My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Now that 2008 had its farewell party
Majority claimed that it's their worst year.

Not for me...I must say.

There were good and not so good happenings
Countless goods...such as "I am still cracked skull thankfully"

Some bad ones...which...could still be considered as blessings just put in a badly wrapped package.
Those unfortunate events made me a lot stronger and wiser....
Come to think of it, life would be too boring without the bad stuffs.
When life becomes too ends one's purpose.
A perfect day still has to end.
That's why God made the sunset.
I say, contentment is the key to happiness
that's one principle I learned.
To be content on what you have and to adjust yourself to the means provided.

Thank you 2008!

Nice to meet you 2009!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

No cracked skull for New Year

Someone or something's been trying to crack my skull yesterday...(absurd)

Two strikes of badluck made its way and found a hole on my bubble protection of good lucks...

It was during the afternoon, I was leaning on the wall against the door...trying in vain to maximize my vacation by holding Meyer's New Moon on my right hand...reading, while my left hand was holding my cat's leash...letting him nibble a plant in our garden.

It was fast!

a strong wind passed by...then our heavy wooden door hit my head

It gave me a dizzy feeling obviously

No blood...good!

I spent the day hiding it from my Mom

Coz I was not sure if she would curse the door or me :)

But the bluish green that appeared on my cheek several hours after, exposed the deal

and I was right...My mom did curse me and not the door

I blamed the wind though...hahaha

The bad luck did not stop there...

Persuasive indeed

At 4am

Some craziness wrapped me and I decided to sleep on the foot of my bed...

with my legs on my pillow supposed to be for my head

and my head on my pillow purposely for my feet

I just felt like sleeping that way

and it did me a good thing...

(luck is still with me)

saving my head from a frame hanging on the wall which fell on my bed

the reason for the fall?

no idea

The wind was not guilty.

No earthquake or any other forms of shaking

My windows were all closed.

so much for reading a vampire story.

Well, I hope to survive the year without a cracked skull.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coffee and tranquility

I am on a tranquil mode right now.

A good book on my right hand
A cup of coffee on my table
Iron and Wine on my earphone...placed securely on my ears...tuning out outside noise
A cold wind...
A drizzle...
and a laptop to write this.

What else is left?

A hope that this moment will last than expected

It feels so good not to think and care of anything else
Let tomorrow worry for its own

Happy Christmas everyone!
Enjoy the holidays :)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008




My wisdom is not enough to fathom the length of your existence

In simplicity, I would like to know "how old are you?"

Perhaps someday I could ask you that :)

In the meantime, I would rest my query on the truth that you will only grow old...but you will never cease.

What can I give you then besides my life as a gift?

May my trust and faith serve as a precious gift to you.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vampires are believers too

Okay, so now I am pretty sure why I am so drawn to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and my loyalty to J.K. Rowling is diminishing. (just a quarter)
No...not just because Edward is a dashing vampire and I have the same stubbornness Bella has.
It's for the reason that Stephenie was able to mix reality and fantasy in one...or rather four books.

This will sound fictional okay? But just to share my interest
From the book, Carlisle (Edward's foster parent) who happens to be a Vampire answers Bella's inquiry as to why his family is not doing the "obvious" meaning - kill the humans rather than satisfy themselves with animal blood and why does he love his job as a doctor. Carlisle said he never doubted that there is a God...and that heaven and hell do exist and somehow he wishes they will be given small credit for living like that. Since he's already a vampire...perceived to be the bad guy...the monster...the least he could do is: save lives

The Cullen family are vampires slash angels.

So in other words "even Vampires believe in God"

So (again) how come there are people roaming on this earth living as if there's no God or even questioning and making/creating several theories...depending on science...relying on technology....trusting their limited wisdom...

Shouldn't we do the most obvious thing also?

Need I say more?

or should we really wait till the rocks do the worshipping?

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What's wrong with Friendster?

I am suddenly getting "freak comments" from "people" on my list of friends. When I asked them about it, they denied sending it...and of course I do believe it did not come from them.

So what's wrong with friendster lately?

It's not as safe as it used to be.

But I am lazy enough to waste more time creating another mini homepage.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold days are my lucky days

Here are the random list:

-Business doing good, despite the recession going's still surviving.
- My pets are all in pretty good shape (they love the cold too)
- My parents are happy and healthy
- All my relationships are running smoothly...although one of it is disjointed, i can still say it's bearable.
- Work is good...a bit boring...but good enough for now.
- Can sleep for 8 hours (just this Christmas month)
- Completed the Twilight Saga and was lucky enough to get the illustrated movie companion. I am so into it that I also bought the OST. Can't wait for the DVD.
- My interest to Stephenie Meyer's work became a positive distraction to me and a great help in forgetting someone I am supposed to forget months ago. I am moving on! Hurray for me!

But Damn!
I received a letter from "the used to be focal point of my attention" for two years. Just when I was about to bid my farewell and start anew....
and leave any activity I have done with regards to...
It totally disrupted my decision.
I am about to say goodbye...doesn't he know?
Now he left me with another thought to think and care about.

Oh well...I will think about it some other time.
He's not on my top list of priorities lately.
As I am not on his top list also.
That's how it is.
"Only for the moment"
A bliss...
Nothing special...nothing remarkable...
Just a dream.

Cold days are my lucky days...DEFINITELY!!!

I am excited for Christmas...the birthday of my dearest best friend...JESUS :)

Should I go to London? or USA?

Haha...or should I find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Nuff said!!!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This's classical

Last night, I saw an old piano piece in my book case.
Nostalgia hit me.
I went to my piano...hesitantly at first.
Have not played it for so many months.
The old piece was the one I played on my very first recital..."Doll's Dream" by Theodore Oesten. A timeless piece...way back 18th century.
A long one...about four pages.

Thinking that my parents were already in the confines of their asleep
I played softly.
As I played...I came to notice the weakness of my fingers.
It's all "rusty".
I did not have any difficulty playing the piece before.
But last fingers did not glide smoothly on my piano's ivory keys.
I think it comes with age
and also with my lack of practice.

