My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

We don't have long talks everyday
But we do have bonding moments.

I don't tell him my secrets
But he knows when I am okay or not.

I don't tell him my dreams
But he always give me a nice pat on the back for every job well done.

He is just silent when at home
But i know when something troubles me, he would be the first one to protect me

We do have differences
But we agree on things

My eyes...i get it from him
My love for books and came from him
My love for chocolates...also from him

I am not a baby anymore...but surely I am my Papa's girl.

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

I Love You!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remembering a young love

When i was in my first year high school, i was totally head over heels to Jonathan Jackson of Camp No Where.

Then one time, while in the Cafeteria, i saw a guy (same year with me) going down the stairs.
It was his hair that first caught my eyes. I told my friends, "hey he got the same hairstyle with Jonathan Jackson". When he looked up, i was speechless because he looked like "JJ" too. I was 12 then...i have so many crushes when i was young. But that time i told myself..."this guy is different, he's special." I am not quite sure now if it's because he looked like JJ or because of those 5 or 6 precious seconds that he stared back at me.

Luckily, his classroom was just beside ours. Knowing that he is sitting beside the window, i am always in a hurry to pass by. My friends who knew i have a crush on him would always tease me. They would sometimes call his name or my name whenever he or I would pass by each other's classroom.

My 13th birthday: My friends formally introduced us during our breaktime.

location: Cafeteria

I was holding a cup and he was eating ice cream

No shake hands

We just give each other a nod.
Our teachers:

Our teachers were also part of this story. They always tease us. My english teacher asked him one time, if he knew me .

He said: Yes, she's already my friend.

How come?

I didn't know.

His classmate who was my friend that time...told me the "sweetest news" which was: "He has a crush on you too." I hate love songs...i always do...but not that time. Whenever i see him, i feel there's a love song playing on the background.

Ironically, we never talk to each other. No hi or hello. I think we were both shy.

But he knew my number (since my friend gave it to him)

and i knew his number (his friend gave it to me)

But we never talked on the phone too.

Then...we end up to be in the same club..."Math Club".

We became rivals.

For some reason, our teacher would always call him and me at the see who can solve a math problem faster.

We became opponents. not only in Math...but in all subjects.

Mind you...he's really a smart guy.

It became a challenge between us. sort of "now who's smarter, you or me"

Still...we never talk.

Everytime our paths would cross, both of us would bow our heads. Thinking about that now...i think we're both silly. Perhaps because our friends were always teasing us.

We bumped to each other twice or thrice i think...Our heads and body would literally bumped. I don't know what's with him but he's always running when going down the stairs...while I'm going up so naturally we would bump. He would say sorry.
He was cruel :
While standing at our gymnasium, somebody threw a rolled up paper on my head .
I looked up...there he was. I gave him a questioning look...he just stared.

Valentines Day...somebody dedicated a song to me but it came from "Anonymous." Up to now...i am still thinking if it was him.

Valentines Day also, our teachers turned our school Auditorium into a "Cinema" just for the special day. We watched "Casper" by Devon Sawa and Christina Ricci. I found Devon cute. I whispered that to my friend. Then some guy sitting behind us said "he's gay". I turned around and saw that it was him who said it.

From then on he was teased by my friends that he's jealous of Devon.

Still...we never talk.

Christmas...we had a party. Each classroom prepared a special performance. Ours was a dance. After the rehearsal...his friend went up to me and gave me a towel. He said, "JJ" asked him to give it to me. I declined but i said "thanks"

We never talk...but we often caught each other "staring."

I think it was our eyes who always do the "talking."

But one time, i caught him talking to my nanny.

I asked my nanny what did he nanny innocently replied "nothing...he just asked for your home address."

That day...i kept on looking at our window just to see if he would come by.

He never did. (that's what i knew) Years later...our driver told me, he came. But i was out.

My mom transferred me to another school on my second year in highschool

I never got to say goodbye to him.

But my friend told me his parents planned to transfer him to same school with me.

So i waited for him from my second to fourth year high...he was never transferred

Whenever our car would pass by his house on the way to my school...i always look at the window

wishing to see him.

I saw him twice.

But he never saw me.

He went to my school to visit some of his friends.

I saw him. He saw me.

We never said hi. We just stared at each other.

Years passed. I never see him again
First year college:

While having our P.E., i saw him walking in my direction, wearing the same P.E uniform

I was in total shock.

It was like a saw a ghost.

I didn't see him in years....we were 14 when we last see each other.

