My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How I love to play...

I once heard a saying that goes like this "You stop playing not because you grow old, instead you grow old because you stop playing"

Well it simply means that...being a grown up does not mean that you are not allowed to play any games anymore (because it's embarrassing or people may laugh).

Grown ups can still play! and more often, they can play the game better than the kids. *wink*

Also, i don't know if others have noticed it but, people who are too busy to laugh, smile and play...look a lot older than their real age.

Life is short! Laugh and play while you can! It helps us to look and feel younger too. It gives a healthy glow to the skin also (a beauty tip)

To test: My dad and I played table tennis awhile ago. Well...i lost! But it's a close match...
So, my study is true...grown ups can play the game better than their kids (hahaha) well....i could not afford losing a month's allowance which would happen if i did beat my dad in the game. (good thing my dad's not reading this blog) ^^

My dad is already 60 years old but a lot of people say he look 10 years younger than his real age. That is because, he play tennis everyday.

Playing a game is a lot fun than searching the world for the famous "fountain of youth"

Think about it! ^^

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I am happy to know you are alive JESUS.

I believe you are a true GOD who sees and listens to every one who calls your name

Thank you for your great sacrifice.

I Love You!!!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

PIZZA AND RICE...together!

I am a rice eater.

I just love rice!

I am trying to follow a diet...but i'm having a hard time not to eat rice.

I can eat kimchi and rice and tofu (forever)

But i love pizza too! Not the thick ones though...I can very well enjoy the flavor of a pizza with a thin and crunchy crust than with an overly thick and hard to chew crust.

Last night, i had a hard time deciding whether to eat rice or pizza. So i decided to eat both! Hahaha ^-^ Well...i am on vacation and i deserve to have a feast!

So my "life discovery book" now includes "pizza and rice can go together"

YUMMY!!!! Try it!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Days to Celebrate

I just like to share this list of "days to celebrate" for this year. This is originally posted at R's community by Always Smile and i like to thank her for sharing this very interersting list of celebrations ^^

January 14: Diary Day- The day of presenting your lover with a cute diary and a basket of flowers
February 14: Valentine’s Day - The day when girls and women present their boyfriends with chocolate and confess their love
March 14: White Day - The day when boys and men present their girlfriends with chocolate and confess their love
April 14: Black Day - The day when people who have no lovers eat black Chinese noodles together
May 14: Rose Day- The day when lovers present each other with roses to express their love
Yellow Day - The day when those who were unable to eat black noodles on Black Day go to eat yellow curry rice
June 14: Kiss Day - The day when lovers kiss to confirm their love
July 14: Silver Day - The day when lovers exchange silver rings to make a promise for the future
August 14: Music Day- The day of presenting a CD with love songs
September 14: Photo Day - The day when lovers take pictures to keep memories of their love
October 14: Wine Day- The day when lovers drink wine and share love
November 11: Ppeppero Day- The day of presenting Ppeppero cookies
November 14: Movie Day - The day when lovers go to see a movie holding hands
Hug Day- The day of giving hugs to your loved ones
December 14: Money Day- The day of spending generously for your lover
Sock Day - The day of presenting socks ahead of Christmas

Interesting right? ^-^ Especially for those who are in love...extremely in love ^^ This beats regular and ordinary "monthsaries" haha

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Saved by an Angel

Yesterday, i brought my puppy to her vet for some vaccination. My dad accompanied me since my 6 month old puppy who is weighing 7.6kg was so afraid and we have to pull her out of the cage to get her inside the clinic. She was more terrified when she saw another dog lying in a bed with a dextrose!

I was supposed to bring my white persian cat too...but she slept all day long (well, she pretended to be avoid the regular trip to the vet)

Anyway, just when were about to go to where our car was parked...i noticed a man sitting on the side of the street. I didn't know at first what he was doing there... then while i was passing on his side, from the corner of my right eye i saw something sharp that passed my head...then i realized it's an ax! he's actually chopping woods on the street...and the ax just missed my head! If i had not turned my head to the left side where my puppy was walking beside me, my head could have been accidentally chopped together with the block of wood! The man was shocked too! My dad was so mad and he asked the man why did he choose that place to chop some woods. There were people walking down that street since it's a commercial district. The man apologized....anyway.

