My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Friday, February 29, 2008

What I need...

How i wish i have:

- a magic wand
- a crystal ball
- a flying carpet
- a flying broom
- a wishing well
- a fairy godmother
- a genie

These are what i need...

On second thought...It's really "Him" who i really need right now.

-nuff said-

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Distance makes me far from you
Crowd makes you far from seeing me
Time makes everything brand new
Love makes you special to me

I cannot think of any perfect gift
In this world, you have everything you need
But a word of promise is what I want to give
That will never be broken for as long as I live

We are two different people living in two different worlds
But a promise from the heart will be like a cord
That will bind me to you wherever I may be
For wherever I look it is your face that I see

The sun may stop from shining
The birds may stop from flying
I may not see a rainbow anymore
I may not hear anymore songs

But when I think of you I will be reminded
Of my promise to you I have once said
From my heart, I promise to be your true friend
I will be there for you from the beginning till the end


I wrote this for his birthday last year

I intend to keep this promise...for a very long time

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here's my horoscope for the day: "Adding more romance to your life does not require the presence of another person"

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two people in my brain

I can hear two "people" in my brain

They are arguing whether "to go or not to go"

and "to see him or not to see him"

To forget him or forget him not?

Ah...i think the last one is impossible. Totally impossible!

Since no matter how busy I am....his face is in my brain 24/7

Now if only i could organize my thoughts...that would be better!

Why do "change" has to arrive at the last minute

Just like a blew everything

I have to go back to my "normal state" or else I would lose my own direction

I don't make plans...

But i do keep a "wish list"

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So many questions

I can't find the answers...

(mi-ni, mi-ni, mi-ni- mo) -as if this could help



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Monday, February 25, 2008

How to choose a spouse (interesting)

"How to choose a spouse" was the topic of our church pastor last Saturday.
But before that, he asked all the single men and ladies to stand up...well...i did not (haha)

So here are some pointers i learned and wrote down (for future use)

1. Someone of opposite sex (of

2. Somebody Christian - do not be equally yoke with an unbeliever for it would only bring you trouble.

Logic? nothing in common, no harmony and no agreement

3. Somebody who can be a suitable helper
- Must ask first if the person is suitable/fit for you in terms of dreams, lifestyle, future plans and personalities

Clue: A strong man needs a strong woman too (and not just a wallflower or someone who could not do anything besides depending on her husband)

4. Physical attraction - you will be staring at his face for a lifetime ^^

5. Mutual submission - both of you must have some form of respect with one another

6. Companionship - someone who you enjoy having conversation with and someone who can always put a smile on your face

There! Now i have my checklist ready...

Time to see if he fits the description...hahaha

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Wide Awake

Friday night

I got sore feet

My back is aching

My head aches

I am so tired

And i need to sleep...

I am sleepy

But why in the i still awake right now?

I am sleepy...but my mind seems to be at work

Aaaarggghhh....why can't my mind cooperate with me just for tonight

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Never Plan...never ever make plans

My Life...has always been full of surprises

Ironically...most of the great things i achieved in my 25 years of existence in this world
were given to me "fully wrapped with a big red ribbon and left on my doorstep"
in simple words they were always given to me as gifts sent from heaven...
Some of it...i thought would be impossible but happened to be possible
Some...i could only described as "magical"
They were gifts...surprised gifts...

Because...i never plan. I don't plan things ahead

I just work hard and i pray hard..and i am always grateful to whatever i have

But this year...My new year's resolution was: "to plan"
To make a plan...for everthing

So I list down all the things which i have, want and need to do this year

But plan failed.
I planned...i anticipated...i waited...I did whatever i have to according to my plan

But...whatever i planned never happened.

Whatever i anticipated and waited...never came

And for the first time this year

I cried....

It seems that...i have to go back living my if it's my last day on earth.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After one year

I can still remember it just happened yesterday

Such sweet memories

I am glad i met you...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where would this lead me to...

I need to sleep...longer than 5 hours

That's what i need!