Oblivious to my mom's sudden presence
I continued to play.
Then she spoke a whispering tone (as if I'm doing something illegal haha)
"Good you find time to play that piano".
She encouraged me to practice my "gifted" skill whenever I have the time instead of lingering too much on my computer screen.
She's very honest in speaking her thoughts such as: "It's fine to spend some time in front of the pc but it's not good to spend ALL your time in front of it and forgetting those things you used to do"

Actually...she won't mind If I linger on my pc.
But she's very keen to "some emails" (come and go) hahaha
She said it's taking too much of my time and that it's not doing me any good at all.

I nod in agreement.


On the other hand...she approved my new interest
which is: love for twilight saga.

Hilariously, she thought it's safer to adore a vampire....a fictional character
than someone who truly exists but could not promise any protection...or guarantees
leaving the future...unknown
and the price of being with that someone is " too costly"

I still love fast songs though
But the classics will always remain to be the "favorites."

Like my "classic old self."

I now very well know what "time management" means :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dazzling December

December is my fave month.
A surprise to those who thought it's August.

Unlike Bella Swan (Edward's apple of the eye), I love the cold.

I truly love cold days without the rain.

I am comfortable to wear Jackets and sweaters everyday
than summer dresses...please don't force me (haha)

My perfect day is described as "cloudy and windy".
A day when the sun is in "hiding."

On the contrary...I like the sun.
I love seeing the sun rising and setting.
It's the HEAT that I don't appreciate.

My dear bestfriend once told me "I am "cold-hearted"
Loving the cold doesn't make me one :)
I am still of course a human being with a heart as warm as the coal.


Since last week...I spent all my free time reading nothing but "Twilight."
and guess what? I luckily got all the four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn- half of the credit goes to my "Batman". THANKS!!!

Collecting all those four is not easy...BELIEVE ME! It takes a lot of patience and a great deal of stamina to go from one bookstore to another...getting hold of a copy is like finding a gold at the end of the rainbow.

The answer I hated the most last week is: "sorry it's all sold out"

So what's in the book?
If i have to describe it in a brief statement it would be: "An extremely good looking modern day vegetarian vampire who doesn't want to be a monster and would rather save a young, smart, observant, pretty clumsy girl who later falls in love with him and is willing to exchange her humanity and become a vampire in order to live as an Immortal with her one true love."

Thumbs up to Stephenie Meyer- a gifted writer. I look forward to read more of her future writings.


Just like Bella...Edward dazzles me.

How did he do that?

I don't know.

But the book surely acts like a magnet....pulling me.
It's so hard to resist not opening the book..even during "office hours"
Spank me then! haha
My "boss" on the other hand is pleased with my performance.
I am able to finish all my works in just one sitting.
In my haste to finish the book
I found myself doing my work at a speed.
haha :)

I already had/have my time with a Prince
I had/have/having my time with a Batman also

Will I have the same meet and spend a precious time with a Vampire?

Humor me!

Edward...Bite me.
This last one is but a fantasy.


Sorry, I am out of reach lately.

But, you can find my eyes and my brain at Forks Washington.

Faithfully following the story of Edward and Bella.

Disturb me only when there's an "emergency".


I will be candid this time.

I am just so happy that I decided to watch Twilight the movie.

If not I would not have the interest to hook myself and read all the four books.

It's a different story with Harry Potter.

My fondness for HP started when I came to know the book and read it till the last chapter... then my interest for the movie followed.

"Twilight" serves as my great escape

from what? where?

From my Yahoo Inbox

Lately, I take no interest in opening my Inbox or my YM and read my emails.

No offense to those who often send me messages.

I honestly appreciate those who are thoughtful enough to remember me every now and then.

It's the action of having to answer all those emails that I dread.

I am not lazy to answer.

I just don't have the will or the interest to talk to my "email friends" right now.

But again...not to offend anyone...nothing will change. The friendship will remain

I just want to "escape" for now.

Just give me time to rest.

Before I resign to boredom.

And fill my mind with different thoughts other than focus on one person which I am not quite sure if that person is also thinking of me or even remembering me.

I am on this period wherein I feel too tired....talking about the same thing/person over and over again.

reading emails centering on "one topic".

as if that person will continuously be the center of my "life".

and some expects me to have an answer right away....

which I frankly don't have.

Right now...I am slowly but surely creating a distance

There are some things that are just but for a moment
But should not last a lifetime
Or else it would not be healthy anymore for my future.

The person and the memories will remain special to me of course.
and the communication has not ended.

I will be back to my normal state. I am sure.

To my dear friend in Japan: I miss you! Sorry for my absence.

I will get back when I have already freed my mind of some disturbances.

You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

You are among the few who I truly value...who I only met from the Internet

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I can survive without having new clothes, shoes and bags
but not without a new book
especially if it's really a good one.

I spent so much on books................
The two latest on my collections are "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"
Yes, i am hooked with "Twilight" these days.

I am not yet over with Harry Potter.
I just find Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's romance "uniquely attractive"
For those who still don't know the's all about a young girl who fell in love with a Vampire.
An odd but magnificent love story.

My sin?
Breaking my resolution of "saving money for the rainy days"
Have to cut my expenses.
I will
But the good books are all coming out?
What to do?!?

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David defeats Goliath

Some says it's a mismatch
Some says he will lose
Some says he chose the wrong opponent
Some says this might not be good for his career


Only proves height doesn't's all in the skills^^

Congrats Pacman!!! Way to Go!!!

You are the pride of the Filipinos!

and well...again there were no crimes recorded.
All were busy watching "our boxing man"

Woohooo! Hurray!
I am just so happy.

Hey, Mr. Batman, you owe me a thousand bucks!
You lose!
Come to think of owe me a lot.
Pacquiao wins again.
What can you say about that huh?

Smile people!

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Sweet Remembrance

A nod, an eye-to-eye contact, a 5 second stare, two handshakes, two pats on my left arm, one wave and five warm smiles - enough to make that night memorable.

If it's the last time...then it's a sweet farewell.

This song reminds me of that night:

Title is: You found me by Kelly Clarkson

Is this a dream?
If it is
Please don't wake me
from this high
I'd become comfortably numb
Until you opened up my eyes
To what it's like
When everything's right
I can't believe

You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know just
where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what
nobody could see
You found me
You found me

So, here we are
That's pretty far
When you think of
where we've been
No going back
I'm fading out
All that has faded me within
You're by my side
Now everything's fine
I can't believe

You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know just
where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what
nobody could see
You found me
You found me

And I was hiding
'Til you came along
And showed me where I belong
You found me
You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know?
How did you know?

