my body won't move!
As if my body prefers to be on my bed for the rest of the day
Too weak or to heavy to get up

But of course i have to get up...or else i have to ask my mother to drag me
I have so much to do.

My Sunday:
We had post birthday celebration for my Dad
It's a "small-fun gathering" brain is working, my eyes are moving
But i spent the rest of the day on the couch at Starbucks (too weak or too lazy to walk around)
The Green Tea frapp did not help at all
I was smiling the whole day
But deep inside, i know i want to lie down and sleep for a looooooooooooong time
and if it's possible, i want to shut down my brain just for a couple of hours

Still, seeing my Dad happy gave me enough energy to make it through the day

Why does my brain keep on functioning
Even though my body is already on its lowest level
Too many thoughts
How i wish i have this built in Recycle Bin, where i can drop all my "useless thoughts"
and then have it restored when i found some free time
Just like brain is working
I can still type my thoughts here
never caring if there would be persons reading this
never caring if others would misinterpret me
But brain is working
But again...i don't have the energy to speak
Or rather, i don't have the courage to speak up
and say : I AM TIRED
I am still alive

I am not sure if i should be happy or sad
My emotions are all mixed up

I am i have to go on


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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I think i will die this midnight

My legs feel so weak
As if there's no blood flowing in my veins
My back hurts
My head hurts
My eyes hurts
And again...i can't breathe

And suddenly i have this feeling that i will die today or tomorrow...(just over reacting)
My fingers and brain can still function well (good enough to write this)

I AM TIRED (physically that is)

Can a person die from over fatigue?
what about too much stress?

But just in case i did not wake up are my last requests:

- a hello kitty coffin (pink and white)
- A hello kitty pajama (please, don't make me wear a gown or whatever formal in my funeral)
- No makeups (a lipgloss and cheek tint will do, if really needed)
- No "burial/funeral flowers"- but tulips and roses are fine esp if they are pink and yellow
- No sad songs (I truly prefer fast songs...just get any cd from my collection)
- Don't wear black or white dress/shirts
- Insert a DVD of my favorite Korean dramas inside my coffin (just incase my journey gets a little boring...i just wish i will find a DVD player on the way)
- I prefer to be cremated (thank you)

Last: Please don't cry. I want my funeral to be fun (sort of a reunion party ^^)

Another last: no biscuits or coffee (serve real meal!)

Another another last: For my burial song: please play David Cook's "Always be my baby" (I just love it, and also RSW's My Life)

Another another another last: Somebody write a letter to 106, tell him I will still cheer him at his races (whether i became a ghost or not, and may he eat a lot coz he's getting a bit thin^^ And Congrats to the success of his concerts...and may he find real happiness and...(okay, i think i have to write a separate "letter of last words" for him)


Now i can go to sleep

Goodnight! ^^

Note: 3 fortune tellers said: "you will die before you reach 30"

I am already 25 now...

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