I wanted to say hi.

He saw me too.

But just like before...we never talk to each other.

I knew he was in shock too.

My 18th bday:

I sent him an invitation card through a common friend.

I even made him one of my 18 roses.

He's a part of my teenage life so i included him on my list.

He called me for the first time after 5 years.

But it was my mom who answered the phone.

House rules: "no boys allowed even on the phone"

So i did not get to talk to him.

I thought that was it...i thought i lose the chance of speaking to him

But after one day...i got a text message from him.

Again...i was in shock.

His first text message to me: Hi!

My first reply: Who is this?

Second message: ----- (his name)

I did not reply for several minutes.

I didn't know what to say.

My second reply: How did you get my number

Third message: From your friend


After that...we send text messages to each other everyday.

He asking about my day
Me asking about his day.

Unfortunately...he already has a girlfriend that time.

He was not able to attend my 18th bday because of some family emergency.

He was apologetic.

He has a girlfriend...but he became a close friend

Asking how I am...

Comforting me when i have problems

He's always there...

I saved all his messages to me.

Then...i lost my phone.

I lost his number....

I never get to talk to him again.


While cleaning my room, i saw my old address book. I found his home add and telephone number.

Now i remember him....

I wonder if he's okay...

Is he successful in his field?

Is he still in the Philippines?

Did he marry his girlfriend?

I remember our days...

I can still remember his face

I can still remember my feelings then...

But i am also keeping in mind...that what i am remembering is already a PAST.

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I knew it!!!

God is near to those who call upon him...and to those who know how to kneel down and say "thank you"

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A dream that does not feel like any dream at all

1. In my dream...i am still working
2. It's hot. (why can't i experience winter even in my dream)
3. It's traffic (as if it's not happening to me everyday)
4. I got to talk to my friend, who is now in heaven. What i told him, are the words I've been meaning to tell him- "I Love You"
5. I am doing financial report (just as i always do)

How can i say then if i had a goodnight sleep?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Be thankful

It is sometimes hard to be thankful to something or someone we always have.
We will only realize their value, when we already lost them.
Too late to say thank you anymore.

From: Pastor Dennis of Chicago U.S.A.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


I am always proud of my Alma Mater

I have been part of the La Sallian Family since my highshool days.

I earned my Bachelors Degree at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and now my Masters Degree from De La Salle University, Manila.

De La Salle is one of the top three Universities here in the Philippines and one of the best Universities in the world.

It is where "Great Men" earned their degree and become successful in their own field.

Our Heroes, politicians and big businessmen graduated from De La Salle.

In board exams and other Licensure exams, it is usual that a "La Sallian" would be the No.1 or one of the Top 10.

It is expected that if you're a graduate of "La Salle", you already have a "passport to success"

You will not have any problem looking for a job, because it will be the company who will come to you...and not just company...but companies. So all you have to do is "choose the best job for you"

It has been a joke among students that if you're studying in La Salle "you already have a tag price attached to your sleeves"- meaning you are "branded", "expensive"

Graduates are expected to create "names" bringing "glory" to their Alumni.

La Salle is a business school and most graduates of the University are owners of successful businesses, creating jobs for other Filipinos.

I remember what my teacher said when i used to join Debates and Quiz Bee. She said "keep in mind that you are representing your school. You can either bring glory or shame"

When I opened my own business, my professors and teachers are so proud of me and they say truly I'm one of "Lasalle's pride". When i went to Japan, they say I did not just represented my country but my University also. My classmates and batchmates who are also now successful in their field are making our professors proud as well.

When you're a Lasallian, you will be carrying an image where ever you go for the rest of your life.

To be part of the Lasallian Family is not easy. You have to pass an entrance exam which is really difficult. That's why it's a given fact that if you're studying in La Salle, you must be really smart!

Studying at La Salle is also expensive. Tuition fees range from P30,000-P50,000 (depends on the course) and parents have to pay it three times in a year (since La Salle is a "trimester" school)

La Salle students and graduates are expected (beyond having good grades) to have good manners. We are decent not only with what we wear but with the way we speak and act.

La Salle students are articulate and smart. We know how to speak our minds.

La Salle students are also peacemakers and responsible citizens. We act not only for our own good but for the good of everybody.

La Salle students are careful with their actions. We behave accordingly and we follow rules. We are respectful to our superiors and elders.

We also care for the environment. In fact, La Salle and Benilde are very strict when it comes to "waste management". Trash cans are everywhere and labeled with "biodegradable" or "non biodegradable" signs.

