My Life My Race

My Life My Race

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Race of My Life

*I made this poem for Ryu Siwon.

In my white and orange suit
Is a man ready to race
In this crazy road of life
That I am bound to face

Where to go, Where to start
Is this the sound of my heart?
Take it slow or make it fast
I am in the curse of my past

I’m driving in this long winding road
Where will it take me? Where will I be?
This is my life, This is my race
These are the things that I have to face

Be strong, Be fast
All mistakes are in the past
All eyes are on the road
This is my story left untold

I will not give up, I will not give in
This is the race I have to win
This is the journey I have to face
This is the life I have to make

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel
Victory is mine, this is how I feel
I will take this car in the finish line
I will win every race in this life of mine

Falling in Love with Ryu Siwon

Falling in Love with Ryu Siwon
(a birthday tribute to Ryu Siwon)

Why do you love Ryu Siwon? This is the question often asked to me by other people and I believe this same question has been asked to other fans (like me) as well.
I, as his fan, thought at first that “admiring” Ryu Siwon is just a phase that I have to go through as a young adult. Young girls often admire handsome actors and develop a feeling of “infatuation” or “crush”. Such feelings do fade in time. I came to know him in “Beautiful days and Wedding”. I have admired him as an actor since then. If I would be asked who is my crush, I would definitely tell its Ryu Siwon. But as days, months and years passed, I realized that my admiration for Siwon is not just an ordinary phase that I would outgrow sooner or later. Instead, the feeling of “infatuation” has been replaced with love.
For those people who know me such as my friends, if I tell them that I love Ryu Siwon, they might get a wrong idea. Nope, I am not romantically in love with Siwon and I am not a “stalker” either ^^ Love in itself is not limited to “romance”. Love is a strong and beautiful feeling that a person feel towards another whom he/she would care for a very long time…and might even last forever. Love is greater than admiration for it not only accepts the “good”, but the bad and the person’s weaknesses as well. For those who are not his fan, others might think that “loving a celebrity” is such a crazy thing to do. But I guess, that’s the point of being “in love”. Love, makes people go crazy. More likely, people who are in love tend to act like kids. They enjoy their life…they laugh and cry and they do not withhold whatever feelings they have. They don’t care what other people say…they are kids! I guess, it’s the same for people who are in love. Being in love brings out the “child” in us.
So, to answer the question “why do I love Ryu Siwon?” here are some of the logical explanations I can give you…
I don’t want to be a hypocrite but the first reason I could give you is “simply because he’s handsome.” Siwon is blessed with good physical features. I just love his eyes and his smile. Everytime I see Siwon looking so sad….i want to tell him to “please smile”…because he doesn’t know how many women are falling in love with his smile and how many days would be brightened by just seeing his warm smile ….including mine. He looked good whether you’re at his left or right side. Probably, it’s his confidence that makes him look good all the time. Also, there are others who lose their spark as they grow old. But Siwon…as he grows old and become more mature…he shines even more. I must say that he is aging handsomely.
I know only basic Korean and Japanese words, but I appreciate his songs. I have fallen in love with almost all of Ryu Siwon’s songs. It uplifts my mood whenever I feel sad, it gives me hope whenever I feel down, it comforts me and it makes me feel good inside. This only proves that “language difference” does not stop “music” from healing one’s soul. Ryu Siwon sings with all his heart and that makes his songs truly special.
Fantasy and reality has a distance far longer than a person can imagine. But Ryu Siwon bridges the gap between the two. Dramas sometimes take people in a different world. There are people who fall in love with Siwon because they saw him in a drama and they like the character that he portrayed. But Ryu Siwon’s good personality does not end in a drama. Ryu Siwon is who I call “Prince Charming of the modern times” Just like in a fairy tale…Princesses waits for their Prince Charming to save them from distress. Siwon, just like a true Prince with a good heart, saves a lot of people from their life’s problems or distress. There are fans that have sad stories and have suffered from depression but Siwon was able to make them smile and move on with their lives. Siwon might not know it but through his songs and dramas, he was able to help many. Again…I am one of them…and his songs made me move on and go on with life. Also, despite having a busy schedule, Siwon was able to help disadvantaged people. That’s truly admirable. There are some who are too busy to notice that there are people around them who need help. More often than not…”a busy schedule” a “work” or “a selfish thought” blinds people from seeing others who needs help, love and care. I believe that those people who Siwon had helped see him now as a “Prince Charming” who they have waited to come to save them. May Siwon served as an inspiration to all of us.
Speaking of having a “busy schedule”, I love Siwon because he is very responsible and he works hard. Well…who would not fall in love with a “hardworking man”? He’s an achiever. He doesn’t stop but instead he achieves more. I believe he does that not just for himself but for his fans as well. Because of that…he deserves to have our support.
I love Siwon also because of his humility. Those fans who have seen and talked to him in person already would agree to me that Siwon is a very humble person.
I also appreciate Siwon’s honesty. He opens up his thoughts about his life to his fans through his mini homepage and he speaks his mind freely (which I think should be respected all the time) He opens up his world to his fans and we get to see what’s it like to be in his world. It is also where I get to know him more. I love him because he’s “real” he shortens the distance between an ordinary girl (in my case) and a celebrity”.
“He’s not perfect!” That’s what another person told me. And I agree with her…Siwon is not perfect and that makes me fall in love with him even more! He smokes more than a pack of cigarettes, he gets disappointed in his races, he feels sad, he sometimes feel lonely and I think just like an ordinary person he also have flaws and difficulties in life. Perfection is ideal. But…for me it is also a part of “fantasy” when all of us are living in “reality”. I love Siwon for who he was, is and will be in the future. For me…love grows and love stays.

Oh his birthday, I have few wishes for him: a strong body and mind, safety, true happiness and most of all…love.”