You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know just
where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what
nobody could see
You found me

(You found me)
(When no one else was lookin')
You found me
(How did you know just
where I would be?)
You broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what
nobody could see
The good and the bad
And the things in between
You found me
You found me

Will it be the last time?
I know there will be another will depend on...chance.

Just happy that at least...he acknowledged my presence
and did not completely ignored me.

I thought he would not look back... but he did.

If I see him again...I promise to talk ^^
I always forget everything, when he's in front of me.
Like...i just want to stare at his face.
It is silly, I know
I will never get used to his presence.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

To be Immortal

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

Interesting question
Interesting thought

Got this from Twilight the Movie.

Yes...what do we live for? How nice would it be if we are immortals?

But what if we get too tired to live anymore?

Now thinking...

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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am so happy today...
So happy that I think I will have a goodnight sleep and sweet dreams tonight. ^-^
I JUST SAW A RAINBOW TODAY!!! at exactly 5:20pm.

I was staring blankly on the window...thinking of someone special
when there it is...A RAINBOW!
I fought an urge to go and find its end...(for some gold^^)

I could no longer remember the last time I've seen one.
So today is a precious day to me.

December 4, 2008 - a date to remember

Mwah! Thank you Lord!!!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Bolt! :)

I love Bolt...

yes I love Bolt

I might go buy an original DVD of it and watch it again and again and again ^^

Did I say I love Bolt?


But I don't like Miley...

why does it have to be her.

Oh well, in fairness I like one song of her.

Just the song...not her.

Nuff said!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love Dolphins. I have a dolphin bracelet, necklace, keychain, bag, stickers and figurines.

And I've also been a part of a program of "Saving the Dolphins."

Anyway...I did not go to work today, to pack my stuffs and ready myself for my flight later to Seoul, Korea.

and while spending time checking my emails and some videos which my best friend uploaded in Youtube, I also checked some "Dolphin videos" and here's what I found:



I am very sure...their souls will be burned in HELL!

If I only have the power to kill those "dolphin killers", I will kill them same way they killed those poor sea creatures.

But of course, God is the only one who can give them the proper punishment.

For all those who care... LET'S SAVE THE DOLPHINS!


With our own little way, we can save those dolphins and whales.

Do this for the future.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love Mc Cain! read it right!
He was and still my bet...
Of course Obama is a good choice too...articulate, full of wisdom and young.
A good debater as well...
His promises are good too...sweet like candy.

If I am an American and I live in America...My vote would be for Mc Cain.

Don't ask me why.

But to give you a hint: The young may be full of knowledge but lack experience. "Words spoken written in the air".

I prefer the old who has been there already...than a young whose path is unknown.

President Obama would not be in his position today if not for those people who believed in him. So I believe too that he has the quality of a leader that Mc Cain doesn't have.

God knows who to put in charge...

So fine...Congratulations to President Barack Obama. May you lead America to its greater heights as before. GodBless you!

Let me share to you some parts of Mc Cain's speech:

"I urge all Americans who supported me to join me in not just congratulating him, but offering our next president our good will and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity, defend our security in a dangerous world, and leave our children and grandchildren a stronger, better country than we inherited.

Whatever our differences, we are fellow Americans. And please believe me when I say no association has ever meant more to me than that."

We fought -- we fought as hard as we could. And though we feel short, the failure is mine, not yours.

Tonight -- tonight, more than any night, I hold in my heart nothing but love for this country and for all its citizens, whether they supported me or Senator Obama

I wish Godspeed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president. And I call on all Americans, as I have often in this campaign, to not despair of our present difficulties, but to believe, always, in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here."


Now, who wouldn't love a man with sincere words like that?


Come on Pinoys! Learn from him...

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Monday, November 3, 2008

I disagree with Claire

Yes, I totally disagree with Ms. Claire Dela Fuente the current President of Integrated Metropolitan Bus Operators Association (IMBOA) and also considered as the most powerful figure in the Public Transportation Industry nowadays.

So....she is responsible for all the "Bus accidents" that happened for the past few days.
Well, not totally ONLY her. But she needs to do something...or think of something to do quickly!

Instead she said "Accidents on the road is a common thing. It was just highlighted because a popular figure in the name of Dr. Sarabia was one of the victim. Accident is called accident because it just happens."

But this is my opinion:

Accidents happen. It just happen
But it can be avoided....with proper measures.

There are things to be done....
Changes to implement...


We just have to be responsible and take charge.

Nuff said

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

This accident could have been ours...

Before I write here why...
Let me share to you this news:

Overtaking bus slams into car in Pampanga; 6 dead, 56 hurt

MANILA, Philippines — At least six people, including a priest, were killed in a head-on collision between a packed passenger bus and a utility vehicle along the North Luzon Expressway in Pampanga on Saturday.

Police said fifty-six others were injured, many of them in critical condition.

Sr. Supt. Fernando Villanueva, regional officer of the police Highway Patrol Group 3, said the incident involved a Fermina Express bus with body number 97824 and plate number NYN-688 and a Toyota Revo with plate number XHE-829.

Umoovertake itong bus at kinuha ang linya ng Revo (The bus was overtaking another vehicle and went into the Revo’s lane),” Villanueva said in an interview on dzBB radio.

Preliminary investigation showed the bus was heading north for Pangasinan while the Revo was heading south to Manila when they collided.

The incident occurred at about 1 p.m. at the portion of the NLEX near Sta. Ines village in Mabalacat town in Pampanga.

Senior Supt Pete Singian, Pampanga provincial director, said four of the fatalities were killed on the spot, including the Revo’s two riders and three of the bus passengers.

A fourth bus passenger died later in hospital of severe injuries, he said also over dzBB radio.

Police identified three of the fatalities as Fr. Domingo Moraleda of Claret School in Quezon City, Revo driver as Ruth Dianne Ferrer of Diliman, Quezon City; and Aurelia Montera of undertermined address.

Ferrer’s dead companion was described as a foreigner but the identity has yet to be established.

Superintentent Singian earlier told dzBB that bus driver Bernardo V. Santos, of Mangaldan, Pangasinan, was among those killed on the spot but other police officials assigned to investigate said the driver was still fighting for his life in hospital.