La Salle's signature colors are green and white. Proud students wear green and white shirts as a sign that they love their school.

I graduated in college 2003.

5 years later...I am so disappointed to see:

-La Salle and Benilde students drinking and smoking at nearby bars during their school hours. come they allow business people to open bars just a few steps from the University. Isn't that prohibited? These students are even wearing their "La Salle T-shirts" while getting drunk. Tuition fees in La Salle and Benilde are very expensive. These students are not thinking about their parents who are working hard just to provide them good education, unless the parents don't have any care.

Well, most students in La Salle come from well-off families. So "they can afford to pay another term" just in case they flunk a subject.

But: Is that enough reason? If your parents are rich and owners of big companies, that makes you "heirs" so are you also putting the future of your company to waste?

If your family is not that doing well...not only are you wasting your parents' hard-earned money but you are also ruining the dreams they have for you.

- While drunk, some couples are also making out in the broad daylight. I think they have forgotten "what being decent means". If they can't control their hormones, they should at least "get a room!"

Filipinas "used" to have an image of being conservative, reserve and well-mannered. But these days, it's hard to find a "Maria Clara" in La Salle. They kiss their boyfriends outside the restroom, in corridors or even in classrooms. They are worse when they are inside the fastfood chain or in the resto-bar outside the University. I am not even surprised to see some ladies with "growing bellies".

In terms of clothes...I like fashion. I update myself with latest trends when i was still in college...BUT...I know what and what not to wear in school. Talking about...APPROPRIATENESS.

In La Salle today, there are no more dress codes. So guys now are having a feast looking at girls flaunting their cleavage and butt. Some girls wear clothes that are more appropriate if they are in a bar or disco but very distracting if they are in a classroom.

- They have dirty mouths too...If i am their mother i think i would want to wash their mouth with some acid to get rid of the bad words coming out of their big mouths. I don't understand why La Salle students these days love to "curse". It has become an expression already. They start and end their sentence with p_t_. They curse when they are mad and they curse when they are happy. What a behavior?!

- Speaking of behavior, i had a talk with my college professor. She told me that this generation of La Salle students are not as good as terms of performance. Seems that they spend more time drinking and smoking and kissing...instead of studying and passing their exams. The number of students on the "Dean's list" is getting smaller...meaning....there are few students who can have an average of 3.0 or 85 and above.

- Also "they talk back" to their professor! My college professor told me once she has a student who attended her class "drunk". She asked her to get out of the room. She even called the "Discipline Officer"...guess what the student told her professor..."Why? Are you my mother? Just do your job". How rude!

Would you also believe that the Security guards in the Mall beside the University are afraid of the students? They don't have the courage to warn them or tell them to stop vandalizing the walls in the Mall's restrooms.

Readers of my blog would probably be surprised as to why i wrote this...

I have been noticing this change for several months already...but i remained quiet...thinking that "it's their life and not mine" so why should i care?

But just the other day, as i am about to enter girl's restroom, two guys passed me and entered the girl's cr! They "peed" inside! never caring if it's for girls and that i'm actually standing at the door...i could not believe when another girl entered the restroom and peed at the same cubicle where the guy had been! Don't they really have any shame at all?

Not only that...just the other day too, while buying something at 7-11 a guy wearing "Green Archers" t-shirt bumped an old woman who was standing in front of the cashier. The wallet of the old woman fell...guess what the guy did? nothing! I was expecting for him to turn around and apologize...but he did nothing! A real La Sallian would never be like that. He would apologize and would help the old woman get her wallet.

I shared this story to my friend...she said "young people" these days are becoming too liberated. Well...this is my opinion: Being liberated is far from being rebel, indecent, rude, ill-mannered and irresponsible. Being liberated is having an open mind to changes and modernity. It is having the confidence to speak his or her mind and doing what he or she thinks will make her happy. Being liberated is also letting go of traditions which they think are no longer useful to modern world. A person with a liberated mind is a person who is hungry for knowledge...for new things...for new developments...for anything that he or she believe can improve his or her self and his or her society.

I am not generalizing the new batches of La Salle students...i still see and believe that there are students, no matter how few, who are still keeping the good image of La Salle and will become great leaders in the future.

I feel sorry for those who are wasting their years in La Salle. May they realize that they are bringing "shame" to their Alma Mater rather than glory.

It is said that the future of our country lies in the young people....If that's the case...should i fear the worse or should i still hope for a better future?