Wooh....i realized i just missed "death" and as i was analyzing it...i think an angel saved me by telling me to turn my head on my left side...if i did not do that...i think i am now lying in
a "hello kitty" custom made coffin.

Thank God!

It's holy week now....Thank you Lord for saving me.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pacquiao Wins!

Manny Pacquiao Wins again! He's now Super Featherweight Champion.

I know he will win. Despite the fact that some popular "fortune tellers" predict that he will lose the match to Marquez, he was able to win the was hard since Marquez is equally good, still Manny won the match. He has a strong heart..."the heart of a fighter"

Pacquiao proved to all his detractors that they are all wrong. As i said before, i always admire him for his strong faith in God.

A man who fears a man greater than anybody else.


You deserve all the good things that you are having now.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Pulling me down

I only have few words to a person who is trying to pull me down: "You may use all your strength to pull me down...but God is stronger that you and He's the one pushing me up"

You can't pull me down. God will not let go of my hand.

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A Funeral or a birthday?

Loud disco music, friendly conversations, a buffet of the most delicious Filipino and Chinese dishes in the country, some cocktail drinks and beer drinking session - everybody would have thought that there's a party happening right at Arlington Memorial Homes. If the lavender coffin adorned with fresh flowers were not that visible from the main door...people from the outside would really really thought we were crazy people who decided to have a party in a funeral. Well...for those people who doesn't know my Aunty, they would really think we were crazy.

Last wednesday was the last night of my Aunty before her "cremation" day. Some people who doesn't know her too well...would think that her family and friends didn't love her that much because people close to her were laughing and enjoying the time of their lives at her very own funeral...instead of crying their hearts out.

My Aunty was known for being the "life of every party". She lights up any dark and sad room. She is very cheerful and giddy. She loves to dance and she's very good at it. She and I danced a "swing number" on my 18th birthday. She loves to laugh and she always has a ready smile to people around her. I can still remember her cheerful face the last time we spent some good time at Hardrock Cafe.

Now that she's gone...we know she would not like to see any sad faces. She wants her funeral to be a reflection of, loving, cheerful and bright. That's why even though we have sad hearts...we keep our faces happy....

All night, we played all her favorite dance songs. "She loves to dance" - this song will always remind me of her.

Now i am happy to know that my Aunty is now in heaven...dancing with the angels.

Till me meet again Tita Meg.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Password Breaker

I just found out (less than an hour ago) that somebody has been opening my site...using my log in name and PASSWORD! I don't have any idea how did she know my password.

I am so angry.

I don't know what's wrong with her...and why she's still bothering me.

Can't she be at peace with her own self?

It's so hard to trust people these days.

I hope she will find something worthy to do...

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Pay It Forward

Golden Rule: "Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you"

That's the first rule my parents taught me when i was young and i kept that rule in my heart.

"Love other people the same way you love yourself" - the second rule taught to me.

I religiously followed those rules...

But it was only yesterday when i saw with my own eyes what those two rules really mean and what it could do to you as a person.

My dad's cousin (my aunty) died last Saturday. It was sudden. It's a big shock...although we have an idea that she would soon meet our creator in Heaven because she was diagnosed as having "cancer of the pancreas", her loss still came as a shock to us... her family, relatives and friends.
We were informed that she would only have two months to live. But it was only a month's time...
Two months is so short...losing her in a month is too short and too fast. What hurts us the most is, she died not because of her illness but because of her drug...that was supposed to heal her and not to kill her.
I would not like to think that "she did it on purpose" I would not like to think that she purposely overdosed herself with morphine so she could ease the pain she's feeling...forever.
I would not and i would not want to judge her.
Yesterday, my parents and I went to her wake. My Aunty is a very beautiful woman in her 50's. She is known for her cheerfulness and kindness to everyone around her.