Singian said one of the passengers earlier reported to be a child turned out to be a “small woman.”

“There was no child among the fatalities,” he said.

Police said most of the passengers were on their way home or the All Saints and All Souls Day holidays. Province-bound buses from Manila were packed on Friday as people rushed to their rural homes to visit their loved ones in cemeteries.

Violent impact

Superintendent Villanueva said the impact of the collision was apparently so violent. “Grabe, naghiwalay ang katawan (It was gruesome. Some of the fatalities were dismembered),” he said.

Reporter Benjie Liwanag, who was reporting at the accident site, said the Revo was wrecked beyond recognition. “Warak ‘yung Revo, pati yung makina tumalsik (The Revo is a total wreck. Its engine was thrown into a distance),” he said.

He said the front portion of the bus was crumpled and anyone seating in the front seats could not have survived.

Nagkalat ang mga bag, pagkain, sinelas, kuwarta at puro duguan ang mga upuan na nahiwalay sa bus (Bags, food, slippers and money are all around the wreck and blood-soaked seats have been separated from the vehicle),” he reported.

“Even the road shoulder has been destroyed,” Liwanag said, explaining that the two vehicles were thrown off the road upon impact. - GMANews.TV



Last November 1, 2008 although it's raining, I and my parents decided to go to Pangasinan to visit my grandparents who are both healthy and kicking :). We are so busy everyday and well Nov 1 seemed to be the perfect day to visit our "not-so-old groovy folks" because obviously it's a 'Satuday-no-work-day". My dad also wanted to test our new SUV's performance on "long driving".

Before we leave, our family prayed together. For others it seems corny but that's how we are. We asked God to protect us and to keep us safe from harm.

That day was also my Snowball's first trip after several months. He was a bit nervous but I could se he was excited too. Like a "mom" I packed some food and water for him. I made his trip "overly comfy" :)

We all thought it would be too crowded in the road. There was a heavy traffic on Edsa and in front of SM North but after that...the road was as clear as a day with only few cars all running in full speed.

We had "brunch" (breakfast and lunch together) at Jollibee North expressway. Funny, because I saw some familiar faces. I was expecting there would be a long line in the counter. There was a line...but not too long.

I told my mom "this seems to be a nice day" Not a bit traffic, no long line in fastfoods, it's not sunny and the air was a bit cold.

My persian cat was also in a good mood.

My mom looked at her watch and said "hey it's almost 12pm, let's go"

So then, we proceed to our trip.

My Dad took advantage of the clear expressway and drove at a fast speed.

But...while driving at 120km/h our SUV suddenly stopped! Like somebody just turned off the power!

We were all panicking and my Dad kept on questioning "why? how could this be? this is a new car?"

I looked at my's 12:10pm already.

Our target time to reach Pangasinan is 3pm.

My parents...not knowing what to do...started calling for an "emergency patrol"

Good thing...there were so many emergency assistants waiting in the expressway...

Just as when they were about to look at our engine...the car started again!

So frightening.

The police who walked up to us made a joke sort of "Perhaps there was a ghost of your relative who is with you now and he or she is playing with you"

and we all asked "who could that be?"

Anyway...we just shrugged off what happened and went on our trip...

About 2 km from where we stopped, an accident happened between a Fermina Bus and a Revo car....

From the opposite side of the road we could see several Ambulances.

We were all silent inside the car...wondering what's happening

Traffic was already building...

After 5 minutes...we saw the whole thing...The blood...the bodies...the wrecked vehicle...

and that's when we realized why our own car suddenly stopped...God saved us from that tremendous accident.

Today you may be laughing and having a fine day.........tomorrow you may die
That's how life is...
and that's how death is
You don't know when death would come
But if our life is in God's hands...we should not worry

Condolence to the family of those people who suffered died from the accident

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Our pastor in our church said "Today, there will be transference of wealth...from the wicked to the pure in heart."

And that's exactly what's happening.

Despite the economic crisis happening in our country,
Our Almighty Lord has been pouring our family so much blessings: Two new cars and a new business.

Truly, God is faithful!

But I am always reminding myself that "wealth is meaningless...a heart that is pure and a love that is true is of more value."

Last Saturday, our Pastor's preaching was "LOVE YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER"


But first...You have to give me a brother or a sister Lord....pretty please? :)

I rather wake up and spend my day fighting with a naughty brother

than wrestling a stuff toy and pretending I have some brother or sister to fight with...


nuff said

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The problem is...YOU!

Got another life's lesson from Pastor David Sumrall:

"People tend to focus so much on their problem...thinking about it all the their full attention to it(just like nursing a baby)...and hoping to find solution to it.
They don't realize that the solution to their problem, is already in front of them."

More often...the solution is right within us.
The solution is YOU (us)...(look in the mirror and tell that to yourself)
Could be: a change in personality, attitude and lifestyle.

There are times also that we blame others for our problems......
When there's really no one and nothing to blame... but us.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's the year of the Blue Eagles

Congratulations to Ateneo Blue Eagles for being the 2008 UAAP Champions...

This is your year...

Was able to watch the game...

Good game

Congrats to Norman least this time you have shown the world what a great coach you are....and you are!

Rabeh Al-Hussaini is a superb player. Gosh! He's so fast!

Chris Tiu well besides being a good player....he's cute so no wonder some of the La Salle girls can't help but cheer a bit for this No.17 guy. I think he looks like the late Rico Yan. He can be the Rico Yan version of the Ateneans. (to those who dont' know, Rico Yan was a pride of La Salle)

Didn't you notice? No.17 guys and gals are born to do great things?

Ahem....hahaha :)

Actually, I am not a fan of basketball games.

I don't usually watch unless I really really like the team and the players.

I rarely watch...But when I was in Highschool I was a fan of Chicago Bulls (NBA), Purefoods and Alaska (PBA).

Every "La Salle vs Ateneo" match happens to be the most awaited...most anticipated in every UAAP Season.

As a "rare watcher" this battle between the two great schools of the Nation will not go unnoticed by yours truly every year.

For years, La Salle was always the champion. Of course!

Unluckily this year the "arrows" of the Green Archers were not fully sharpened thus unable to shoot the Blue Eagles.

So... Congrats to Ateneo!

Next season, I am sure La Salle Green Archers will take revenge...

So fly now.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The blue eagles are flying high...where are the green archers?