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Words i regret

There are words I left unsaid

Words, i wish i had said

But there are also words that i should have not said.

Now he could not hear me anymore.

I regret...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Cat tried it!

This morning, i am surprised to see my cat with his paws on my Magic 8 Ball.

His face was so close to the number 8.

Thinking that he probably asked the ball too, i turned it over.

Guess what? It said "Concentrate and ask again"

I showed it to my cat. I think he's not satisfied with the answer.

So i placed it in front of him again...this time closer to his mouth.

I told him to "concentrate and ask again"

I turned it over...and it showed "Ask again later"

My cat went back to his sleep.

Now...I'm not the only me who's being silly ^^

The hot weather is really making me crazy.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My magic 8 Ball says "NO"

My Magic 8 Ball has been my favorite "toy" since my elementary days.

I love the feeling of getting an answer in just a matter of seconds. I hate waiting...

I am happy when it says "Yes" and i feel sad when it says "No"

It excites me when it says "concentrate and ask again" because its a lot better than receiving "definitely not".

A "cannot predict now" answer or "ask again later" pissed me off...

I totally forgot my magic 8 ball for years...when suddenly i saw it in an old box.

So...just like before, i got it and asked it...i even closed my eyes!

Guess what...i got a "no" answer.

I repeated my question...this time a lot louder to make sure that my Magic 8 ball heard my question. I am pretty sure it can understand English.

And again...another "NO"

Who says...i can rely on a "toy"

Who says i can ask it about my future?

I was so sad that i even called my Magic 8 ball...LIAR!

But tonight, as i arrived...i asked it again

This time it says "As I see it Yes"


Indeed, My Magic 8 Ball is my favorite toy!

Should i give it a kiss?

Nah...that's silly ^^

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Opposite Sex

Men will never understand Women

Women will never understand Men

They are opposite in everything

Husbands learn from their wives and vice versa

Boyfriends and girlfriends discover each other's personality and attitude

Even friends of the opposite sex learn from each other...sometimes they agree, sometimes not

But it is already given that men and women are different

It is trust and respect that binds them

But what will happen if those two are gone?

What will be left between them?

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Lessons from Master Po!

-Don't judge a person (or a panda) from his body size. Looks does not's the heart!
- There is really no secret recipe to a special soup. It just becomes special when you believe it is. (In other words...there's no secret to success, just believe in yourself and you can do it)
- Dreams come true...only if you make it happen
- Don't be afraid to show who you really are. You can be successful just by being yourself.

Last lesson:
Learn to share your food and eat slowly ^^

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I always arrive late home so i was not able to watch the whole season of American Idol.... But i did wait for the finals. I was eager to know who would win between David Cook and David Archuleta Both Davids are extremely good. Same name but different style. David Cook looks a lot mature and has a "rocker" image. Handsome in a rugged way. David Archuleta on the other hand is "boyish" and "babyish" but his voice sounds like an Angel especially when he sang "Imagine". Actually, my vote goes to David Archuleta...he really has a great voice and the songs that he performed that night are all "winning pieces". I easily agreed with Simon Cowell when he gave round 1 and round 2 to "baby David" He even said on the 3rd round that Archuleta's "Imagine" is a knockout. But i can't totally say that Archuleta is a great performer because i think he still lacks "showmanship". More often he just stands in the middle of the stage and sing....he barely walks around the stage. David Cook on the other hand has it all...Looks, confidence and "showmanship". He moves like a "pro" and he looks like one. He made several eye-to-eye contact with the audience and it melts a lot of girls. His guitar playing serves as "added appeal". But in terms of voice...David Archuleta wins. Cook has a voice...but not as superb as Archuleta's. Also, i honestly think just like what Simon said (I love Simon...esp his side comments haha) Cook's performances that night were not really "award winning". The songs were not winning pieces. B.U.T..... Cook wins! How did it happen? Simon gave round 1-3 to Archuleta....I just don't understand. Is it the votes? So is style superb than quality? Or the quality that i am expecting is not the same with the level of quality of many? Oh well...Congrats to Cook anyway. He doesn't have my vote that night but i am not saying he's not good...HE IS!

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Words to Remember

To those who does not explanation is enough
To those who explanation is necessary

A person who does speak...does not really know
A person who does know...does not speak

A true friend trust even the unbelievable
A friend who doubts is an enemy in disguise


These are the words my dad told me...
These are the words that will guide me...

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