My eyebags are getting bigger and darker

All because! (why do i have to desperately work so hard...what for?)

For a good future? having eyebags would lead me to a good life huh?

better be!

...i got another job offer. this time to be a "newscaster" (my long time dream)

why does it have to arrive at the wrong time when i wanted it so badly a few years ago?

so much questions

i can't find the answers!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Winter in Manila!!!


But it's just so cold right now...that i am actually imagining snow falling down on my head.

That's a nice thought!

It's my bestfriend's birthday today!

Happy Happy Birthday my bestfriend!

Too bad...she's in Canada. I wanted to give her a nice hug and tell her're getting older! Watch out for wrinkles hahaha ^^

We've been friends for 12 years now...and she's now living in Canada
Good thing, there's technology and it seems that she's not that too far from me
Just a "phonecall-email-text" away

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Life is Good

A nice sermon from our Church's pastor at 6pm

A dinner at a Japanese Restaurant at 8pm

A cup of mocha frapp by 10pm

A series of photo shots with my cousins by 10:30pm

A chance to sit at the stairs while listening to some good music at 12am

A long walk along the bay by 1:00 in the morning

A chance to sit again...this time by the bay at 1:20am

A cool breeze...rushing waves...colorful lights...some fireworks not far behind me

A deserted highway by 2:30 in the morning

All these...made me realize that night...just before i went to sleep at 3am that "Life is indeed good" to me.

I am glad I am alive. I am glad i have a good family and friends. I am glad i have eyes to see all of these...i am thankful!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Growing Up

I got to meet some of my friends the other day
I couldn't believe some of my friends from high school and college are already married and have their own kids!
It seems like it's just yesterday where we were all chatting inside the classroom or playing games while waiting for our professor.
It seems like it's just yesterday when we were all wide awake at night...supposed to be doing a project but could not stop from giggling and talking about our crushes
and it seems it's just yesterday when we were talking about what would become of us 5 or 10 years that time has come
It's like magic seeing my friends having babies...a new generation...
When I'm looking at my mom...and remember how she raised's like seeing my future.
I just wish i will be a good mom too just like her...and i wish my daughter will be a good daughter too like me (i am! ^^)

I have one fear seems that the world is getting worse...i am scared for my future kids...i know I'm not supposed to feel this way because there are still a lot of good people here...still, i wish my kids will be able to overcome the challenges, temptations and trials that I've passed through and will still be passing through...

Anyway, i am happy for my friends. Seeing them again made me realized that we are all grown ups now....

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I pray for my dream

You have always been good to me
You made all my dreams come true
You gave me what is best for me
You know the desires of my heart
I cannot hide anything from you
You have been my bestfriend, my closest friend
Now i have another dream...a wish
I know you know what is it
I pray you will make it come true
I am asking you according to your will
For i trust you...i entrusted you my whole life
My dream will happen only if you allowed it
Hold my hand...for i am afraid
Let me sleep peacefully beside you tonight...

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On this night, On this highway
With the moon above and with nothing to say
I feel calm, I feel ease, I feel free
In my car and with my keys
I can go anywhere i want to be

Few cars on the road and nobody is rushing
Hands and eyes are busy but the mind is wishing
So this is how it feels to be empty
Free, calm but lonely

On this highway, i began to think of you
As i go faster, i feel i am drawing near to you
Night deepens, and the street lights shine
When the wind touches my face, i remember your smile

I look behind and i saw your shadow
Why do i feel that this highway is so narrow
Everywhere i go you are in my path
I see you in my future, yet you are also in my past

On this night, On this highway
I will be on my way to say goodbye
My car is set to another journey
To a place where we will not see

I am on my way back to reality
For i have been traveling on this fantasy
But then i heard your voice calling me
So my fantasy is also my destiny

written date: Feb 3, 2008
time: 10:24pm

why i wrote this poem?

Everyday i feel tensed and stressed from work
But whenever i go home...late at night
A highway with only few cars and a cool breeze relaxes my mind
I do not know why...but being on that highway...helps me to think see better and to feel at ease

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