Although I am so disappointed with La Salle students these days...
That will not erase my loyalty to my dear Alumni


But Ateneo wins the basketball game today

what happened?

Come on Green Archers!

Shoot those blue eagles down!!!

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Watch your thoughts...
they become words
Watch your words...
they become actions
Watch your actions...
they become habits
Watch your habits...
they become character
Watch your becomes your destiny

Thanks Tita Del, for sharing this thought...

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Monday, September 15, 2008

FLUTD...HUMANS...ANIMALS...all these in my mind right now

Since Saturday, I have been doing research about Feline Lowe Urinary Tract Disease.
Been surfing the net
Bought two books about cats
Read several articles

Ask me anything about it...I will give you an answer in a sec...
I have mastered it...

Why? My Snowball is suffering from this disease right now.
He can't pee...when he does...there's blood
and he can't eat!

I am frantic...
So worried...

I brought him to animal clinic last Sunday
The doctor inserted a catheter to him
and took some blood samples

Thank God his liver, blood count and kidney are all good

But still he can't pee!
I myself can't pee because I'm panicking

Don't laugh! But yes, that's how much I love snowball. Not only him of course. I love all my dogs too.

Yes, I love Animals!
They make me happy and you know what?
People may betray you...but dogs and cats won't
They are the friends you can trust at all times.
They even save lives. They saved mine already.

If you will ask me honestly,
I have a big and warm heart for animals...than men...than people
It's much easy for me trust an animal than a human (of course excluding my family)
I even worry for stray dogs and cats.
You might think I am weird.
But that's one of those things I realized as I observe life these days.
People can deceive...people can wear mask...people can hurt not with their claws but with their words.

Some people are so bad that they have the nerve to kill animals and eat them. Do you know that? Read any news lately?
Do you know that in some part here in the Philippines, some people have eaten a whale and a dolphin and an eagle?
So cruel!
That's how bad people can be.

Animals...when they do something is expected!
But when a person do bad....the whole essence of humanity will be erased.
Why? We have a mind...the gift of thinking...of knowing what is right and what is wrong
and we have conscience. That makes us different from animals. But some people have become worse than the wildest beast.

These days...human upsets me.
That's why I am focusing myself more on my pets. (They keep me away from depression)
Because I am 100% sure they will love me the same way I am loving them...perhaps more.

So God...I am begging you please heal my snowball.
Make him pee...without blood of course
and I don't care if he scratches me again
Just as long I see him jumping and running around the house like before.
I will even allow him to bite my favorite stuff toy again and sleep on my arms while I am working in my laptop.
And okay...okay...I will allow him to have a girlfriend when he turns 6 years old.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to Duckville!

Pastor Sumrall is right. Manila has a new name - DUCKVILLE

Why the name?

Duckville is a place where people are walking while pushing their cars that won't start or walking because there's no other way to go home and they don't want to sleep on the road or walking as there are no available transportation as all had been a knee high up to waist high FLOOD.

In other words...people here are WET like ducks in a pond.

So...I now welcome you to Duckville!

Lucky for you if you will find some fish straight from Manila Bay. Go eat it fresh like sushi while stranded. ^^

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Man of Steel vs Dark Knight Part 2

Dear Buddy....there, you already had your day.
I gave you a day. This is a fair game of course.
If we're on a race...I gave you a mile to run ahead
Because I'm confident that I can easily pass you by and win the race ^^

Now let me exercise here my ability as a future lawyer (wooo...that have to be soon!)
Of course, who else would I defend but my man...The greatest super hero of all...The most powerful man on DC...The Man of Steel...faster that a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Need more? Here's more...Well, of course he can fly (obviously he does not need a car), has incredible strength, his skin is bulletproof and he has X-ray vision and he can freeze a thing with his breath! I can still go on and on and on...there will be no end.

And we're still not talking about HIM yet...what I have written so far are his "super skills". If we'll take a look at his private life..well, he is gentleman, kind, mild mannered, respectful, humble a good son and a faithful lover.

Physically...he's damn hot! Great body and great features. (If he's real...he will be God's gift to women)

Now as for Batman...who is he? I am not really a follower but I know "some" about him. Same way that my best dude here know some about Superman.

A guy older that Superman wearing black overalls with black cape sometimes accentuated with a yellow belt or mixed with a gray color. (black and gray...too dull!). He is rich. His family has a building somewhere in their city. He lives in huge house (not home...huge but no life at all inside), he has a nanny (haha), a secretary and several assistants. (He couldn't do a thing without getting any help from somebody). He sometimes go with a partner such as Robin and Batgirl. Since he's rich...he's using his money to produce high tech gadgets and of course to pay his assistants and nanny. His power is "money". He is "money operated" not battery operated (haha). He is a bachelor...yes! He is available...always available. I think he's having a hard time committing to one girl. He got several girls...including Wonder Woman...would you believe that? I bet he will fall in love with Hello Kitty too! Because he falls for you know.

That's what I know about Batman...

Superman saves without using or needing any money. Batman can't.

Yes, Superman gets weak when you throw a Kryptonite at him...But it takes a stone or some mineral debris from planet Krypton for him to die. Batman (as human) he is tough alright...But not bulletproof! He can die! I bet when I throw my harbound marketing book at his head...he will not get up till the next day.

Sequels? Yes...I must agree Batman got sequels. Know why? (this is my own opinion), because as usual they need more money! Also...that's part of "brand recall" you know! They easily forget they have to constantly remind people that "hey, there's Batman" (that's another opinion) Also...there's a need for a sequel...know why again? Because Batman can't solve a in leave a clean sheet...he solves...tries to solve...but there will always...always left behind....not totally solved! How could he? Actually, there's no question about it. How will a man solve the problem of the world when he got his own problems too? (His mind is occupied with different girls.)

Another question: How will he save the world just in case he loses all his money? (this is an innocent question no malice intended^^)

As for the figures that you gave...the rankings...well they are just numbers! Purely numbers. But that does not completely justify the success of a movie.

Yes, I must admit Dark Knight earns a lot...but that is because people are curious to see Joker who was portrayed by Heath Ledger and everybody knows what happened to him. (again just my opinion)

The real test of success is whether people still remember the movie after several months and years. What's the impact of the movie to its viewers. Will it still be remembered?

