My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's leaving

My bestfriend is leaving again...

Now what should i feel...

Sad? again?

I just hold on to the thought that someday we'll see each other again

I wish she will have a safe trip

I am happy that she's now having a happy and stable life...

Seeing her what i have always wanted for her

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suddenly Sad

I am not sure if i woke up on the wrong side of the bed or what
But it cannot be since i have only one side to get up to...since on my right side is my "wailing wall"
Anyway, as i woke up...i suddenly feel weak! Certainly not physically weak. I just feel like...i don't want to go on...and i can't go on.
I feel sad. I feel like i just want to lay down on my bed and stare at the ceiling and think about my future.
Then i saw my laptop...should i open it? But decided not to...and i didn't even bother to open my cellphone. I felt really weird...actually up to now. I feel sad! I am not sure why...
I told myself...i'm supposed to be happy because every thing's going well..and as planned (these days) so why feel sad? Or have i done any wrong decision? Confusion...that's the answer or perhaps depression?

Am i not too young to feel depressed? All i know i shouldn't be like this for a long time...because i have the most demanding work in the world!

Come to think of it...have i really woken up? or am i still sleeping and all these sadness are just part of my dream?

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

First in 2008

Here are my "firsts" for this i told you time flies so fast

I am sick (my first flu for this year)
I just watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" (my first movie for this year) which i truly enjoyed for i must admit i miss the cartoon characters in my "childhood days". No offense with the latest ones...i just love the old classic cartoons...nothing beats them. i wonder if they will release "Chip and Dale" too. ^^
I read Ripples of Joy (my first book again...for this year)
The son of my Japanese friend said I looked like Japanese (hmmm...that's something new and a "first" of course)
I woke up feeling...giggly and soooooooooooo happy. (another first...^^)

Now, i am wondering what other "first" will i be experiencing this year. I hope it will be all good ones and not traumatic or overly dramatic...

ooopppps I forgot...I just found out, I can be a songwriter too...woohooo! I am so happy with the results and of course happy with the reaction of the people too. I just hope i can overcome this shyness. Well, it's much better to be shy than to be overly confident (i guess)

nuff said...I'm waiting for more "first"

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


So holidays has come to an end...

I don't know how and i don't know why but it seems that "father time" is in a hurry.

I can't believe Christmas and New Year just passed

and tonight, as i'm writing in here...the year is already 2008 when i can still remember how people panicked when 2000 came...a lot has been worried by y2k...and now it's nothing but an "8 year memory"

What's happening? either father time is in a hurry or the world is spinning in a much faster speed.

It is scary...can be really scary especially if one is not prepared.

am i?

Tomorrow...things will be in normal routine again..that is "waking up, having breakfast (if lucky) go to office....go to my store...go to school...go home...sleep" my normal "cycle of life" i will be really lucky if something will come up and break that cycle. although last year (it's kind of weird saying last year since 2007 was just last week), a lot of "breaks" came to me...which include meeting a really popular Korean star...^-^ and the Philippine President. I got to meet new friends from different countries also such as US, Japan, Korea, China, HongKong, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam...and would you believe, i am not an only child anymore...i think i prayed too much that now i have a sister in US, Japan, HK and in Canada hahaha^^ make an account, i really did have a lot of "breaks" and surprises in 2007.

This 2008, i just wonder if some breaks will come again...or will i be stuck on my normal routine ...who knows? Life is full of surprises as they say. I am excited and honestly...I've been waiting for something to happen..really interesting^^ God...are you hearing me?

Tomorrow (Monday) my life will start life is like a race...hmmmm sounds familiar...

By the way, my book by Mitch Albom "Tuesdays with Morrie" got lost somewhere and i don't feel good! i have to find that book ...quick! as an instant...

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