We are aware that there are so many people who love her...but what surprised us were the number of people who came to her give their respect and to say goodbye. I am not talking about 40 or 50 people...but hundreds! There were celebrities and politicians and some from the media who came. Wow! I didn't thought my Aunty was that popular. They were there to testify the good things that my Aunty did for small and big ways. We heard a lot of stories about my Aunty...we found out how many people she had helped when she was still alive. Nice is a good word. But compassion and kindness are two words that we heard most from her friends which i think is a lot overwhelming that just hearing the word "nice".

Some of her friends living in foreign countries came home to Philippines just to see her and pay their last respect.

I remember the movie "Pay it Forward". My Aunty did so many good things while she was still alive...and now that she's dead, people came back to say "thank you" and then they are now moving on with their lives...bringing the lesson they learned from my Aunty "to do good all the time"

The goodness which my Aunty did will now be passed on to other that's what i call "PAY IT FORWARD"

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Friday, March 7, 2008

I can't breathe

Now i know why i felt suffocated last night

I thought it's my endless worry about my future...

Well, it's because i was about to get sick today

For most of the day...i kept on sneezing and throwing tissue papers on the wastebasket

Damn! It's because of the cold weather.

I don't hate the cold weather...i love it!

It's just that my body is so slow when it comes to "adapting to certain change"

Good thing it's saturday tomorrow. I only have a half-day's work...then go to church (it's a must)

then cheer for Eizza! Go Eizza...Go bag that crown!

and finally i can go to sleep...for looooooong hours!!!

Hmmm....So much for my worry with Jolla's health

I am wishing him good health, when I, myself don't have a perfect health either

hahaha...i guess i'm not that good in giving advice huh?

I got to have loads of Vitamin C from now on...

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I can't breathe...

I feel i am closed inside a box

I want to run...and scream...

if only i could...

What will my tomorrow be?

Only God knows.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love coffee, I love tea...

I drank one cup of coffee and one cup of tea...tonight

Tea for good digestion

and i will not fall asleep in the middle of my work.

I think the tea works tummy feels fine

A cup of coffee was not enough to keep me from being sleepy

Especially if my bed and pillow is just a few inches away from my work desk...

Should i take another leave from work?

sounds good!? but nah...that would not do

how about getting married...and have my husband work for me?

Now i think...that's crazy!

I should get back to my work...

off to bed now...i mean off to work now...


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Monday, March 3, 2008


I wish to have a goodnight sleep tonight

and sweet dreams too.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am not in love (am i?)

When i see his smile, it brightens my cloudy days
When i look into his eyes, i feel i could trust him
When i listen to his voice, i feel i could believe him

When i hear his completes my day. Knowing that he is happy is enough for me
I am also happy whenever he reaches his goal...
I am happy knowing that he arrives safely
I am happy when he is just at home...resting, sleeping, eating and playing...I know he needs it.

I hate his bad habit...but i know i can live with it.
I cried when he lost his father.
I worry when he is sick.
I worry if he is taking his medicine at the right time

I feel sad when he is sad too...
I know he feels lonely
and i often think if he has some friend who he can share his feelings.

I feel this way towards him...
Is this what they say "falling in love"
or just like a friend...who cares?

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Food is the best medicine...for sadness (in my case)

My family and i had a dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in town..."MannYann"
I decided to treat my parents...well it's payday ^^

Nothing beats Mann Yann's Yangchow. I already tried Yangchow fried rice at several Chinese restaurants like Gloria Maris, Super Bowl and even Emerald..still their Yang Chow is the BEST!

I also love their Fried Tofu (i think i can survive in an island with only tofu and yangchow...haha ^^ plus of course chopsticks)

Here are some of their menu (which i have already tried) that i can share to you:

-Lechon Macau
- Chami
- Beef Brocolli
- Tausi Fish Fillet
- Tausi Clams (my favorite)
- Springroll
- Fried Beancurd
- Seafood Special
- Lomi

Don't forget to try their Buko Sherbet's the best and of course their chilled taho


By the way...this is a free advertisement ^^

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