I believe Superman Returns although did not earn as much as Dark was able to create a huge impact on people who seen it. It gave hope...and of course faith.

August 31, 2008 was the best Sunday I ever had on this year....that is because I watched Superman Returns at 10am and at 6:30pm.

Hey my best dude...I thought you don't like how come you know the schedules? and don't tell me you didn't watch it? Come on!

I just want to clarify that this "Man of Steel vs Dark Knight"blog entry is created for fun only between two friends and whatever written here are just opinions only. okay?

Superman...You are the man!!!

What's up Batman?

Nuff said!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man of Steel vs Dark Knight

Just as I thought...the greatest fan or should I say follower of Batman has reacted to what I wrote in my previous entry (read Movies! Movies! Movies!)

I am not sure whether I am amazed or challenged
or will l just laugh it off...
Well, this follower is no other than my best dude!
No...we are not enemies...we're just having fun comparing Superman and Batman.
It's unbelievable that we're still buddies despite the fact that we have different likes and interests.
Of course there are things that we "share in common"
But when it comes to Superman and Batman...neither one of us wants to back down.

I am amazed!
Would you believe my buddy here was able to in W.R.I.T.E four paragraphs just to give all his facts in order to defend his beloved Batman.
I honestly don't know what's the point...I mean NO....NADA...NOTHING....could change my views towards Batman...and change the admiration I have for Superman...he's my guy and will always be...^^

But since my buddy here cared to grab a clean vanilla-colored paper and black ballpen just to write with his best effort his defenses... not forgetting that despite our differences...he's still my best bud...I'll share to you his first ever entry from his "I-DUDE'S BLOG".

(Gosh, my dude! How come you remain so low tech when you're supporting a fully techy Superhero living in the dark?)

Here it is...For those Batman fans...enjoy!

I-Dude's Blog:

HBO Schedule
August 31, 2008 (Sunday)
10:00 - Superman Returns
13:00 - The Mummy
15:00 - Last Holiday
18:30 - Superman Returns (Again...for crying out loud!!!)

Hmmm...Is this true...!? In less than 9 hours...we get to see "Superman Returns"...Boooo!!! I have nothing against the movie...But 2x in 9 hours!!! Come On!!! Is HBO running out of movies to show?!!! Or is this a desperate attempt to produce and maybe generate enough buzz so that at least someone would talk about a sequel?!! I mean, the Dark Knight was just shown 6 weeks ago, and after the first playdate, almost everyone is talking about a next sequel. Superman? Well, let's just say it was shown about a year or 2 ago but..I still don't hear anyone wanting a sequel!

In the all time box office in yahoo movies...out of 150 all time movies..."Superman Returns" was no. 89...didn't even make half of the chart! Movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is no. 82; Kingkong is no.68; Exorcist is no.60, and another hogwash movie like Indiana Jones Kingdom of Crystal Skulls is no. 23...higher than "SR" WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!!!" In fairness..."Superman Returns" is definitely way, way, way better than "Indiana"

To the Man of Steels' numero uno fan...I'm not...and in no way do I hate Superman...I'm just wondering...maybe if they do a movie about his death...I think that might...might be a hit! But...I'm not so sure...even with all his powers...can topple Batman...!!! Nuff said!!!

FYI...The gross of "Superman Returns" is approximately USD 200,000,000. The Dark Knight...?? USD158,000,000 only on the first week...and USD 75,000,000 on the second week. How you doin!!! (Maybe someone threw a Kryptonite at the movie...yeah...that's it...not!!!)

What else can I say but...Wow! (not because I am now on Batman's side) but because I am amazed on how devoted he is to Batman...hahahahahaha...
My buddy could not even write a paragraph when doing assignments and he doesn't like essay...but here he is...writing a full report to spite my man and build up Batman.
The effort is good....the writing is I'll leave his report here for others to see.

But of course I have my rebuttal.

Wait for that my dear buddy!

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Friday Bus Ride

Last friday, after a long time, I was able to ride a bus again...on my own!
Well, that's not news to people who don't know me, but to my friends, that's a big deal!
My bestfriend even congratulated me when I told her "hey, i could now go on my own"
Growing up as an only child, my parents are "over protective" to their only daughter- me!
At my age now...they still see me as a young girl. 26 is 16 to them.
I could not blame them....
With the latest news that three ladies were stabbed and robbed in Taft, Manila near our church
How could they easily allow me to go on my own?
I wanted to drive...but that's not allowed also as there are car nappers and kid nappers and I have not yet mastered the art of "parking a car." (I am ashamed)
I am allowed to drive only in Alabang.

Riding a bus is not a first time of course...and riding it with no companion is also not a first.
Done that before...before those "stabbing incidents"

It's weird! My parents don't have any problem with me going abroad alone...they feel much at peace...with me walking alone on some dark streets in Seoul and crowded places in HK and take public transportation there...but not in Manila!
Though how many times I told them "it's safe", they never listen.

Anyway...after a long time, I am allowed again!
And i was excited and told myself "I would definitely enjoy it!"
Feeling so independent...hahaha^^
Like a real grown up! wooohooo!

My mom constantly reminded me to keep my money in safe pockets and to take off my jewelries and to hold tightly to my purse.

Right on the bus...I of course seated in front right by the window.

When I am on a favorite is to have the front seat or the back seat (the farthest) and not in the middle! It's either the front or the back...never in the middle.

So I paid for the bus ticket and sat in front...ready to have an hour of independent bus journey ^^
But of's traffic!
It's Friday...end of month...salary what else to expect but heavy traffic on the road.
Damn! I forgot to bring any book to read.
and how i hate waiting times.
After several minutes...I feel so sleepy, but i don't want to sleep because of two things.
First, I don't know how to take the jeepney on my own so I have to make sure I'll be stopping the bus right exactly where my destination is...not kilometers before or after. I would get lost in Manila!
Second, I don't want to wake up with my head on somebody's shoulder, unless it's someone I like (hahaha)

I just entertained myself looking at other cars' plate number (adding up the number and then applying numerology and counting how many Honda and Toyota are there in the highway). Minutes after, I got bored doing that. I looked again for something to do and there I saw right above the bus driver's head--- snow white's seven dwarfs. Not on his head alright...but on some board above his head (I don't know what to call it)

So I played a game..while the girl seating beside me was sound asleep and her head leaning to the left and to the right and to the front ( I was secretly waiting if she'll fall down...I would help her of course just in case)

My game? remembering the names of those dwarfs. Exciting huh?

