My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Thursday, November 29, 2007

If i have a gun

If i have a gun and i am a man,

I will shot Trillanes straight to his head!

How i hate him!!!

Alright...he's brave and smart...SO WHAT!?

he's crazy! He put a nation in a chaotic state

It's supposed to be "one normal" day

But this crazy man turned a normal day into one "hell" day

I was stucked on traffic for 3 hours!

all because of him...

curfew was given

and everything was ruined

The hotel manager should have given him a sleeping pill on his meal or drink

on second thought... a poison would do!

I am busy lady with so many things to do in a day...and comes him

Now just in case i met him in person...i would give nothing but a slap on his face!


You can never put a President or a nation down...with your personal ambitions and selfish interest.

If you want to help a nation...go start in a small way.

you're smart right? then better use your mind next time before acting on impulse.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why does it have to rain?

I know the earth needs rain...

But sometimes i can't help but hate rain

When there is rain...there is sickness, flood, traffic and worst of all...

all plans have have to be cancelled can i love rain?

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dear brother and best friend!

It's your 18th birthday...

I wish to see your smile

But you're so far from me

Please be happy

I will see you someday...we're going to meet again and play games just like before

You've grown so fast...

I remember when you're only 10 years old

You were so shy

Then we started to play games

We discovered we like the same things like Pokemon, Spiderman and of course "Captain Planet"

Can you still remember how we met?

I still have the cds you gave me, your card and letters

and of course the cute "elephant with the pink tail" i remember how i used to tease you about

that. They are my treasures

I wonder how you're going to celebrate your birthday

are you smiling right now?

Be happy okay?

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

From the hands of death

I feel so weak and so sad

i never thought that i would lose you so soon

two weeks is too short

If only i could ask for one more week, or just a day

you made me smile

you made my heart glad

I was changed because of you

I did things i never did before. I took care of the way i never imagined i could

I was with you the whole time you're suffering and I suffered too...

If only i could take away your pain

I stayed with you, because somehow i know i would lose you

So painful...

you died in my arms , while you're holding on to me.

I feel so guilty that i couldn't do anything

If only i could snatch you away from the hands of death

I remember telling you to hang on...

as i was about to pull you out of its hands

but death is far stronger than i thought

and life was just like a smoke

Your last breath...broke my heart

I cried so hard... I thought that would wake you up

I could not say goodbye...

Up to the last minute, before the night came, I waited for a miracle

I just could not say goodbye

until now...

it seems crazy

but that's how much i care for you

because you made me happy

in those times that i thought i could not smile again

you stayed with me...when i am about to give up

that's why i know i could never ever say goodbye

It's just too soon!

and i know nobody or nothing can ever replace you in my heart

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