My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am always proud of my Alma Mater

I have been part of the La Sallian Family since my highshool days.

I earned my Bachelors Degree at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and now my Masters Degree from De La Salle University, Manila.

De La Salle is one of the top three Universities here in the Philippines and one of the best Universities in the world.

It is where "Great Men" earned their degree and become successful in their own field.

Our Heroes, politicians and big businessmen graduated from De La Salle.

In board exams and other Licensure exams, it is usual that a "La Sallian" would be the No.1 or one of the Top 10.

It is expected that if you're a graduate of "La Salle", you already have a "passport to success"

You will not have any problem looking for a job, because it will be the company who will come to you...and not just company...but companies. So all you have to do is "choose the best job for you"

It has been a joke among students that if you're studying in La Salle "you already have a tag price attached to your sleeves"- meaning you are "branded", "expensive"

Graduates are expected to create "names" bringing "glory" to their Alumni.

La Salle is a business school and most graduates of the University are owners of successful businesses, creating jobs for other Filipinos.

I remember what my teacher said when i used to join Debates and Quiz Bee. She said "keep in mind that you are representing your school. You can either bring glory or shame"

When I opened my own business, my professors and teachers are so proud of me and they say truly I'm one of "Lasalle's pride". When i went to Japan, they say I did not just represented my country but my University also. My classmates and batchmates who are also now successful in their field are making our professors proud as well.

When you're a Lasallian, you will be carrying an image where ever you go for the rest of your life.

To be part of the Lasallian Family is not easy. You have to pass an entrance exam which is really difficult. That's why it's a given fact that if you're studying in La Salle, you must be really smart!

Studying at La Salle is also expensive. Tuition fees range from P30,000-P50,000 (depends on the course) and parents have to pay it three times in a year (since La Salle is a "trimester" school)

La Salle students and graduates are expected (beyond having good grades) to have good manners. We are decent not only with what we wear but with the way we speak and act.

La Salle students are articulate and smart. We know how to speak our minds.

La Salle students are also peacemakers and responsible citizens. We act not only for our own good but for the good of everybody.

La Salle students are careful with their actions. We behave accordingly and we follow rules. We are respectful to our superiors and elders.

We also care for the environment. In fact, La Salle and Benilde are very strict when it comes to "waste management". Trash cans are everywhere and labeled with "biodegradable" or "non biodegradable" signs.

La Salle's signature colors are green and white. Proud students wear green and white shirts as a sign that they love their school.

I graduated in college 2003.

5 years later...I am so disappointed to see:

-La Salle and Benilde students drinking and smoking at nearby bars during their school hours. come they allow business people to open bars just a few steps from the University. Isn't that prohibited? These students are even wearing their "La Salle T-shirts" while getting drunk. Tuition fees in La Salle and Benilde are very expensive. These students are not thinking about their parents who are working hard just to provide them good education, unless the parents don't have any care.

Well, most students in La Salle come from well-off families. So "they can afford to pay another term" just in case they flunk a subject.

But: Is that enough reason? If your parents are rich and owners of big companies, that makes you "heirs" so are you also putting the future of your company to waste?

If your family is not that doing well...not only are you wasting your parents' hard-earned money but you are also ruining the dreams they have for you.

- While drunk, some couples are also making out in the broad daylight. I think they have forgotten "what being decent means". If they can't control their hormones, they should at least "get a room!"

Filipinas "used" to have an image of being conservative, reserve and well-mannered. But these days, it's hard to find a "Maria Clara" in La Salle. They kiss their boyfriends outside the restroom, in corridors or even in classrooms. They are worse when they are inside the fastfood chain or in the resto-bar outside the University. I am not even surprised to see some ladies with "growing bellies".

In terms of clothes...I like fashion. I update myself with latest trends when i was still in college...BUT...I know what and what not to wear in school. Talking about...APPROPRIATENESS.

In La Salle today, there are no more dress codes. So guys now are having a feast looking at girls flaunting their cleavage and butt. Some girls wear clothes that are more appropriate if they are in a bar or disco but very distracting if they are in a classroom.

- They have dirty mouths too...If i am their mother i think i would want to wash their mouth with some acid to get rid of the bad words coming out of their big mouths. I don't understand why La Salle students these days love to "curse". It has become an expression already. They start and end their sentence with p_t_. They curse when they are mad and they curse when they are happy. What a behavior?!

- Speaking of behavior, i had a talk with my college professor. She told me that this generation of La Salle students are not as good as terms of performance. Seems that they spend more time drinking and smoking and kissing...instead of studying and passing their exams. The number of students on the "Dean's list" is getting smaller...meaning....there are few students who can have an average of 3.0 or 85 and above.

- Also "they talk back" to their professor! My college professor told me once she has a student who attended her class "drunk". She asked her to get out of the room. She even called the "Discipline Officer"...guess what the student told her professor..."Why? Are you my mother? Just do your job". How rude!

Would you also believe that the Security guards in the Mall beside the University are afraid of the students? They don't have the courage to warn them or tell them to stop vandalizing the walls in the Mall's restrooms.

Readers of my blog would probably be surprised as to why i wrote this...

I have been noticing this change for several months already...but i remained quiet...thinking that "it's their life and not mine" so why should i care?

But just the other day, as i am about to enter girl's restroom, two guys passed me and entered the girl's cr! They "peed" inside! never caring if it's for girls and that i'm actually standing at the door...i could not believe when another girl entered the restroom and peed at the same cubicle where the guy had been! Don't they really have any shame at all?

Not only that...just the other day too, while buying something at 7-11 a guy wearing "Green Archers" t-shirt bumped an old woman who was standing in front of the cashier. The wallet of the old woman fell...guess what the guy did? nothing! I was expecting for him to turn around and apologize...but he did nothing! A real La Sallian would never be like that. He would apologize and would help the old woman get her wallet.

I shared this story to my friend...she said "young people" these days are becoming too liberated. Well...this is my opinion: Being liberated is far from being rebel, indecent, rude, ill-mannered and irresponsible. Being liberated is having an open mind to changes and modernity. It is having the confidence to speak his or her mind and doing what he or she thinks will make her happy. Being liberated is also letting go of traditions which they think are no longer useful to modern world. A person with a liberated mind is a person who is hungry for knowledge...for new things...for new developments...for anything that he or she believe can improve his or her self and his or her society.

I am not generalizing the new batches of La Salle students...i still see and believe that there are students, no matter how few, who are still keeping the good image of La Salle and will become great leaders in the future.

I feel sorry for those who are wasting their years in La Salle. May they realize that they are bringing "shame" to their Alma Mater rather than glory.

It is said that the future of our country lies in the young people....If that's the case...should i fear the worse or should i still hope for a better future?

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