I easily recognized Dopey...he's my favorite! so cute and silly.
then there's Grumpy...
and Sleepy...(I am sleepy too)
and Sneezy...

and then who are the others?
Gosh! I hate myself for growing old...I used to know their names very well!

For several minutes...I kept thinking who are the others

The other one looks like he's he snorty?
So I moved on to the next...the next guy looks like he's smiling
Is he smiley? no that's not right....smiley is the yellow face guy...
I feel so stupid!
Oh he's Happy! yes, that's right that guy is Happy.

I already got Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy
now two more...who are those two guys!

Think! Think! Think!

I felt so uncomfortable not remembering the two names...

After several minutes of digging my brain's hardisk

I got is Bashful and the last one is Doc.

Hahaha...that was fun!

And hey, just right on time...The bus reached my destination.

I survived the long traffic and being a sleepy head.

Great! Just great!

Thanks to all those dwarfs ^^

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worms and Snakes

I have one question: Where do you expect to see animals?

-In a Jungle
-In a Zoo
-In homes (dogs and cats as pets)

But a person said she just found "a can of worms"
Outside, the can looks attractive...appealing. But then, it is full of worms.

Guess what? I just found "a basket full of fat snakes"

For the can...well, not all worms are bad. Some of it are edible...meaning it's good.

So before you scream, see first if it is bad or good.

As for the basket that i found, they are all rotten snakes with hidden fangs.

So i just threw the basket away.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movies! Movies! Movies!

I must admit, Dark Knight is a good movie - better than other Batman movies probably because this time, Joker is there.

BUT...what's wrong with Batman's voice? Sore throat? Dry Cough?

I like his costume, his car, his gadget and his acting...
except his voice.

I wonder if there was a typhoon that time at Gotham City and Batman forgot to bring a raincoat.

Oh well...he's only human.

Fine, I know somebody would react after reading this. :) and his name starts with "J". He's the no.1 fan of Batman. I think he's the only fan of Batman (hahahaha).

Hey, I am not insulting Batman...I'm just asking! ;)

Besides Patrick Dempsey, who is extremely good looking, the movie is really wonderful.... Romantic. It's for those who got best friends of the opposite sex but are blind to see that their buddy could also be their honey :)

I actually know one person who has a story like this...unfortunately they are still not together. But they are both "breathing" so I think their story still got a few chapters before the ending.

For some people, they prefer falling in love with a person they already know...very well. I know several who are now married to their childhood friends.

As for me as long as the guy and I can have good conversations and I am comfortable with him and I trust him and he cares for me...then it doesn't matter if he's my best friend for 20 years or just someone I met few months ago.

SASSY GIRL (by Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford)

This movie reminds me that I used to believe in destiny.

I still do.

Very much.

and Elisha is very cute in this movie. I like her boots!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to....Me!

Dear Jesus,

It's my birthday yesterday and I survived it...Yehey!
Yes, i survived it...for last week, I thought I would not be able to spend my birthday this year.
I always pray to you anytime and everyday
But writing you a letter is a special thing to me.

Jesus...thank you for saving me, from all things that would bring me harm.
Thank you for forgiving me every time I do things which I know you would not like such as choosing the wrong path instead of following your directions.
Thank you for being there...even though I have once turned my back on you...I still found you right here in front of me. And that's when i realized I could not escape from you.

Jesus...thank you for being my loyal friend.
I was about to give up...I was about to lose hope...But I was able to pour out my burden to you and you even carried all my baggages so that I could still go on my journey. that I am already 26, I am keeping all the lessons which I learned from my past 25 years.

I learned the importance of putting you First...and to do it not as a task or an obligation but as my submission to you and expression that above are the most important one in my Life. I will not be ashamed of you...Instead, I will proclaim you in this world through my deeds. Use me Lord.

Next to you...are my parents. Two people who remained good and faithful to me. Who believe in me no matter what other people would say...who would only think of what is best for me...and who would be there whether I am up or down. They are my source of strength. My mama and papa...besides you Lord, are the only people who gives me unconditional love.

In my life, i met so many people. There are acquaintances, friends, close friends and best friends.
I learned who to trust and who not to trust.

I learned who and who not to believe.

I learned that in life, there are many people....many friends...but few who I can call "my true friends"

I learned that treasures cannot be found here on earth...on material things and that money is really the "root of all evil". Don't let me be blinded with things that can be broken or disappear...instead I want to save treasures there in Heaven, where all things are gold.

Lord, thank you for blessing my life. Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart. But i also pray that you only give me what I need...for I do not want to forget you and be blinded by useless things. I continue on this journey, lead me to the right that I'll be able to reach my life's destination. (only you knows what it is...who I will be...who I can be)

When I go weak or tired...please carry me or let me sleep in your shoulders for awhile. my guide.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

One order of "silence" please

Have you ever had a day of pure silence?
Well I had...

It happened few days ago (just before these rainy-floody days)

As a daily routine after a hard day's work: I ate my dinner, took a bath and opened my laptop to check my e-mails from friends and elsewhere, check on Mr. 106 and do some work reports that are not yet due (i am avoiding "last minute-panic attack moments") then suddenly at exactly 11pm...the power was off. Complete "black out" (only in our village).

As a reaction, i hurriedly called Meralco and politely asked the lady who answered the phone for the reason "Why?" She gave me a very long-rehearsed explanation which i know she's reading from a script and which half of it i did not understand simply because half the time, i was not listening and instead paying attention to my mom who was also panicking, and to my cat who had his paws at my PJ's and to my dad who kept on asking me where did i put the batteries for the flashlight. All i could remember from the lady's long speech was "blah blah would take 7 hours to repair so the power would be restored by 6am". Like a robot, i politely said thank you."

Automatically, my dad and our houseboy went to the garage to set up our generator. I...following my dad with his flashlight. I have to get out of the house to avoid my mom's persistent question as to why Meralco has to do a maintenance repair or whatever at 11pm just when people are about to go to sleep after a long day under the sun.

While waiting for my dad, i went to our terrace to have some fresh air. I looked up. Since i can't see anything around me i just looked up. Wow...there were stars! Millions of stars staring down at me and the air was cold. I saw the moon too. It sounds silly but at that moment i wanted to greet the moon and say "how have you been? it's been a long time since i last saw you" I then went back to where my dad was and told him "Pa, we don't need generator for tonight. I think we'll do just fine since the weather is fine, in fact it's a bit cold so we can still sleep soundly even without air-con. I also don't have any urgent reports to finish and we're all sleepy so, we'll be alright tonight."

And yes, we were alright.

But we did not go to bed right away. Instead, we stayed outside...looking up at the stars.

When i was in college, i always love looking up at the stars and at the moon. It calms me. Whenever i would see the "three stars lined up" i would remember my Uncle Lolo ( I call him Sangko Gel same with my mom) . He told me so many stories about stars. He call the "three stars lined up" as "Tatlong Maria" or (three Mary's in english)

When i started working and have my own business, i found no time to look up at the stars again. I am preoccupied..always busy. My eyes are always glued on my computer screen or on papers and books. When i need to calm down myself, i listen to my Ipod or I watch DVD. I no longer did...or rather i forgot to do what i used to do.

The whole neighborhood was quiet...even the dogs.

The cries of the crickets fill the air. I could not see them...but i could hear them.

My mom and dad were silent too. Like me, they were just looking up.

I think none of us wanted to break the silence.

Like a china that we have to hold carefully or else it would break. So fragile.

At that moment, i realized the true beauty of silence.

Everyday, i am surrounded with noise of every kind.

I also found out another type of noise that you would not physically hear but disturbs and forms an enormous sound in your's the noise coming from text messages and e-mails.

I must admit SMS and e-mails more often give me pressure. (well except for those coming from my caring friends and e-mails that does not require immediate attention). brain can be a "nagger" sometimes. It automatically reminds me of things which i have to do everyday.

How it feels good to not to have any gadget in my hand.

No Ipod (it's with my friend who would do the "storing" for me)
No laptop
No cellphones (i turned them off to save the battery)

I don't have anything that night...except silence.

For weeks, i have been complaining about my tired body, stress, tension and etc, etc.

I even went to see the doctor.

I never thought that what i really need is a doze of silence...and a bunch of stars to heal me.

Now i think i owe Meralco, for making me realize again and remember things i unintentionally ignored for the past years.

Silence...i think i will need another order of that.

How nice it would be if out of the 7 days in a week, there's one day reserve for "silence".

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Dear Mama,

It's your birthday today...
I will do my best to be a good daughter especially today :)

I have not told you this but i am thankful to God that you are my mother.
I am so sorry for those times i made you sad, cry or disappointed.
I am sorry for those times i did not believe and trust you especially during my teenage years.
I am sorry for every wrong decision I made.
I know that when i get get hurt too.

Thank you for always being there.
From my kindergarten days up to now that I'm already working.
I also have not told you this
but i appreciate every moment you are with me...(just you and me) accompanying me and even picking me up everyday even though i am already a 25 year old lady. For you, i am still your baby girl. :) and i don't mind being one.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I am sorry if sometimes i feel bad when you are mad at something i did which i thought was right but at the end i would realize i should have listened to you instead.

Thank you for being strict with me during my adolescent days.
I am sorry for not understanding your rules then...
But I am glad i obeyed you...because If not, i would not have achieved my dreams.
I would not be someone I am today...

Thank you for molding me to what I am now
It really do me well.

When time comes and I become a mother too
I am sure I will be like you
But a lot stricter....:)

Happy Birthday Mama!
I Love You!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad bacteria for low blood pressure

Just came from the doctor.

My blood pressure is so low.

Last Fri: 90/60
Last Sat: 80/60
Today: 80/60

And my blood sugar is low as well.

Now i know why i am feeling dizzy everytime
And any moment i might faint

Guess what my doctor told me: "You need some bad bacteria"

Now...i am in search of the the most cruel-worst-bad bacteria in the world. :)

Would you believe, i was told to eat hamburger and have some ice cream and coke!

That's the best news i got from this week!

Mc Donald's HERE I COME!!!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Because Superman remains to be my no.1 hero!

Well...for someone who would sure to react, be happy that Batman is now on top of my list. In fairness he's always on my list...but always on the last spot.

I don't hate Batman for your information. I like him...but not much.

Here's why:
1. He can't fly. Superman can! He can save me wherever I am. If Batman has to save me...i have to wish first that he's loaded with cash for some gas for his Bat Mobile or "whatever you call it" or any reliable gadget that would bring him faster to where I am to save me...before the monster eats me (if that's the scenario). Superman can save me even in a place as high as the of charge ^^

2. Superman is available 24/7. How about Batman? From what i know, he's only available at night. Refresh my mind if you know some scene wherein he saved someone from distress in a broad daylight.

3. Superman is faithful. Batman is a popular Playboy.

4. Superman is a hardworking employee. Just like a regular person who has to work to bring some bread on their family's dining table. Batman is spoiled. He's why work. He'd rather sleep in the middle of a meeting ^^

5. Superman can already sense what's happening. Batman has to rely to his "assistants, modern gadgets, scientific analysis and other multi-million worth of stuffs just to know if there's something happening outside his "bat cave." Superman can do it alone.

6. He's afraid of dogs! what a turn off...

I have a loooong list...and this might take forever if i will write all the details as to why Superman is my just be happy Batman is my no.2...only because i am so impressed with Christian Bale. So far, he's the only guy who got me interested with Batman. Others are...(I'd better not comment ssshhh)

I also love Heath Ledger's performance. He's superb! Joker is my favorite villain. I love it everytime he does something to get on Batman's nerves. Heath Ledger did a very good job as "The Joker". So sad that Dark Knight also happens to be his last movie...May he rest in peace.

I am happy to see Gary Oldman too as Lt. James Gordon. He's also Harry Potter's Uncle. hahaha now that's a different story.

Anyway, just to be fair...I like Batman because:

-He's smart (just a bit slow sometimes)
- He got skills (just don't know how to use it sometimes)
-He's handsome (just a bonus but not necessary)
-He's rich (he needs it to maintain his status as cape crusader)
- His color is black (i love black)
- He saves people (which is the main reason why he's a hero)
- He can't kill Joker (I will hate him if he does)
- He is older than Superman (should be more mature)

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